The Tesla Bot: Explained!

Objavljeno 23. avg. 2021
Tesla announced a 5 foot 8 humanoid robot. Here's WHY.

That shirt!

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  • The bezbot.

  • 5:06 Easy to Overpower, or Run away from. Remembers *I, Robot 😇*

  • Here's an idea. A robot humanoid that can play video games!

  • Yes, you can have 18 specialized machines: One that makes your bed, fetches the paper, makes your lunch, etc.... OR you can have ONE machine that does it all... I believe this is the idea behind the human form. Yes, it is not EFFECIENT at any single task. But for an assortment of unrelated tasks, it is.

  • Irobot taking shape

  • Tesla net Just saying

  • I don't really agree, if a robot can do so many things, there would be no need to buy a lot of different products. It would be lovely to have something that could do everything if you ask it. Everything in the tech world almost comes down to human convenience.

  • Detroit become human coming to real life??

  • How long ago did they announce the cyber truck? How many of those are on the road or have even been manufactured? This thing won’t be as good as they claim and it certainly won’t arrive for a long time if ever, at least from this company. Just more bs to get idiots to buy their stock as they dilute existing shareholders. Snake oil for all!

  • maybe apple glasses would do the data gathering :)

  • Those Boston robots got be shocked, like the way they move and do stunts, that's unique.

  • Bunch of bullshit

  • No, it is all about stock pumping, and then never delivering it, that's it.

  • 7:51 "...the list of things you would want a HUMAN SHAPED robot for is pretty small..." oops, nope, let me remind you of the goal of these ELITES (and im sure tesla is one of them or is one of the puppets of the elites), the goal is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. there should no longer be FAMILIES, human couples, that would make little humans that would fill the earth. and then i assure you somewhere along the way they would also mention that the purpose of these robots is to help lessen global warming (hah!). THE BIG REASON why they made a "handsome" robot like teslabot is so that people would start treating it LIKE HUMANS TOO. there will be no more need for companionship that may contradict you, (THIS is already happening in japan --- sex dolls, men getting married to hologram anime girls...) if the robot looks like a human just wearing a wholebody suit like astronauts or healthworkers in PPE (is it a coincidence that they released to the public this robot NOW that all people are required to wear masks?) they would be more relatable (and i bet you, lots of people would like this to be their "partners" because it would always OBEY THEM). LOGICALLY, tesla are not dumb to spend billions on a robot that will only do repetitive things that us humans DONT NEED HELP WITH. RIGHT? and no one in their right minds (even those who are lazy always bored) would buy a robot that costs millions just so it can fold clothes or sweep the floor, repeatingly, daily. right? ugh.

  • 1:12 69, yeah I saw that. 👀

  • If Elon wasnt the CEO i might like Tesla more. But unfortunately hes a megalomaniac weirdo who only has own interests at heart. That man shouldnt be trusted.

  • Just noticed Tesla Bot has a black head. Are they trying to say robot slaves should be black? /s

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  • "The human form is very inefficient." Says the guy who hasn't even mastered autonomous ultra-instinct.

  • So damn negative 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Maybe you should make your own model, and have Elon Musk judge your shit.

  • 7:48 😉 Things I would want a human shaped robot for, huh




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  • They want to be Weyland-Yutani so bad

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  • I mean, Boston Dynamics is only worth a little over 1 billion. Tesla at it’s worst is worth 500 bil. Tesla should have more resources than Boston, however I’m not so sure about the “1 year”, “by 2022 we will have a prototype” thing. Unless they’ve been planning since 2019 or 2020. Even so, 2023-2025 sounds like a much better release date for a prototype with less time gaps for workers compared to 2022

  • This shit is how the world will end

  • I think it's just marketing, dude.

  • The main purpose of the tesla bot is for it to come into your bedroom while your sleeping and snap your neck.😴 😵

  • Grabbing actual data from human environnement is basically priceless... This was the original idea behind Alexa. This is what Google or Facebook cannot do for the moment: to record human interaction on site, in our own lair... As you said, once a model is learnt you can embed it in any devices or appliances you want.

