What Is Right To Repair?

Objavljeno 7. maj. 2021
Do you really own what you buy? And why is it so damn hard to repair your phone?

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0:00 Right To Repair Intro
3:27 They Want Control
8:08 Anti-Right To Repair
12:45 What's Happening in Tech
18:03 Conclusion

The Right to Repair Movement: www.repair.org/stand-up
Farmers hacking their John Deere tractors: slcd.info/drink/video/qYaK38OfnbTg03w
Louis Rossmann: youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup
Simone Giertz Truckla: slcd.info/drink/video/zoGnxbJorqq5mHQ

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  • Fav collaboration

  • Apple is such a scumbag company .

  • Thank you for covering this movement, it's incredibly important !

  • The problem is, Apple and Tesla claim they're green. What people don't get is that's money-green not eco-green.

  • Photocopiers not copying money is a hoax! I just tried it, and it worked perfectly.

  • It's getting worse. One day, we won't be able to own anything, everything has to be subscribed or we have to pay monthly fees to use, or else, the tech we are using would probably not work or be functional, because the software is controlled by the manufacturer.

  • Russian repair guys can do anything and everything that American Geeks are too limited to do for half the price.

  • This is actually important video

  • apple sucks

  • Wow! What a great job you did here. Thanks. Keep up the fight for us small independent repair shops. It helps us help you. BUT! Think about this: If I were Apple and BIG GOVERNMENT came in between me and MY capitalism, MY freedom to run MY business how I want to - I would go ahead and make available ALL the repair tools and components and even training that independent repair shops wanted - but the design and construction of my product would begin to make repair no longer economically viable. The world is still an ugly place, everything is unfair, no safe spaces, I get to give everyone the middle finger including my precious loyal customer fan boys...and your grandchildren's planet Earth gets converted into wealth in MY bank account. I do not see how we can make government make everything fair for us. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY! Tesla does NOT stop me from making my own open EV. Apple cannot stop me from making my own sexy hip throw away $1,600 phone of the day alternative that is repairable.

  • man with all respect, I’ve been subscribed for a few years, but your videos are too drawn out and subjective, theres no way I’m going to watch a 20 minute video on something I’m already relatively familiar with

  • I personally don't think the "you own it" argument is the best, I think it's more about not being an asshole just so you can make more money, at the expense of being a huge waste of resources and making it worse for everyone else

    • Also, saying "I own it" doesn't justify right to repair because what you own is just that one unit, it being remotely bricked would definitely go against you owning it, but if you break it and can't fix it that's not an ownership problem. Same with planned obsolescence, you OWN an obsolete product, it's not any less yours. The issue is not of private property but ethics, the social responsibility of the manufacturer of thinking of people other than themselves when making decisions and actually trying to give people the best experience, not just the most profitable

  • Another argument of anti right to repair or slowing down the performance is to ensure more people buy the better thing to then increase sales to then go towards buying and researching new tech but really if that were true then you would put the best new technology in every next phone but you don’t you put marginally better improvements and every so often add in a marginally bigger improvement or new tech.

  • I didn't know that you can't photocopy money 😂

  • Ummm.. My hp 6978 let's me photocopy money just fine..... Sooo, is mine special?

  • Anyone else have to google the definition of the word "crux" at 1:48 or am I just stupid

  • 0:26 Me: Laughs in Autobahn.

  • Soon you will see Apple start making there iPhones and Computers like there ear buds. Completely sealed and filled with a material that cannot be cut into. It will have a warranty but a finite life. Like the ear buds, you cannot get in them to replace the battery without destroying the item.

    • "Right to repair" that demands/dictates that companies disclose trade secrets, overwhelmingly contravenes intellectual property laws. Any copycat, once given access to the blueprints, can easily replicate a designers hard work in the name of maintenance

  • It dosent matter how hard it is to repair, you should always have the option to do so.

  • The strong cockroach allegedly permit because run preferably launch until a voiceless file. disillusioned, smart bread

  • You should have a talk with Tesla

    • "Right to repair" that demands/dictates that companies disclose trade secrets, overwhelmingly contravenes intellectual property laws. Any copycat, once given access to the blueprints, can easily replicate a designers hard work in the name of maintenance

  • Thumbnail : Honey I shrunk Marcus.

