Why iPhone's Features are Always "Late"

Objavljeno 8. jun. 2021
Thoughts on iOS 15 Features and some WWDC reactions!

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  • Ans: Ego!!

  • Why invent while you can innovate and still make the most money out of it? Only thing I hate about apple's "way": Without LG (RIP), HTC (RIP), Sony (RIP soon?), Huawei (US RIP), Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc. iphones would be plain boring. People hating on all other brands should at least respect what they done for apple and their iphones and not hate on them.

  • I would rather wait to have something to work seemlesly

  • I take a lot of heat off people for my deep love of Apple products and one thing they love to throw at me is well we had X feature years ago. But honestly I will wait until Apple offers it. Because I know when Apple launches a new product its going to work. I won't have a ton of issues and very rarely will I have issues with things working seamlessly between all my devices. It just comes across that they take more care in what they put out there to improve the user experience. And given the Apple business model that most of their revenue is generated by hardware sales rather than software or data mining their customers they can afford to take their time and polish the finished product a bit more before launch.

  • More polished and come out later with it 👍🏻

  • The thing is Apple has a stellar reputation. Sure you may not like them but I think we can all agree that objectively they haven't made a bad phone in the last 6 years. They don't want to risk their simplistic yet advanced ecosystem with useless but unique devices. I have a Samsung phone(2 actually), watch, buds, and TV. I can still admit Apple's ecosystem is leagues above any other company by a Longshot.

  • It's because Apple is a consumer of technology. They're not actual innovators and if they do, they only do it mainly to get more money from their customers (yeah all business do but more than the others 😄). Think about it, what has Apple contributed to the world outside the inherent benefits of them being a competition to others? I sound like a hater because I am...just with Apple 😂

    • Apple does have innovators. What you are saying is not

  • Can't wait for the force touch they announced for iPhone 6s, :) still waiting

  • You are sounding like an Apple fanboy making excuses for why Apple copy Android software and their software features are always behind.

    • @Hassan Hamouda you argue like a 5 year old.

    • You sound like an android fanboy though

    • That’s litteraly the opposite. Look at all of his Android review videos. He’s just a tech reviewer.

  • Every time I see one of these apple software videos about the "ecosystem" it just seems so useless and things that most people are not gonna consistently use

  • Gotta disagree with the premise that it "takes time" to polish features and that's why they're late. Apple has the money and branding to develop at a rapid pace and the level of control to quality-assure with fewer variables to account for. They can make a seamless experience MUCH faster than they do, and there are many areas (especially hardware) wherein Apple lags or has lagged horribly, such as their wireless charging, screen size/quality, and waterproofing that have no reasonable explanation for the delay in coming to Apple devices. Well. One reasonable explanation: profit. It's cheaper to just not add features you don't need to add to sell their products. They leverage their captive audience to deliver experiences that are overall pleasant and work "fine" so long as you don't know what you are missing out on. And on Apple's end, it's much safer to let others innovate and just eventually lift what sticks and can be easily implemented. Just look at folding screens. Apple is nowhere in that highly innovative and interesting space, and won't be until and unless they prove to be a safe and profitable innovation, just like with large phone screens many years ago. I can hardly fault them for doing what helps their bottom line, but at the same time it doesn't sit well with me that they rake in so much profit with so little risk and yet get so much credit for no readily apparent reason. Some of Apple's curated experiences might feel more refined in some cases, but at the same time the overall experience of owning Apple hardware rather than others - which you lock yourself into if you want the benefit of that seamless experience - straight up locks you out of many other features and benefits you could have while still setting everything up to work nicely together with relative ease. Good on them for adding positively ancient Android features, though. Better late than never.

  • Because they just wait until someone else invents it and them rips it off. Then claims its new 😂😂😂😂

  • Sometimes this applies but Idk, my iPhone’s widgets are pathetic compared to Android’s despite being a freaking decade late And the Samsung Galaxy phone i used 4 years ago had multitasking way better than that on my ipad OS

  • Stop being biased

    • Of course he is. He’s a reviewer. Reviewers have to be biased! What are you talking about. And it’s not called bias. He’s just saying both facts and opinions. Check his channel even.

  • I feel like the FaceTime/iMessage ones and photo ones are late due to the pandemic.

  • I bought Airpods before I bought an iPhone, and although I loved the Airpods instantly, using them with an iPhone is so, so much better. That's when I thought about the Apple ecosystem, but you nailed the explanation man. It's genius, and also slightly scary, but mostly genius.

  • geez, such a hard apple apologetic..