  • Is it going to include the laws of robotics

  • Thought it was going to be a new spacesuit to replace the current one

  • An illiterate is explaining bot. Lol

  • I totally agree that (at this moment) a humanoid form is not efficient and Tesla knows it. But hey, it's just good advertising to prove the real thing... they are an advanced technology company that can deliver products with a sleek and appealing design. And besides, you are missing a point: in art, sports, entertainment, fashion, etc. companies are not selling, strictly speaking, useful things, but things that some people value and really want to pay for. Having a humanoid robot bringing me the morning coffee at my desk is a lot more fun than an automatic coffee machine.

  • Will it come in matte black??? MK you need help...

  • Thanks for this breakdown of the topic, hadn't heard about this

  • SCARY!!! ahaha no way in hell i would buy after i watch many documentary on technology. Humans mad this but it's always thinking it's own it's own to improve but it cannot think like humans to make right decisions. A documentary called The social dilemma, they said something about If you are given a computer the goal of state of the outcome. and then the computer itself is learning how to do it. every single day it gets better on peeking right task or things to improve. olgorithm has mind of its own so you build a marching and machine change itself. this thought is scary enough for me not to buy such a thing that i do not have control over. our mobile is constantly listening to us so in away i have few that i have very lack of knowledge on. but, no i would not buy something like robot that is human like. lol to be honest i would be scared if i see that at night in dark if that is staring at my when i am just waking up ahaha

  • Tesla is sky net. Wait what Tesla is skynet ..

  • It's convenient to make humanoid robots because they can use the same tools as we do. At least that was Isaac Asimov's reasoning in the Foundation series, and Elon Musk is definitely a fan of classic scifi. Super focused and super efficient is great for a scalable single purpose pipeline, but at some point, we need multi-purpose robots to do a wider range of things.

  • Humanoid robots are really good idea. Single tasks robots are the best for some application like self-driving, assembly. Thing that are easy automotive. But many tasks are not, essentially what Elon said, and what you need is instead of single task dumb robot a smart robot that adopts to humans' environment, all the dynamics, and this environment is shaped for humans, it makes sense to shape the robot the same way. And we need that, why would you ever ask from a living human being to give his life for another person and let's say go saving people straight into flames if you have a robot, or working high above the ground, etc. So many men die everyday during work, and if you think about it, they are actually forced to do that, to provide for the family, I think it's time to put as much effort as possible into robots and AI so that in the future people will have sort of universal income and the only work they will need to do would be creative and logical tasks, that would truly free humans' minds, finally. (AI ofc would be better at this task either, but that's even more exiting, being able to explore thing human brain would never dream of)

  • I feel like, one day, humanoid robotics will be an achievable and efficient. We won’t be there for quite some time. Probably at least another 20 years or so.

  • Tesla = skynet

  • I just love the iRobot backdrop. And specifically the choice of the scene.

  • It feels like you try to make sense where there is no sense.

  • elon needs to watch this video

  • Humanoid robots need to be as good as humans at performing tasks so they'll be able to construct buildings on Mars to make it habitable for humans

  • It's all about Hype and BS to push stock price and investors' believe. What's new for Elon? look at Hyperloop

  • I want the robot just to make me look cool. Just think you are on the road with a humanoid robot on the road, how cool will look and feel!!

  • I don't believe in atlas. I think it's new video animation technology. But what do in know?

  • Technology always going to advance humanoid will be perfect like any other program software the more data received the more intelligent it gets one ☝️ day will be so advanced just not yet but the idea 💡 is there and will be done unfortunately humans like to play with fire 🔥 I just hope that everything about this becomes good for humanity…

  • Most Labor is now designed for humans to do, so this is the most generalized thing you can build.

  • (*R*)epetitive , (*D*)angerous and (*B*)oring ... War.

  • Terminator becoming reality 😂😂

  • You make alot of sense.

  • What if it does a system override type thing and convert that 5mph to 500mph and it strengthens

  • Only thing that could be an issue is say these robots do a bunch of work instead of humans… what will the humans do 🤔

  • This idea disturbs me 😬

  • Just in case no one's said it yet (24K posts!)--A big reason for a human form is the aesthetic response in owners & observers; in addition to wanting roombas & AI cars, we also want robots that look and move like us... It most definitely is not all about the practical application of the robot in our lives. And this in turn is about the eventual progression toward fully realized androids with some measure of independent AI & the illusion (for starters) of an individual personality. They will serve for companionship in addition to other things, and do so more comfortably & convincingly in human form. But I could always be wrong. This is a very good video, but I don't think the level of pessimism is warranted. It will take time, but this definitely is coming--increasingly affordable humanoid robots making their way into households, not just factories & tech facilities.