  • No problem. Some company in Shenzhen, China will make part for repair apple😬

  • Hi Mark I went to replace my iphone battery and they replaced the whole phone without any extra charge, I just paid $75 even without any warranty Same thing happened to ipad, after 3 years they gave me replacement iPad without warranty. That’s the only reason I am with Apple bcz customer service is far more better than any other. Apple has stores all over the places but if you try to find same for any other company it would be nightmare

    • The problem is when you can't do that yourself

  • Great video and great arguments! I had a faulty battery on my Galaxy phone and the authorized service told me I had to change the battery and the motherboard for a insane cost! I couldn't find a way of buying a battery or changing it anywhere other than the Samsung's authorized service.

  • I think Tesla has gone too far with their "safety" excuse, but it does bring up a point no one is talking about. With electric cars, if you accidentally ark the battery, there isn't a next time. That much amperage will kill you instantly. Maybe if you're lucky it'll blow your arm off before it reaches your heart and you survive.

  • great video

  • I don't understand the "safety" reasoning.. you can repair other fuel cars and they are just as dangerous. Why does the safety issue only apply to tesla?

  • Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38

  • Once MKBHD says “let’s talk about that”, I know it’s gonna be a good video

  • I like the apple FIP plan. SAFETY MY A$$

  • Manufacturers want to maximize profits. They get way more money if you just upgrade. Doesn't matter if it is apple, Samsung or even Nintendo. It is all the same. Under current laws all of these companies don't have to provide there schematics. If they are forced to provide there schematics with a clause to prevent reproduction of it. That would make fixing what we legally purchased easier. In the long run it would save the manufacturer money.

  • I hate Apple. For years I refuse to buy anything Apple. I build my own computers (PC). Then one day I saw this application on an iPad called "Procreate". It's an awesome drawing tool for drawing caricature and cartoons. Some PC tablets have similar application (which are free to download) but Procreate was far better. I tried to see if they have a PC version of Procreate. Unfortunately, they only make it for Apple. So you guessed it, for me to have this application called Procreate, I ended up buying the iPad Air. Yes, just to have the application I had to spend over $800 plus another $10 to download Procreate. It doesn't come free with the iPad Air. Also since I am a photographer doing sports photography, its a pain just trying to transfer the photo to & from the iPad. It's not like dragging & dropping like on a PC. I had to get a third party application from the Apple Store just to upload and download the photos. Even then it was still a challenge to figure it out. So there you have it. This is why I hate Apple.

  • apple = junk.. people still buying = idiots..

    • There are people who don't have time to know about all this (and more) and just want a phone

  • Geeezuz Christ.. I don't know if anyone else caught on? ... Basically, Apple is the Big-Pharma in Tech.. In the words of C.R... "They ain't curing shit. They'll just patch it, get you to the next stop so they can take more of your money"

  • Those Tech Company’s are pretty dominant and getting into directions where they dominance wouldn’t be reversible, and sucks to admit the Cyber world we know now would be unusable. Ban right to repair, the law to apply should be equal like ban THEM to commodity essentials. Eye 👁 for 👁 🦷 for tooth. Cloud proves it. Apple is the champion on this subject.

  • Don't break your phone in the first place...simple 😂

    • You don't break it, the time break it

  • I contacted with Logitech - this company does not accept Right to Repair.

  • These companies uses the "Safety" issues to literally make u in perpetual servitude and keep buying their products...and they treats u as a customer as moron that can even do a minor repair LOL.

  • Wow, Apple and Tesla are draconian. Yet another reason to keep living in Italy, and use Huawei products.

  • Further we go, worse we get. There is a documentary on this thing. The light bulb pact. I don't want to mention the name of the doc-ry, but you can find it on YT if you really want.

  • Darn it… I have a flat tire… I need to buy a new car…

  • P.S. I wish could give this video multiple thumbs up!

  • Starbucks does the same thing with coffee providers. They have contracts that say can only sell to to them...