  • Fragmentation across the entire Android spectrum is what made me switch to iPhone years ago. In my opinion it really is quality over quantity. 5,000 different versions of Android phones a year vs. 4 different iPhone models per year. One of my biggest complaints was that Google would CONSTANTLY churn out promising apps only to abandon them a year later, tuck them away inside another app, or drive users away altogether (Allo/Duo, Tasks, Google Music, Photos not being unlimited anymore). My Androids would lag and crash consistently, and the fact that on one phone I HAD to install a custom ROM just make it behave like a normal phone was atrocious. I want to believe that Android phones these days are much better, but by now I'm so far deep in the Apple pool that I can't ever go back. Even though that Galaxy Z Flip 3 is catching my eye because I'm a sucker for flip phones!

  • Apple doesn't present experiments to their users but final products. I do not want to be the alpha testers of a new quirk from google, I want things that took time and were polished.

  • Is the iOS15 available for iPhone 12 Pro Max?

  • Because Apple is one small company it never get power of Linux developers.

  • Because you don't need to innovate when you can just steal the ideas from others.

  • I started with the iPhone and ended up with a Samsung phone and never looked back. I didn't like the restrictions apple forced on me. I hated having to plug my phone to itunes on my laptop all the time. Nowadays, I like the features of my Samsung but the world is so "apple dependent" it's rare to find a person with an Android. My fiance' has an iphone and our phones absolutely do no work together. I record a beautiful 4k video on my phone and can't send it to hers without it being degraded and pixeled.

  • Pixel has Google Lens built into camera. It's double press power and point.

  • So if I really love the iPhone , but hate every other apple product and truly think they are shit. Specially the AirPods and the Iwatch. As a musician the AirPods sound like 1 19$ earphones, their price is absolute bullshit. And the iwatch screams hipster millennial , and snowflake so loud you can hear it from the top of Mount Everest. Mac 💻 are just way less powerful than regular pc price wise. So yes… I only like the iPhone. Soo.. if I hate the apple ecosystem and only love the iPhone , are you saying I don’t really have a train to stay?

  • Apple sells more because of quality and overall experience. Samsung is real shiny, but quality and real use experience sucks.

  • Apple wants to make sure they aren’t just gimmicks and they help the experience and they are quality.

  • You see, the problem with apple is, even if, yes, they do the features better and optimize them better too, if you like a feature on an Android, go with it! If you want that same feature on iOS tho.... Well, let's just say you'll have to wait 10 releases before you get it

  • Apple is kinda like the Walt Disney of technology.

  • Please make a video about why iOS apps are always larger than Android's.

  • because they dont care

  • Why iphone features are always late? Because they are not creative

  • i love apple becauuse of they egosystem and i prefer late but better new/improved features insted of just diasend

  • Imagine adding spyware to photos

  • Nothing that Android will do better next. Never ending cycle. Good for us.

  • Wow, what a great feature... annnd how many of you are going to use it?! i wish apple just spent their time on doing a real file management for IOS for instance! sorry, I'm gonna stick to android for now.

  • In my experience all these cool things come at a cost in privacy, and add little to nothing, other than the cool feeling the first couple of days

  • Ipad calculator will integrate with your hair dryer. It will seamless and sleek.

  • I prefer useful features over just an abundance of features. That is why I stick with my Apple ecosystem. I don’t need bleeding-edge features that work 40% of the time , just to seem cool.

  • Well polished for me!

  • In the Philippines, people jave Iphones because they can afford it. The rest use android. Also majority of the population is in social media. So they prefer devices with great camera/video capabilities. And most of them uses Android (Huawei, Samsung). So sometimes, it is not about the software.

  • 10:00, very much like Logitech Flow… very useful feature

  • Great video!

  • I definitely prefer waiting longer for more polished features. It's the same reason why I dont mind delays on video games: If they decided it will take longer, IT WILL TAKE LONGER. You cannot rush it, as this will result in unfinished products with lots of bugs and problems. Same with apps. They're developed. Same with features. They're also developed. Due to that, there is human error from the developer, and it takes time to polish out the problems and bugs. I'll take my delays and enjoy a fully finished product.

  • partially agree. If it takes 10yrs to create integrated feature like 'Live text', rather have feature without deep integration.

  • I don't know why, but living with a fully apple ecosystem kinda sounds creepy

    • @Zphre depends on what apps you use and what you use your phone for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • @Quinn they've been just fine for me and I have a relatively old android

    • @Zphre but it’s still true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Just look at how shitty Instagram stories are on most android phones

    • @Quinn Now THAT is an extremely outdated statement. You can't just say that in 2021 anymore.

    • @Gabriele Hardware stuff may be true in theory but Android phones generally have poor software optimization which leads to lag everywhere

  • 5:11 finally they understood that facetime it's a communication app and as communication app making it a platform exclusive it's a really bad idea

  • Want both 11:20

  • This gives me a memory of something called “Embrace, extend, and extinguish” from the 90s to early 2000s Microsoft.

