Top 5 Android 12 Features: Huge Redesign!

Objavljeno 13. jun. 2021
Android 12 Beta on my Pixel 5 is a pretty wild redesign.
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  • Some Miui vibe in there

  • You really need to brag about your Illuminati membership ?

  • Whenever he says "It takes some getting used to" I feel like it's Drake lyrics. 😄

  • Now this is something you call "upgrade" Not like Apple !! 11-12-13 😂

  • iOS left

  • people of the universe here is where the fall of android started

  • What's up with your shirt, dude

  • I hope the going back gesture from android 10 and 11 is taken changed. Really hate the side swipe back gesture. It always comes in the way while cropping a pic and swiping side ways on apps. Swipe on app and it goes back to last page, try to crop from side and it goes to last page and this is very annoying. The previous swipe up on right and left from the bottom was a lot convenient.

  • Finally I can change my phone accent color

  • Android's 12 privacy features aren't as solid and good as Apple's ios 14.5 and ios 15 "Ask app not to track" feature. Android 12 is just providing the illusion of "privacy" not true privacy. I'm switching to the iPhone 13 Pro Max this year... most likely I won't ever come back to Android because their lack of true privacy in this 21st century's digital age.

  • do "best gaming phone with android 12"

  • Precise vs general location is a cool and nice feature, but it isn't new.

  • Eluminati Simbale Your T- Shirat

  • Is Android 12 the same as UI 4.0 ?

  • Not gonna lie android 12 looks like it's designed for a grandma who doesn't know how to use a phone lol, I think I'll keep android 11.

  • I don't think i really like the look. I'm hoping we have an option to revert to the more traditional look of the notifications. Better battery management and perform improvements will be welcome. 👌🏽

  • Super ❣️

  • Super excited. Looks great.

  • Android ❤️‍🔥

  • Forget about the top phone just talk about the worst. The top 10 worst. This is go to number one number one worst phone. My phone has five minutes battery life 😂😂😂😂

  • Being honest here, I bought Pixel 5 and I did not like the the phone nor android 11. I found OnePlus did a better job handling android. But Android 12 on Pixel 5.... Oh lord it completely revitalizes the phone. It such a better experience. I can't go back to a phone that runs Android 11.

  • Just want the Pixel 6 Pro ma duuude. This Android is hopping me from iOS to Android again!

  • So disappointed with my pixel and my previous Google phones. Among other things, I'm supposed to be first in line for the new OS but I am just now getting Android 11 when I should soonish be getting Android 12. My pixel 4A is the fourth Google phone that I've had and every one of them disappointed me with unfulfilled promises.

  • Marques always brags about Android and hates iOS!!

    • As he should

  • I hate that "the biggest change to Android ever" boils down to different colors, button shapes and sizes and privacy settings. Are we so conditioned that this is considered something revolutionary to be excited about? Wake me when the hologram interfaces are here.

    • @ryan starr do you consider a 22% performance improvement, a revolutionary change?

    • “Android streamlines the core system services by 22%” Did you watch any of the video, big tech chief?

  • Where is the Purple wallpaper from?

  • Are they going to continue being the only phone manufacturer that doesn't let you remove the search bar from the main screen?

  • Elom nati shrt juses

  • I really hope thath one ui is als gonna have the style menu.

  • Google: enables UI customization third-party launcher users: *"launcher, I don't want play with you anymore"*

  • I like the features, but I think the general esthetic looks a bit childish. I think I'll stick to Samsung's custom os for now.

  • I'm New to Android first time since 2007 I been a stupid apple head

  • The notification screen is white with dark mode? Hell nah. I hope they fix that

  • I am loving this Android 12 and look forward to the change! I currently have a LG V40 but have off my phone from and I cannot receive or make phone calls(very suspicious).

  • Neutral on Android 12 as my Galaxy s20 FE 5G hasn't received it yet.

  • IOS:Lets copy the app drawer Andrion:It's pay back time *Adds privacy cam and microphone update* IOS:

  • Why freemason bruh?

  • Illuminati t-shirt?

  • Android always looked ugly and cheap to me but this makes me want to switch from ios

  • Can my s10 support android 12 ?

  • Why you wear Illuminati t-shirt

  • doesn't it feels like Android 11.. still?

  • hold up that's Yellow background? I though it was light brown.

  • the last android version i try it (11) but this android 11 is not designed from google. i have time disconnected from new androids version and i think the android 12 in the video is "BAD" google do a redesign for android but this design is not android i love official design:(ANDROID 6/7)

  • "everything is different" while showing that everything is the same. lmao.

