Windows 11 Reactions: It Runs Android Apps! (Kinda)

Objavljeno 24. jun. 2021
Windows 11 is official and it is... very glassy.

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  • They better polish it this time. While Win8 was a bad idea, at least it had super smooth/fluid and fast animations in the modern part. It really flew on my Surface Pro 2. Win10 still has a jittering/choppy task view animation after it broke like 3 years ago or something. It's a central part of the OS and they seemingly don't even care. They should make a true effort to have animations be fluid and fast, and to actually update the UI for the entirety of the OS this time.

  • headlines have to be short, not what u suggest

  • “Coming soon to a PC near you” Yeah, one you haven’t bought yet.

  • His hair look like broom in my home marques have a hair cut

  • "Windows Me" Bad / "Windows 98se" good / "Windows 98" bad / "Windows 95" good / "Windows 3.1" bad / "MS DOS" good. It's a 30+ year cycle.

  • bluestacks : my time has come

  • like android 11 😂😂😂

  • I remember back when XP first came out people hated it. Nothing but a mess. People joked the XP stood for eXtra Problems. Then SP1 came along and fixed everything. As for Windows 8.... yeah, it was bad at first, but 8.1 was actually pretty good. The one good one bad release cycle myth is just that. People just exaggerate because it sounds cool. I can't comment on Windows 11, but so far the launch feels like a mess and I'm probably just going to hold onto 10 until I know I can put 11 on all my machines, the oldest of which is from 2016.

  • Vista 2.0

  • I would love to use android apps on PC. It would be great if we don't have to scan QR codes through our phones to use the apps on PC, it's really annoying.

  • Would be super cool if they integrated Microsoft Office 365 with the OS. Just saying !

  • How optimized will Windows 11 be for gaming?

  • there no reason for bluestacks now so I will be uninstalling that

  • Windows Vista had a great video app movie maker 6 which with a few open source filter best simple HD editor was best programme Microsoft have ever made. Window 11 being good or bad those who need will struggle. I will not rely on it now I have Linux and Chromebook to instantly switch for online use. I still have online vista which works fine for Me.

  • I like how you present windows like batman does

  • Im a Mac user primarily, I prefer Mac over Windows any day of the week (I primarily have Mac supported devices). To me, it seems Microsoft has finally borrowed some things from MacOS. It looks good. I may actually use my PC a bit more (beefed up gaming rig) to check out this version of windows.

  • currently using window 7 on my pc and its lit...i used to use window 8 but wasn't happy with it

  • Does it mean surface user can use whatsapp without pairing it with phone????

  • Yeah, Win 11 might break the cycle, if there actually is one. Microsoft's issue is that often their particular OS was too demanding of the contemporary hardware. That is, they sucked the limited resources. Has anyone run MS2000, ME, or Vista on relatively modern PCs? They run pretty much faultlessly and are super fast [yep, even Vista]. So Win 11 might break the cycle. And maybe it won't. 😛

  • I like it but the one thing I don't like is why is Windows widgets using soo much memory huh . But I think the glass theme mostly reminds me of Windows 7 so I kinda like it . But Windows 12 or 13 must not be like a mobile os they shoUld keep the New themes and stuff but no mobile or touch for the next win os My favourite is: win 7 win 10 win 11

  • Man.. I'm tired of creating new accounts for each little thing!!! It's so annoyingggg

  • i think for teams they are doing the same thing apple did when they bought beats. using the tech and engineers from the company but not producing from them. the new teams brand cant carry over any bad views of skype over to the new product

  • Not anymore. My understanding is that the Android app support is being dropped. At least for the initial release.

  • Windows 11 will be released on October 5, 2021 (this year). Sort of holiday season, but not exactly.

  • Headline: Android apps can now run on windows Headline (should be): Microsoft broke the cycle 😅

  • What if you’re in a different part of the world, Amazon kinda doesn’t exist here

  • hey i'm running Win 11 home right now. it is smooth. my input .i like it a lot feels like a phone in a bigger form, to me

  • If the ARK Survival android version works on Windows 11, you can call W11 a success.