  • Being integrated doesn't mean better u can still make parts smaller but still modular

  • they like goblin in harry potter

  • Its about "CONTROL" Companies basically want to make things not reparable to increase sales.

  • Right to repair is a disgrace. Go live in an Amish community if you want that. Let innovators innovate and just relax and enjoy.

  • What are the risks? If the product is broken, who cares the risks if the other given option is to buy new one.

  • Taylor does it to McDonald's aswell with their icecream machines only Taylor certified tech are allowed to fix them. Taylor also has made the machines go into a default reset mode which requires a tech for the system code. Which McDonald's pays for the tech to come in and just put a code in. That why the ice cream machines are always down.

  • Hey Marques is there any possible way to recover data from a completely dead android phone. If there is please reply

  • so your saying i should add a car battery to my iphone and feel fear from apple or Zeus

    • What?

  • RTR will eventually win but it can have a Bethesda effect .

  • even if you pass a law for right to repair they will find a way to make it too hard to repair

  • Technology has not become more complicated, just different! Unfortunately, many more people have now forgotten how to understand them. Steve Wozniak made it clear that as a child he learned to build analog transmitters and receivers like many young people in his generation. There is no reason why many more people cannot understand today's technology in greater detail. There is no overcomplication or Magig Vodo. But it is in the nature of things that companies try to sell their technology as magic in order to get higher prices. Those who don't understand the product they buy are more willing to pay a fantasy price.

  • boycott Crapple

  • Good Thumbnail!

  • Marques is becoming biased to Tesla

  • It's probably another reason to boycott Apple.

  • I’m glad this has come to light, As a customer since iPhone 3G I am upset to hear about to repair process.

  • It should be illegal for companies to prevent you from repairing

  • Apple is the worst, biggest hypocrite when it comes to their moto of reducing e-waste

  • Amateur Radio Operators love right to repair. It's what we do.

  • there will always be people who can fix everything you need, no matter how complicated tech will be!!

  • My question is people that still know all this about apple, why do you still purchase apple products?

    • The people who buy apple don't know about all this

  • the thing is apple charges you too much to repair a product .simply making it a reasonable amount will make a difference. most people don't have a heat gun lying around to replace a battery but at the same time they aren't going to pay the astronomical prices apple asks for

  • Why don't you just respect private property and contract? Why do you think you have the right to coerce manufacturers in giving you proprietary material?

  • This is why its time to eat apple lol

  • I bought a device I have right to repair it, no matter if the company doesnt like it.

  • What is wrong to destroy?

  • Ohh legislation! Big Daddy Gov save us!

  • This just reminds me of my childhood expectation to leave school with an intimate knowledge of how how a microwave works and maybe the ability to make one myself.

  • My sister dropped and broke her iPhone screen in 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic. Since the Apple Stores in California was closed for many months, orders were backed up for weeks and we couldn’t even get a genius to look at it. Wound up getting it replaced at a local store that actually charged about the same amount for an out of warranty repair at the Apple store, except it came with the text reminding us that we didn’t use a genuine Apple part for about a month.

  • 9:23 We don’t want someone getting hurt Yeah right as if someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing is gonna go and modify their Tesla

  • Yeah, the certified Apple Repair shop wouldn’t replace my iPhone SE 2016 battery because 1) they said it wasn’t worn out enough 2) they said the casing corner was too damaged to justify to pop open. This was total BS, because when I took it to UbreakitIfixit the jumped at the opportunity

  • I like this video.