  • In these comments Suddenly Apple fans love stealing

  • This way of innovation is sadly outdated, that's why android has recently won the so called world war of phones. The gap between iphone and innovation used to be 1 or 2 years, but now it's like 4~5 years. And it seems that it will only get bigger, if apple stays it's course.

  • I agree that having everything work seamlessly together is definitely worth the wait, but it seems like Apple has small things that they could implement that they just...choose not to. For instance, why can't you mark texts as unread? Such a simple feature that's on the top of my want list. Sometimes it seems like they don't put out some updates just for the sake of saving them for a later update to keep the consumer waiting.

  • That's not so cool

  • I prefer Android over iOS but I do like to see Apple and Google compete as it drives the innovation.

  • I would like them to be polished and all the kinks worked out before they put it out. Like Apple does this by saying what android does with that app and then they make their‘s even better or the same. One thing I wish Apple will do is let you customize your home screen and phone not just with a picture.

  • Iphones are boring :(

  • My thought is far less marketing efforts need from Apple. Let the comps build up the hype and buzz. Then drop your product slightly after expressing why your product is better and you should buy over the other guys

  • In my opinion apple loves to be late on some ideas like for instant iPhone 4 have face time iPhone x have Aniemoji and Oled display

  • Apple=ecosystem/controled/"elite"/rasist/restrain Google=free as a wind/ shares /" and somewhat didn't focus on there work?" I don't get it. Where will be a time where all of this combine as one?😅

  • Thet are late b/c it's cheap for them then. That simple. Then ass will get on and talk about how they made it better. Simple not true. Somebody else just worked on and made it cheaper. Sorta like what John did with Tmobile. Late to 3g and 4g b/c by the they got the equipment and rollout was half the coast.

  • Thanks for another information packed video!

  • Android may have tech that’s been on their phones before being on iPhone but androids updates on said apps or their phones SUUUUUUUUCK! iPhones are just smoother, easier and it just works. I had the s21 ultra for 3 days a week ago. In those 3 days that phone updated 10 times. I returned it and went back to apple. Switched everything over and BOOM phone was ready no updates no nothing because the phone was already updated. Apple just gets it right.

  • The eco system is why I wish google would build up a hardware team and start creating good laptops and tablets hopefully with the white chapel chip they will start creating something good.

  • continuity is everything over at Apple, good feature. saved my ass many times so maybe im biased a bit lol

  • I still prefer Android because I've had a bad experience with Apple

  • if expensive apple add their late android feature is better than android, remember the cheap android also have that android highend basic feature... thats why google cant upgrade it drastically

  • So well put!! Love you!!

  • No preference, both are necessary and copy each other a lot for the benefit of the consumer

  • My preference is first more than late and baked. That puts me more in the Android camp. That said late and baked together is probably better, since the wow factor of being first gets lost in the lack of integration and the fact that most iPhone users ignore these new features and consider them useless or nerdy. Hence, when they come baked to iPhone, iPhone users usually believe that Apple invented the tech because it was completely ignored by mainstream to that point, even if it did already exist to an extent before.

  • I have tried Android several times, but I can never do it for very long. I have had an iPhone since December of 2014 and have had an android for maybe 5 or 6 months total out of that time. The longest time period being this last one of three months, but I still had an iPhone for part of that time. Its just what I am used too, iOS works better for me, and now I have an 12 Pro Max, and I can't ever go back to Android( The times I have had one was for finical reasons, not because I really wanted one)

  • Why are they late? greed.

  • WHEN SIRI IN POLISH ??? really u’ve add portugal implementation to Siri is it a prank? Or you just Dont care about ur customers? It is really funny.. How long I’ll have to talk to Siri in English, it’s really annoying

  • I'm tired of hearing this ecosystem crap with apple. They basically have the smallest ecosystem....google has Tv's security systems, washers, dryers, refrigerators, thermostats, speakers, doorbells, vacuum's, mops, phones, laptops, tablets, and much more...... And from a business stand point google is more business friendly because of its ecosystem. Stop acting like apples ecosystem is so big and Superior or efficient when it's not. It doesn't work with enough to be. Shoot google even works well with apple. When apple can only work with itself. If you want efficiency than it needs to work all the time...... Apple is a sometime worker while google is an all the time work horse that works with everyone because it's more efficient.

  • Apple is selling defective iPhones in India through Amazon.

  • I like android just for live wallpapers that’s it but I don’t like lag so I am staying with iOS

  • Hi Marques, when you reviewed the first phone you used with 90/120hz, at that moment if someone told you that we would be staring down an entire iPhone lineup still at 60hz in 2021, how would you react?