  • since when wins 10 is great

  • windows 8 is good,windows 11 is good

  • looks kinda like microsoft is borrowing a leaf from MacOS

  • Apparently you will be able to sideload android apks. So you won't need to use the Amazon app store if you wanna sideload any apps

  • Microsoft Teams is definitely a business app. The general public won’t use it because it feels professional

  • Boo 👎 outside of UI/UX - this is an epic fail for security. Seriously, a welcome mat for vulnerabilities courtesy of a partnership with Amazon which is notorious for malware app issues even with Android OS. Microsoft has now decided to what? buddy up and forgoe their security frameworks with untrusted source app installation outside of their app store? Errr... This is a hard no for someone who uses W10 Pro and Microsoft Exchange services. Nothing short of making S mode W10 useless as well, which is a brand flagship for 'affordable, personal and educational products' that are (err crap) in imo. No mention of upgrades for those unless I've missed that completely. This is a grab at beta test data that is far from what it should be prior to public release. OS upgrades for specific hardware is a marketing steaming turd. This is half baked and rather disappointing. Especially since Microsoft and Amazon are currently slugging it out for a billion plus US Defense Contract for cloud services which Amazon currently has from what I understand. Do not recommend 😳 😬

  • Nice of them to "kinda, sorta" rip off the visuals of macOS, but not get the point of why macOS is the way it is in terms of not just looks but usability.

  • Now touchscreen laptops 2-1 have a purpose

  • Thanks for this review, i do not like the need of an amazone account, but i am curious about running android apps on W11

  • They didn't break the cycle, because of compatibility issues.

  • ah yes the swipe to the left thing the first thing everyone askes me to disable good choice MS

  • Still no Temperature monitor for CPUs i guess F Gamers & Video Editors

  • Lol, just get bluestacks

  • Why not just downloaded an android emulator?

  • I was hyped for Android apps on Windows until I learned I had to have an Amazon account. I despise Amazon, so I'm not going to. I wonder whether I could just download android apk and install like any other program.

  • I like the windows shadow in the background.

  • Marques, I really enjoyed your video! I don't say that very often so the complement is well earned. I'm liking what I see on W11 as well, and the first (and not least) of these is the rounded corners! I have disliked the basic boxy look of W10 since it was introduced as a beta. It looked like a step (maybe even 2 steps) backward in design to me. I'm also looking forward to experiencing many of the other improvements. Run Android apps? I don't have a need or desire at this time but we'll see, down the road. Keep putting out great videos my man!

  • 2:40 Wow, so responsive

  • This is all about making people buy new PCs, so Microsoft and pc manufacturers make money.

  • Wtf? I think Linus tech tips watched this video lol

  • Already use an emulator to run android apps on windows... and on linux... And run an instance of linux on the WSL in Windows. So Win 11 will do all this natively. Great progress in my opinion.

  • I hope that they also take gaming into consideration. While I think Windows 10 is good and all that, some of their iterations that they've added lately have been an annoying waste of space on my pc. Looking at you, 'news and weather' tab, that constantly minimize my games.

  • I will still be a Mac user but it's ok lol

  • Does windows 11 have natuve 4K?

  • 10 was mere trash ugly stupid slow system

  • you are wrong about win 8, 8 was good.. windows 9 was rubbish though, it was so bad it wasn't even released, either that or that idiot gates doesn't know how to count.

  • Win 10 was bad

  • all i want to kno does it hub?

  • idk what windows 10 he was using but i and everyone ik that used it hated it. Its why i switched to mac when i got my first laptop. I'm never going back

    • No..... what windows 10 were you using, you isheeps are liars.

  • Windows 95, Good, Windows 98, Bad, Windows 98 SE, Good, Windows ME, Bad, Windows XP, Good, Windows Vista, Bad, Windows 7, Good, Windows 8, Bad, Windows 10, Good, Windows 11, TBD

  • That’s a totally Android way off loading Android. A double side-loading scheme that will be slow, inefficient and insecure as hell.

  • Oh, the Dock. Uh, huh.

  • People don't changes, my first windows was no window, MS-DOS. Since then I have used all OS except windows ME. People did not like windows 8 and I had no problem with it. Found a way to use a different start menu. One thing I miss from older windows is f8 to boot in safe mode. But I found out that the f8 command can be done.

  • Okay, but can I run sideloaded android apps?

  • Windows Zero; since 1985

  • Vista were great for me

  • I came here NOT TO WATCH YOU TALKING, right?