  • Good point bringing out this topic but I think you've undervalued the company's image matter. If third parties people repair your product and after a while the product brakes again you'll never know if the damage is due to an unsuccessful repair work or to a different and independent malfunction (you can only guess). But apart from that, just the fact that your product is broken again makes you feel frustrated and unhappy about the product itself. The customer frustration and unhappiness are the worst enemies of a company's image. It goes more beyond a single change of brand preference: if more people start changing negatively their perception of the brand it starts a chain-reaction process that progressively kills the good image that the brand has built. This would be the end for all kind of companies, in particular those who has built their success upon an image of reliability (like all the companies that you mentioned in the video). Taking iPhones as an example: Apple strongly prefers that we see the iPhone fail because of accidental user damage or battery usage (a problem that actually no company can prevent). In this way the breakage isn't related to the Apple's work, so it's seen as normal by users and won't damage Apple's image. Of course there will be frustration for the phone breakage, but it won't be addressed to the company. Instead you will blame yourself or the annoying limitations of the battery and when you'll have to change the phone you'll go to the same company (because effectively it never failed you). And most important: you'll keep recommending them. I also understand the anti-repair campaign against third party workers: tech components are effectively becoming more complex and apart from some real geniuses like Luis Rossmann it's risky to let the average phone repair shop repair the more complex parts. As explained before, a potential third party error is going to damage not just the image of the third party shop but potentially the entire brand image. In a few words, being able to chose a third party repair shop would be ethically right but extremely inconvenient for the companies. Instead of softening the limitation on third party shops I see more viable to invest in a price softening of the official company repairs, making them more affordable and less near to a new product price. But even this process isn't easy: repairing stuff like Louis Rossmann requires (i think) at least one real person with a high level of skill, making it much more expansive for the company compared to the production of a brand new phone (all done by machines). Even though there must be a significant save in components prices (Luis is able to change small components instead of changing everything) in a global environment it's still more expensive to take a worker and teach him Louis Rossmann's skills. So probably a consistent reparation price softening can only be obtained if the company is able to completely automate the repair work: archievement probably difficult to obtain (and probably just for major brands) but undoubtedly necessary in order to really respect the customers and (maybe) also environmentwise.

    • @Evacody124 Regardless of the value of my comment nothing will change with comments like this. If you have something to correct just do it, I can’t be but happy to see destroyed my point of view, as it’s clearly inconvenient for me as a consumer. Otherwise, if you aren’t able to correct it maybe you need to read it another time before judging it ;) As I said, is generally good for big channels to bring out topics like this, to remind at big companies some important consumers issues. But sometimes it’s also useful to step out from the average customers needs and try to adopt the vision of the companies, not as a sign of surrender but to better understand their functioning and maybe to be able to push them to a more viable shade of the same change.

    • I'm going to point out that when a company makes a product that has issues they need to have there feet held to the fire and fix the problem not blame the customer. When the big car comapines do that is them taking a hit. They are not blaming the driver they take the blame. Going but what you say Apple can do no wrong.

    • 🤦‍♂️🤯 no just no

  • the world of cyberpunk is now

  • I feel that if we are able to buy parts from manufacturers to learn to repair our own stuff we should probably do some thing about scalpers. Who’s to say a scalper won’t buy all of the parts and sell the parts at a higher price especially at a time like this. I personally think scalping should be illegal because you have people who sit outside waiting to buy PlayStation fives, Xbox series x, Nintendo switches, etc. just to turn around and sell them for so much more money. I think when it comes down to it we need to have some thing in place to be able to stop those kinds of people who will take advantage. But not to be confused by the value of a collectible that is no longer in production versus driving the price up because of low supply. Edited to fix typos.

    • Scalping is a problem, but it is an edge case at best. If the manufacturer sells parts, than it's thier responsibility to not sell all those parts to scrupulous people. The right to understand, repair, and maintain our devices with manufacturer support is a completely different issue than the hypothetical idea that scalpers could buy up "all the parts"

  • I remember Craig tablets said I could not play angry birds on my tablet because it considered rooting by just installing the app. Hilarious the rep had no freaking clue what he was even talking about.

  • Such a great video

  • The problem is simple, i want to be able to repair my device that i bought with my money and i own, anywhere i chose to, the rest is bull from today big tech companies and not only.

  • High-End Smartphone Brand: "Since you can afford $1K+ on our phone, you can afford the extra for the charger, accessories, genuine replacement parts, etc..." High-end autos have been doing this for years...

