Why Everything is an Ultrabook!

Objavljeno 30. jun. 2021
The world of laptops is sick: If it's not a gaming laptop, the other features matter even more!
The ultrabook definition: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrabook
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano : www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/...

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  • I just want to share that thought and showcase..., well uhmmm Lenovo's Thinkpad maybe...

  • The first time I see Marques Trojan horse his subscribers. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano ad

  • Next time mention the productname that your going to review on the video title.

  • Wah wah wah, a bunch of babies crying about the ad they were forced to watch. Y'all could have clicked off as soon as you became un interested. He got like 1000 other videos you can watch instead.

  • i didn't realize this was an advertisement until he was talking about the color being black for a second time.

  • The coordinated leaf assembly divide because pan wailly scream to a little ring. colossal, psychedelic shampoo

  • Nice ad for your sponsor. 😳

  • FeatherBook lol

  • Does it power a 4K external monitor?

  • Im here for that old school "S"

  • Now what about ultrabooks that do game 🤔

  • Sound Like a Great Laptop

  • ultra is the latin word for "beyond"

  • Less offended that this is ad, more disturbed that Marques is endorsing Lenovo, computers banned by government agencies for their ties to Chinese spying.

  • Does it supports Linux?

  • This guy is the Most smooth and Classy reviewer....

  • Thats what i have since Feb 2020. It looks so nice and amazing at typing. CONS : It gets so Hot like gas burner.Just doing programming..I wont be buying Lenovo again First & Last..Only Asthetics doesn't cut it. MY opinion.

  • Resume from sleep

  • Well not ever being able to game is a big thing to a lot of people!

  • You mention the requirement is 3sec

  • This is not a technical discussion nor a review, it's such a fat-ass silly ad, that's what it is.

  • my first 'ultrabook' was a Compaq transportable pc.

  • 1:27 he said that this video is sponsored by lenovo, what is wrong with you people?

  • Best Laptop under 500€ Resolution, Power Can you help me?

  • I think apple's m1 macbook are the new standard of ultrabook now.

  • Which application u use for keyboard practice? I mean web or app ?

  • How much did they pay you?

  • watching this on thinkpad L430

  • Fun fact… The basically best ultra books for years were never allowed to call themselves Ultrabooks Cause they run MacOS and not windows

  • So many butt hurt by this... yeah it's an ad. He said it was sponsored. Get a life!

  • 00:01 - 00:16

  • 3 s or less should be with less than sign, < 3s.

  • X1 Nano or X1 Yoga Gen6

  • I really don't think it's a good idea to do videos fully sponsored by a tech company when you're a tech reviewer. It really harms your credibility in my opinion.

  • Obviously it's sponsored.

  • What's the intro music?

  • 02:52 where did i get the wallpaper .

  • Thanks for the information I appreciate this please do not let the negative comments stop you from making different type of videos

  • Thin portable stuff gives me anxiety when it comes to durability tho lol

  • Are you going to discuss the screen crack issues many users are experiencing with the Macbook Air and Pro?

  • just like the rest off 'em!

  • Brother please pump baby cake 🥺

  • Watching it back in Slo-mo as I think MB might be kidnapped and his typing then deleting for the in between shots has a hidden message. I got you.

  • I was a hard core ultrabook guy for a very long time. I finally transitioned back to a more standard/full size laptop. Just to get the most power I can. Specifically for gaming as you pointed out.

  • Jesus Loves all of you guys

  • Question: what's the name of the typing speed test website, please?

  • can anyone share the wallpaper linkfor the one mkbhd is using! ❤️

  • Definitely not a good thing. Silicon valley's obsession with thinness over all else has harmed tech, making things less useful dropping features like disc drives and making things harder to repair. We need more options for purely practicle tech. This is why I honestly believe Apple have ruined technology for everyone in the game, their over focus on the aesthetic rather than being simple and functional.

  • Longest "Ad" ever

  • Marquees, I’d really love to see what you think about the Framework laptop - A great looking concept with the right to repair front and center.