  • I find it hilarious how they're giving windows yet another facelift when they have not finished moving everything over to the new windows 10 apps. You still have to use control panel a hilarious amount or dig through device manager or view adapter properties for certain things. I just want this stuff to be unified. The settings app is only as pretty as the 20 year old dialogs I end up opening up anyway because the pretty version is not functional.

  • Greta video!! Love ur vids!

  • COOL

  • 1. Hate the Start Menu. Hits my dyslexia hard. Looks like a stupid Cell Phone Screen. Yes, I am the weird one that Like Windows 8 Start Menu, because I could read it better. 2. Do not really Care about Apps. Banking Apps are the Only thing I have to use Phone for. 3. Maybe the Kindle App Experience on a Surface Pro, will be better though. 4. Yeah, the Teams App does not make sense to me. 5. Skype is dead with the younger generation. 6. Performance seems to be REALLY Good.

  • Why would we be going through amazon instead of play store for Android

  • No one would ever use skype again, discord is the giant. Zooms just some poorly optimized bs schools have pushed

  • Shit better be just windows 10 with new features cause no one wants a wildly different os

  • Another clickbait. Kinda.

  • Why not Google Apps store?

  • windows visa is the same as windows 7 , it was just ahead of it's time ... windows 8 is shit but windows 10 is shittier ... u need to get your facts straight , you're supposed to be a professional !!! the intro was irritating

  • A smart phone is better than any windows machine.

  • Everyone thought ebay was stupid for buying Skype for 2.4 billion dollars. LOL.

  • Are .exe software dead?

  • My question is, can you run APK apps on Windows 11?

  • The most hateful thing about Windows 11 is that it requires a TPM 2.0 chip and most computers especially custom builts don't have them

  • well when i use the window 11 it cant run android app and now i diwngrade to my window 10 enterprice

  • Your wrong teams is just more than zoom. So I like it's added to windows.

  • Sounds like they are trying to tell me what I will have forced down my throat and who will be providing it - F'em ! That's MY DECISION, NOT THEIRS !

  • Sooo, they already had Skype, and they are claiming Teams integration is an INNOVATION!??!? Microsoft, gets more full of you know what with every release!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coming to a PC near you? As a Canadian, I have to ask, how about Liberals and Greens?

  • E

  • I think Microsoft optimized the Windows 11 to run Android natively on windows so they can use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, because they have already an existing project using Snapdragon 835 but the Windows Apps doesn't work well with ARM based processors and also that is the reason why they chose to use Android OS on the Surface Duo with Snapdragon 855. It really makes sense to me bcoz some people are using dual-boot system to have Windows and Android OS in one device and also they want to use Snapdragon Processors for longer battery life and the ability to connect to the Internet anywhere using 4G and 5G as well.

  • If the drag & drop for the taskbar still doesn't work for you, we have the solution on our channel.

  • Out of topic, but why did Amazon still hasnt added a bidding buying system like eBay??? Come on Jeff...

  • It is a blatant KDE copy.

  • plus they might have made 10 -11 a bit faster but win7 was the most custom OS out there and when you got the right theme for it, win 10 plus 11 look crap compared too it

  • windows 11 is not a new os winxp was a new os then came win 7 win8 was a new os that had lots of bugs plus no one liked it' then they fixed the bugs and added a new theme and called it win 10 win 11 is the same operating system with bugs fixed to make it faster plus fancy new themes' u cant put a sporty body kit on a new car and new inside and call it a different car its the same old car underneath.

  • 8:09 Why do they always make these ads where they pretend they are playing and have the controller turned off? Dont they even notice that? xD

  • Screw Windows, I'll stick with Linux (Manjaro KDE) laptop and my android tablet (S7+).

  • I must be walking on Rich Bois soil if ya’ll could afford a new 9th gen PC. At least I won’t be one of those making a landfill of past gen PCs that will contribute to global warming and eventually our extinction.

  • One problem is what "New" laptop or Desktop PC do you buy now before it's release as some GPU's etc are not supported from what I am reading !

  • As long as it's not super glitchy and full of bugs I could see this as a hit. But knowing Microsoft I don't have high hopes.

  • I'm still skeptical but it looks nice

  • Windows 7 is XP improved. Win8.1 is extremely easy to use and better looking than 7, and works well on tablets. Windows 10 is buggy and hard to use.