  • Tesla Bot is Tesla's effort to make a percentage of the world unemployed? Tesla self-driving is an effort to make Taxi Drivers and Lyft drivers and truck and delivery drivers unemployed?

  • I hope the bots are good asf so you can be like fuck I was wrong!!!! too much negativity in this video coming from you or hate? who knows

  • lol.. I like how the top youtubers are all craving attention from elon

  • Sometimes I hear Marques make some awesome points and im like damn "You're smart for real"

  • Technology for this Tesla robot is out of date as far as speed..too slow"weak ..not worth it if i buy one..garbage..You herd it from me first.."You got to make an Ai humanoid robot to atleast lift 100lb or more run faster and built stronger than a soldier use for war and become a human assistant for work such as errand household chores anything useful to make life easier and fun ...Elon still got a long way to still waiting for the 3000 mile range computer EV i thought of.

  • Can I give it Gordon Ramsey’s voice to yell at my kids

  • The point of humanoid robot is multifunction. It can use all the infrastructures already built for humans. You could call it generic robot.

  • this is the michals vs mashines awating to happen

  • Anyone who’s had to take care of very ill or elderly people would find the bot helpful! Carrying or moving people around, bringing them things, cleaning up, keeping an eye on them, sounding the alarm or calling emergency services if something happens. Always better to have more hands to help if you are a carer or someone in need!

  • but who is gonna put my dishes in the sink or clothes in the laundry?

  • He's going for companionship, definitely.

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  • Two things that might've come to your 1. Data, 2. Lore

  • Well, if you want a robot to take over most human jobs, an AI bot would be a viable answer. Maybe he knows something we dont like someone to babysit while you work. Or if you want a robot to do your work while you actually "Live", a robot would also fit the bill. I had that idea when I was 12, I called it workin robots. That everyone would have one to work in their place.

  • Silly goose, would you rather buy a robot that can do most things for 20k or spend 10k for each robot for each task

  • I hope such bots will be popular. I also hope that Tesla will add the option to buy a bot for crypto. I think many people would like to spend bitcoin or tether on this.

  • How does it charge ? 🤫

  • Will Tesla Bot will Transform itself into a Tesla Car like bumblebee?

  • In my opinion, this concept could be used to replicate human presence, tending to senior citizens or patients or daycare for kids. Another thought behind it is the wide applicability if this comes into reality, a single Tesla bot could fulfil varied purposes (combining a dishwasher, waiter, cook). It certainly has a long way to go, but I would be pretty interested in it.

  • The humanoid form factor makes it utilitarian when combined with progressive AI tech.

  • Given that unavoidable thing that all technologies have since the beginning of time that we call a glitch, I don't think I can sleep well at night with that bot in my house!

  • I agree

  • These remind me of the NS5 models in I, Robot.

  • I agree that it wouldn't be very efficient at particular tasks, however like humans it can be average at alot of tasks whereas specialised robots can only perform one specific tas

  • ... those are going to be sex robots.

  • AMERICAAA is AMERICAAA cuz of people like Elon musk

  • My robot is going to do so many dishes :) and they're going to do so much picking stuff up and puting stuff down!

  • Don't forget that we evolved over time to be this size and shape. It's not for nothing that we are the way we are.

  • I love your content, explication and how well you present your thoughts and reviews. I enjoy listening and watching your content/uploads. Thank you!

  • What if Tesl teamed up with Boston Dynamics? I hope the Tesla Bot will be for sale. I will order three of them to replace employees ASAP.

  • “Might be inefficient, but it’s cool” Tesla slogan.

  • Yeah sure I can overpower one. But what about 2? 50?

  • The robots are bullshit

  • Intro song????

  • Why build a robot only for 1 Task? Sounds super inefficient if you wanne change the world. IF you wanne do another room cleaner sure do it but if a human with his human body can do so many tasks in the world, then the robot will be probably also able to do it.

  • ICE probably still, for the foreseeable future. I am not buying into "green" cars propaganda for the reasons of recycling/producing car batteries and the source of electric power to charge them. I like electric idea for the power efficiency and low maintenance (no oil changes and broken mechanical parts). At my current situation I also do not have a way to install a charger in my home. On that note, one day we'll all drive electric it's just not the day yet