  • why is the gmail widget still so ugly though

  • So those of us with samsung phones have nothing to look forward to since all this was added in one ui last year 🤦‍♂️. Minus the improved performance of course. Hopefully they add a battery saver like ios has. Plug in overnight and it won't charge to 100% until you are about to wake up.

    • You can't customise the application bar, wtf?😂 Also privacy settings weren't like that on One UI 3. You seem very stupid

    • my samsung doesn't even have an option for an android 12 update yet :(

  • I want to buy new phone is this worth it tho??

  • Illuminati confirmed

  • To be honest this new notification bar looks awful

  • Where can I find all these wallpapers?

  • Why should you waste money on a VPN, when u can just install Telegram on ur phone, tablet and PC, and download any TV show / movie that u want??!

    • Because you won't find some stuff on telegram and you'll need to torrent. In some countries like Germany and USA you can't torrent without a VPN

  • Snow Cone

  • he is wearing a satanic masonry illumonati t shirt

  • Not liking the looks

  • I'll be getting the pixel 6 for sure

  • Thanks man, you always pay attention on everything important and never miss a thing when you do your reviews of android, it's always nice to hear your opinion.peace.

  • I'm going to Love this on the Google Pixel 6 pro 😃😃😃😃

  • i wonder how the auto colour change thing will react to live walpapers

  • But where is android 12 on samsung why is evrything based in pixel phones what... About samsung is samsung dead????

    • Google prioritises Pixels for updates. Other phones just get them in 2022.

  • Who else noticed his illuminati TShirt!?😂

  • Love the privacy settings

  • that one menu looks so blocky though like windows phone vibes almost.

  • Android 12 looks super ugly, inefficient and slow. Android Oreo is so much better in its Media controls, Task view and Quick settings buttons.

  • Nah, I am not interested. It looks ugly. Too big icons. Too much wasted space. Yuk. Fugly UI

  • 4:32

  • I can't wait to have it on my OnePlus Nord 2

  • Bro it's literally a Google phone, they run an ad company.

  • Looks great to me! Thank you!

  • Awesome vids

  • Again with the Illuminati shirt? Why do you do that?

  • what about standard FINGERPRINT APP LOCK for apps that you want privacy on? Please android.

  • it's terrible and inefficent, this looks like the android 12 for the elderly!(should be just a feature to turn on imo)

  • As a therapist I like the idea of being able to kill mic and video across the board when having session... Kinda wonder how far that will extend though. I mean Edward Snowden talked about that as long as a battery is in your phone the mic and camera can be turned on even if the phone is off...I imagine that will still be possible even if you did that...

  • Can we get a review on Illuminati?

  • MIUI 12.5 has these

  • Nice

  • That is a nice description of the new android software. I have an android phone and have had them for a very long time now and my latest one being from Samsung since I didn't want to buy another Motorola since they are owned now by the Chinese.

  • You are kidding with that shirt, right? 1000 thumbs down from me, its easy to see what side you have taken.

  • So what are your thoughts after 2 months of joining the illuminati?

  • Great video! Where could we find the wallpaper showed at 00:58?! Thanks everyone :D

  • Exciting! I'm just not sure I like the big buttons so much, but assuming the option of customization will still be there, I'm not too worried about making the size smaller to match my preference.

  • Thanks For 75 Abb 100 Karvado love you all

  • Why are you wearing illuminati t-shirt

  • Google calendar still has their 2 ugly ass widgets from a decade ago. Wow. Pass.

  • I just realize most Samsung is Not made in China. I’m throwing away my iPhone cause of this.

  • Did they remove scoped storage thing?

  • This is great!

  • I like the new camera and microphone thing.

  • Have you researched any major differences between "ExpressVPN" and Google's "1VPN"? Pro's / con's etc...

  • me with android 4.4 kit kat: yeah i can always dream

  • this is so bad

    • bad and awful

  • pixel 5 is garbage with speaker buried under the screen, you can hardly hear through!!! and come on change your t-shirt!

  • I’m an apple fan but this is 🔥

  • I don't even have andrid 11 yet! LG FTW

  • Illuminati Confirmed!

  • It kinda looks more like MIUI

  • Very close to Xiaomi OS !

  • As someone that regularly toggles Wi-Fi and Mobile Data I very much dislike them being consolidated into one quick toggle that opens a sub-menu. Not to mention all the times where you're having issues connecting to Wi-Fi and you want to quickly toggle it on and off, now you're going to have to swipe down, tap on the Internet quick toggle to open a sub-menu, then disable and enable Wi-Fi. There was no need for this change, if anything it makes things feel less refined than they were before.

  • This feels like point update, not major version update. Like basically any android update. Updated visuals and gui isnt what operating system is about 😂