  • The only problem with apple is its apple. Outdated tech the day its released. And minimal features. Poor execution of os and very dated.

  • Live text existed in Nokia like 8 years ago, but it didn’t work so good, but it was there 😂

  • Some programmer who’s stuck on a difficult bug: “IT TAKES TIME OKAY”

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  • Like 10 years late ⏰😂 I really like them to speed up at some point otherwise they be bringing the finger print sensor as new feature by 2030.

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  • TLDR - They lack innovation and have no appetite for risk?

  • Apple can also afford to spend a lot of time on developing these new features that have already been seen in the Android market because Apple's closed, unified ecosystem allows them to do so in the first place. They know most people won't leave the Apple ecosystem just for some new features on Android devices and so Apple can take it's time with these features without fear of too many people ditching Apple for Android.

    • its also why, lol, more people don't even bother going to apple in the first place.

  • alternative title: "excuses for apple for stealing android stuff and saying its 'new', etc..." - Apple is huge company they can make anything they want in what ever time But they don't they keep making things that are already there... in android ( samsung features are also in all on their "THE ECO SYSTEM" and they work fine ) Also They have good ECO features that I will never use cause I just wanna by a phone and maybe a wireless headphone with it....

    • Nah mate, copying is not a bad thing when you improve it, and that’s exactly what apple does every time it copies something

  • my prefrence would be for companies to be throwing out cool new features and polishing them afterwards if they stick

    • It's actually far more frustrating with Apple, because unlike Android which is designed to work on different form factors and variable specs, apple devices are VERY much standardized. If apple adds a new software feature they have a very strong/solid code base to add it to and therefore testing time should be far reduced. This BS that "Apple is being patient" is absolutely stupid and is something Apple fans use to justify getting features late. Apple isn't innovative, they just know how to market themselves as elitists and because their products are higher priced people who finally get them feel they've hit something special. Apple is to phones what Beats is to Headphones. Overpriced, overhyped products that people get more for the name than for the functionality.

  • Here’s the thing: no one denies that Apple does things better most of the time. But when your brand loyalty becomes blindness, that’s when it infuriates me. I have a friend who pretty much begs for this or that feature to be a thing or make its way to IOS. I tell him that it already exists on Android, but he just comments that Apple does it better. I get that. I’m an IOS user myself, but does that mean you’re gonna wait years and years instead of checking that feature out on a budget smartphone even? The answer is no because that phone isn’t iPhone. Like how does one’s brain work that way. No one is telling you to give your precious iPhone up, but if you love tech like you claim you do, try out other brands while keeping your main one.

  • Always late because they can't innovate. Only copy it once the feature is proved

  • Hi

  • This is what I’ve been saying to my Android friends for years

  • The eco system, i really dont get that... I have an ipad pro 2020 since it came out, i had the first gen ipad pro before that, ad before that i had the first gen ipad mini and i’ve always had android phones... there’s NO need for an iphne at all. Especially as iphones hace no usb-c port, transfering things to an ipad will not at all be as smooth and fast as with an android phone.

  • O M G did not even know copying text with gogle lens was already possible !!!

  • Bleeding edge techs are hit or miss ... Gentlemen's choice is Quality over anything ❤️

  • Still doesn't explain why it takes so long for the hardware

  • But y the justifications. If iPhone is late it's late. Would the fanboys really care about the same.

  • It’s ok with me. I like that Apple takes it time and the features work seamlessly 😌

  • 3:13 honestly there was a feature called "google on tap" do that faster and better than Apple and can do it in every screen even in game text but google get rid of that feature for "google assistant". What I don't like is that not a single tech channel talked about this bad change and only praises the less useful google assistant.

  • I honestly prefer a well executed and clean version of a feature that is released later than being the first to do it.

    • @Patty J. it is pretty sed 😪

    • @Megachad Sixty nine then thats very sad on apples part that you have to expect to wait years for a feature that has been useful to me for a long time. Android got widgets in 2008. Im kinda bored so make me laugh by trying to justify 13 years to get slighty better. (btw thats still up for debate. Many people consider androids still better)

    • @Axn3d 🤟🏿👌🏿🤌🏿🤏🏿🤘🏿👉✋👈👇🏿👆🏿☝🏿🖖🏿👋🏿💪🦶🏿

    • @Patty J. because if they didn’t wait then widgets wouldn’t have been as useful, hence the waiting

    • uhh android has had widgets for years and their widgets are still arguably just as good as apples. Its debatable but i do know id rather not wait years on years for a slightly better feature. If apples widgets are truly that useful then why would you be saying you are willing to wait years for it.

  • Apple TV is really bad,

  • Your english is too fast to understand…