The Electric Hummer: Hands-On & Impressions!

Objavljeno 30. jul. 2021
9000 pounds doing 0-60 in 3 seconds?! The HummerEV comes out (allegedly) next year.
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  • Finally something actually futuristic . Totally looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077

  • GM is proud to be built in USA… was that supposed to be a joke lol

  • I need to tow a 6,000 lb trailer 490 miles this weekend. Can this do it on 1 charge? And if I need to charge up where do I charge at when there’s only corn fields around? And suppose I find a corn field with a charging port. How long will I need to wait for a full charge? Unrealistic expectations

  • O M G I WANT ONE .

  • That hummer x32 thing, yeah…that was the type of quirk and feature I can’t wait to find out about that makes me want to watch videos with cars with quirks and features

  • Never I was so hyped for a car. I do hope we get the Hummer in Europe

  • Great review mate...

  • This vedio didn't show what the truck can do

  • I didn't like this vedio

  • Quite funny that the Hummer looks soooo similar to the original fan sketches of how cybertruck should have looked.

  • ITS OVER 9000!!!!

  • It's a shame that I know this vehicle will hardly be used to the extent it's been designed for. It's just too expensive.

  • Wow this review was really good .. and this car is really cool very impressive .

  • Yo why does everyone like electric cars I hate electric cars no gears bro😭😭😭😭

  • Looks cool, I'll buy one when I have the money.

  • Did you really just start recording before you were even in the room? I really don't get it.

  • "that's actually terrifying"

  • hummer ev over cybertruck all day

  • you can not drive them with a normal license in Germany, not that anyone would want to anyways

  • still cant beat a hilux

  • God these samsung ads are annoying

  • They need to take it easy with the badging

  • Did you say over 9,000!? Lol

  • This truck is going super saiyan! 2:52

  • Jerry rig everything heh?

  • I’m getting one for sure

  • 9200lbs and 0-60 in 3 seconds? I can't wait for the first time someone crashes one of these into a building. It's going to be spectacular.

  • Looks like a space ship. Would love to drive one.

  • Please do the Rivian R1T/R1S

  • this is disgusting, way too big, way too expensive, it's crazy that people want this to be the future of transportation. 9,000+lbs going 0-60 in 3 seconds is not something people should be excited about. we're all screwed. :'''''( most of the features are gimmicks

  • I’m so glad but immensely glad GM managed to bring the Hummer back, this name/truck represents so much in the car culture in America, this never deserved to die. 🙏 I love everything about it.

  • Small correction, Apollo 11 did not have a moon rover. Apollo 15, 16, and 17 had one

  • That truck would be illegal to drive here in Spain without a C-License (A is for bikes, B for Cars and C for trucks)

    • Youre required that license when the vehicle weighs more than 3500 kg

  • Looking forward to the Rivian review

  • How do you have that shirt??

  • 3:19 _Toyota FJ Cruiser_ has entered the chat 💬

  • If we all buy one right now, the environment will be saved in no time!

  • This felt like an addvertisement rather than a review

  • Wow the Cybertruck is projected to weigh only 5,000 lbs. I assume weighing over 9,000 lbs. dramatically affects the payload capacity.

  • Thanks Marques, just found you and really enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work. I just subscribed.

  • US and cars is crazy. In europe you‘d need a semi truck licence for a vehicle this weight. Is it all steel or what?

  • The moon maps are pretty sick

  • Electric is the future. I think they needed to reinvent the Hummer. Keep in mind a Porsche 911 starts at 4 seconds 0-60. For 9000lbs+. My Audi A8L V8 at $120K can 'only' do 4.5, and even their R8 super-car with a V10 hits 3.2. Let that sink in. I've always wanted to own a Hummer H1. They are absurd, enormous, yet very capable. However, I'm still leaning towards G-Wagon if I switch classes back to a truck.