  • I literally had never heard the term "Ultrabook" until this video. That's how successful it is as a tech marketing term lol

  • Lol you guys are so ruthless. The man has given us a decade of really good content, releases one thing you don’t find entertaining: gets bullied by his subscribers

    • It's not the lack of enertainment, it's the ad

  • I think people should only be concerned about being light.

  • Anyone know where to find the wallpaper

  • 9:05

  • Does it come with a free cloud storage from the CCP ?

  • Awesome video, can you tell me when the Apple Air M2 launch date is?

    • how tf would he know. He doesnt work at apple and even if he did it would be confidential

  • Really appreciate it!

  • I love your videos man, but this video felt like a 9 minute advertisement.

  • I'd probably still buy a macbook air...

  • Bro please put the specific song from the intro, I've been looking and I can't find it when I just look up the artist. Anyone know what the into song is?

  • Your graph is wrong; in 3s or less: 3s!!!!!

  • every video is a hit or a miss, I think we can all agree what this was...

  • My favorite phone Samsung galaxy a72 plz sent me...

  • Thank goodness for NVME ssd's

  • Anyone else bothered at 2:11 the greater than sign is used instead of

  • EVO

  • Thinkpad is best business laptop for office staff..

  • Hey, that’s the dogshit laptop my primary school had in 2005!

  • i just want the best possible screen on an ultra book. thats how i make my decisions.

  • Does this guy actually know anything about tech? everything I've seen from him he seems completely clueless. This is just thoughts and opinions from a person who doesn't know anything

  • Have you heard about Fujitsu laptops?

  • Man you really tried to make a regular video out of a full video ad. Pls don't do that, you built an audience connection on honesty, don't ruin it with these type of full ad videos disguised as a regular video.

  • My respect for you went down the drain man!

  • Is it made in China?

  • Everyone watching apple videos on products Marquess gets for free 2 months before everyone else: *BUENO* Everyone watching openly mentioned as advertisement video on ultrabooks that is NOT sponsored on the back by Apple: it ain't it chief :/ People, you're so goddamn blind, you hate being treated roughly by Lenovo so you prefer gentle love of Apple? It's not even problem with Marquess anymore, who's already just a poster-boy for big companies, big A especially.

  • insane thumbnail

  • Yikes, my 2018 macbook pro is not an ultrabook (can't wake from sleep in < 3 sec)

  • I want 2.0 btw @diplo

  • Bro u a KSI fan 2? Touting British iq?

  • 5:37 monkey type @beerbiceps

  • My syneshhetic photographic is kicking mi bulos rn

  • U binge w/babish 2?

  • 3:22 hue else caught Suzuki on dat side?

  • 💯 tfw you fall in louu w/twitter

  • Ur master is beating my drivers' palyer capacity 0:05 @decap

  • It is suitable for professionals. In a meeting ot conference your face look like shit cheap quality webcam

  • 0:26 fo sho!

  • "This ain't it, Chief"- MKBHD

  • Well i dont think anyone is buying a Lenovo laptop after watching this video lol

    • @Srikant B mate the only apple product I have is a MacBook. I'm literally writing this on an Android dumbass

    • Apple fanboy spotted

  • lenovo… really?

  • Dislike: those who doesn't use their brains Like: For those who uses their brain Yes this is a joke and yes it's wrong about how the video is a whole ad but it does talk about ultrabooks in general as well.

  • What were you tryna say man? I literally didn't get it.

    • He is trying to say an ad

  • You got the video title wrong. Should have been lenovo thinkpad X1 nano. Excellent ad by the way.

  • To all the people calling this video an advertisement, hey! He just told you at the beginning that this video was sponsored by lenovo, so he'll use the thinkpad for showcasing his idea. Right?

  • Is it good for video editing and photoshop?

  • Why is everything an ad!?

  • This is your second Chinese company mishap after OnePlus from the past.

  • Sponsored review-esque videos with no negatives on a Windows device by a known MacOS user are not it Marquez. This is what ruined LTT for me.

  • Why did you flinch at 8:00?