  • "when you buy a car you arend alout to goos a surtent speed." sows a germen car

  • The way i see it . everyone can buy a Knife , Some use it to chop veggies, some use it to cut meat, Some use it to show. and some use it to kill.... eventually it's a sharp object that can hurt you if you use it the wrong way. and back then 10.000 BC , the knife was a tech .... if i own something , I have the right to take it apart and repair it ... some companies are going after module Tech , so you can replace a broken port or a screen with a click... give a fork to an idiot and he'll put it in a plug and get toasted... it ain't the manufacturers fault . it's his fault for being an idiot. and he can't sue the manufacturer for it . he used the wrong way. for tech , what's the problem of me fixing my own gadgets, changing batteries on my quartz watches, Lubricating old watches, replacing keyboard buttons, or even resoldering bad buttons on a joystick or replacing bad cuircut parts on a PCB .... with the right tools you can fix anything . and i see that i have the right to do what ever i want with my things, as long as i am not hurting anybody else or going against the Law. i saw that kind of behavior by a famous PC company , that made their Power adaptors sealed in a way that if you want to fix it , you'll break the Casing pins and they can't be fixed, so you'll have reseal the whole adaptor . and mostly the part that broke is a surge diode that costs 0.10 quid and a soldering iron. but they wanted to sell you a new replacement adaptor for 40 quid.... they did that on certain cars keyfobs. so you'll pay 200 quid for a spare key. but some shops knew a way using the old keyfob and the car system , and you can get a spare keyfob for 35 quid and it's totally secured. after all it's a control thing . they want you to use their repair services to get more profit. great video . Epic information . I love Modifying my Ducati and My PC and My BMW e30 ... they can't Take away the please i get while Doing those modifications ... Cheers

  • I don’t understand why Apple is so against right-to-repair. Their whole business model is about keeping people on iPhones for as long as possible, monetizing their service usage and App Store purchases. That’s why they get OS support for so long. They don’t want people buying a new iPhone every year or two, they want more people using any iPhone.

  • Great video and take! Right to repair! Love the honesty and information given.

  • Sure, it's about control. Why? LIABILITY. It's like the burglar who breaks into a home, trips over a rug and falls down the stairs sustaining substantial injuries then sues the home owner and WINS. Tech companies have literally been forced into making things that aren't repairable because of the lack of ethics and common sense in our courts in awards given out to hacks who have been injured or who have injured someone else, yet the manufacturer got sued and lost or settled out of court. Sure, it sucks from the end user's and repair facility's point of view, but the manufacturer wants to stay in business and sell its products without daily lawsuits.

  • omg I have always felt like I owned something important but didn't really own it(e.g: such as my iPhone ) and I've always felt so annoyed by this. This video explains my feeling so damn well and it consoles me. I'm not the only crazy one then.

    • 🤣🤣🤣 nah i felt that i owned my iphone but i always had to go the extra mile (ex : jailbreaking it) to really do what i want with it... thats why i switched to android

  • Minute 3:00 > 👌

  • Tesla has to get realistic when it comes to service. Stop ripping off the public. Oems are all going to put the boots to them as they have better products and real service techs not a bunch of contracted service shops that are just out to make money. This is the reason people are turned off by Tesla

  • For screen damage issue in Google pixel 4a, support team provided estimate to replace almost everything inside the phone which was costing me higher than phones actual purchase price.

  • This is a very good video, they want to have total control on us. When I buy a house, the bank is not involved when I modify it. The thing is I bought it, so I own it!

  • I agree.. just like Rich Fix and all his pioneering with repairing Teslas by himself!! I support right to repair!! Btw, love watching your vids man!! 🤙🏽

  • Pls america stop 'soddering' stuff and _solder_ it like ur supposed to and then maybe apple will start trusting you with their stuff.

  • I broke my iphone and bought a new phone, but i didn't throw away my iphone! I kept it, i still use it to access info I couldn't move to my other phone.

  • thank you for covering this...

  • Apple - rotten to the core.

  • Hmmmm

  • "For safety" is not really valid... *If you want to find a way to hurt someone with something, you will find a way.* I can go and stick my head out a window and decapitate myself... they going to control when I can roll a window down? This has never been about safety its about power, control and profit... ... it will become the next version of slavery if this continues to go unchecked..