  • I want one

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser has 3 wipers and a jeeps roof comes off aswell for under half the price. I'll still trust my gas powered Honda Ridgeline or My John deere mower over an electric vehicle. Batteries are just not as capable as gas powered at this time. Yes they are cool saves money and less moving parts. But expensive and we all no how batteries behave over time. Let alone throwing heavy loads on them constantly towing and off roading yeah okay. I'll distill have my truck after your 3rd electric vehicle. I was wondering to all these new electric vehicles are all specd out with all these futuristic lighting but that uses more battery why don't we have lights like those on gas powered vehicles where you won't have to worry about the lights draining your charge you need to drive. Also why don't they incorporate regenerative power when driving. They for some reason don't have a technology that recharges your batteries while your wheels are spinning. You won't have to charge on a long drive you your in motion and the car is drawing the power off the wheels or regenerative breaking. I like going for random drives when I am bored or grab a coffee and sit with the neighbor on the front porch. If I had to all of a sudden wait 45 mins or how ever long to get charge to do what I would like to do that is restricting. Or friend say you want to meet at the movies in 10 mins Oh sorry guys I have to wait for my car to recharge have fun without me.

  • I disagree with one of your last points. I’m thinking the truck will spark the interest of people who like to show off but don’t actually do any towing or pulling. Pretty much the same as the existing hummer purchasers I’ve seen around the city. Of course we’ll still find some that actually use it for practical purposes but I think they will be fewer.

  • one day!

  • That’s the halo hummer just saying

  • These EV large vehicles are appealing only to people who grew up but still living in ToysRus world…!

  • So….we aren’t gonna discuss range?!

  • This truck looks very futuristic, kinda reminds me of the transformers movie 😂

  • To me, Ford was the vehicle that screamed USA, today I have changed my mind to Hummer. It just epitomizes everything American.

  • That hummer looks so good, but it's so heavy, like it weighs more than a f350...

  • Wowww so cool

  • 🛸🚀🎉🍾🥂👍🤙🛸🚀

  • Indian audiences be waiting for the Hummer EV's giveaway on MKBHD's channel with bated breaths. 😁

  • Waiting for JerryRig's humvee)

  • Will you also do a video on the Alpha Wolf electric truck? It's the one that seems the most interesting to me.

  • 1:50 GMC!!??😀

  • Still waiting for JerryRigEverything's hummer 😤

  • It's made by gm everyone. It will have multiple electrical issues

  • Jerry is built around one 😋♥️

  • Car-go-space check!

  • I thought this was discontinued

  • Yeah but that Golf R though.

  • daft punk helmet in the background

  • We just gonna glance over the crab walk? My guy, wooooowwwww

  • The truck version looks like a fancy Honda ridgeline

  • those things will kill TONNS of people

  • My biggest question is who wants to take a 80,000$+ vehicle through any type off-roading situation?

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  • I haven't like a Hummer since the H1... But this thing looks badass..

  • "Hey, I wanna Hummer." "Again? You're insatiable." ☺

  • YES. going to get one in NYC. parking is going to be an issue.

  • very interesting truck

  • "They are both ridiculous with tons, literal tons of quirks and features” In side my head: *Please give them a Doug score*

  • the moment you know electric cars are the future .. when GM builds an electric hummer ⚡️🔋🤘😎 omg 4100kg.. so we cant drive it in germany without a truckdrivers licence 🤦‍♂️🙈

  • Electric vehicles are the future happening now. I would kill for an electric car or motorbike. I cant wait till they get cheaper.

  • You know why they're into the moon? Car go space

  • does the doug demuro have a review please god tell me jk,no offense yes, he has it

  • I’ll take the pick up truck version, thank you very much!

  • They should put one on the moon

  • Tow hooks*

  • All that texh and yet no CTIS.

  • Electric motors are just better than ICE, I mean like better better. Like ICE is slow AF.

  • Still would rather an H1 Alpha.

  • Looks pretty similar to the Toyota FJ.

  • hummers are so extremely lame and ugly, I can't believe that company still exists in 2021

  • I am not a Hummer guy but they just made me one!

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  • I thought people stopped buying hummers back in 2014

  • This is sweet

  • The joke of efficiency in times past is now a quasi-poster child of efficiency towards the future. If you’ll notice, most car manufacturers are targeting their big name vehicles to make a statement and earn “buy in” to the potential that electric vehicles offer. I’m excited to be a part of the consumer group that will make electric vehicles commercially viable options.

  • so many logos;!!!really,,,,! Thats why I love Japanese cars ,,,, no fancy names, no excessive logos, just pure minimalist designs and maximum reliability😌

  • Toyota FJ cruiser has 3 wipers on the front windshield. Hummer is not the first.

  • But can the panel behind the seats fold down in the truck?

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  • Why someone would need something so big?? For what???

  • And you think the average Tesla customer is an environmentalist ? Thats funny, ... Your perspective on teach is usually spot on, but I think you are way off here.