Sony Xperia 1 III: The Ultimate Enthusiast Phone!

Objavljeno 1. jul. 2021
Sony's newest phone is both the most impressive and the most niche phone they've ever made.

Why people don't use Sony phones:

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Phone provided by Sony for review.



  • Part of me feels like you were low key making fun with the whole “21:9” bit, but you kept it a buck at the end. You didn’t try to mask your non-recommendation of the phone.

  • Thinking on upgrading to it or it's predecessor from my galaxy note 9 next year Edit: I only buy anything if I feel it's worth it and this seems worth it. I don't want to upgrade to "a bit better".

  • At this point you're far better off with a iphone 13 pro, or S22 ultra in 2 months, there's also Pixel 6 pro coming out in a month. I've been a Xperia owner, purchasing every flagship since 2013, NO MORE for me.

  • You forgot it has sdcard slot which the s21 doesn't.

  • I'm sure, lots of LG owners will or have switched to Sony devices, for the SOUND quality in earphones alone, since LG quit the market altogether.

  • Except for the fingerprint being on the right, everything else is perfect. I'm used to fingerprint being on the back with LG.

  • If I took a shot every time he said “enthusiast” I'd be dead.

  • @mkbhd are you still carrying this? Or on to the next?

  • Listen to me people, do not buy this phone it overheats doing simple tasks. I own one. Its dangerous. Get something else trust me. Its a fuck up from sony.

  • It's better than Sony Xperia 1 Mark II and iPhone 12 Pro Max and on par with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  • Just purchased this phone. Needed a dual sim, headphone jack, and a great camera.

  • Is that the iPhone wallpaper

  • Dunk a shot everytime he says "enthusiast!"

  • "If you want to stand apart, stand-alone" Sony never targets the hurdle.

  • The price rockets are ridiculous. Idiots paying stupid prices at apple started this off. You can buy 2 and a half PS5's for this and will last 4 times over.. And why so big.. I will stick to my 3 year old XA2

  • So Marques basically means if you are a Sony fanboy then you should buy it; if not, don't.

  • It's for € 1.299 in The Netherlands 😳 No, thanks!

  • This guys a fucking joke

  • If I have this phone I woild call it sony ichiban kawa. Ichiban is number one. Kawa is stream 川 I'm not japanese and do not read manga.

  • China doing well out of the recession...

  • What an incredibly dishonest "review". It's patently clear that you've been bought and paid for and now serve only to promote products from Samsung, Apple, and Tesla, and shit on all the rest. All this incoherent attempt at a hit job has achieved is to make you look like a pathetic sell-out shill.

  • If it could be a mini that be nice

  • MB's liberal use of "enthusiast" and "niche" is a way for him to praise the phone and its features like expandable storage, headphone jack, no notch or punch hole cam, which should characterize every phone, without angering phone gods Apple and Samsung and their acolytes. He essentially marginalized a phone which would be perfect for a lot of normal people too. Well, no matter. It's clear that Sony doesn't want to sell any of these phones anyway. With no marketing and weak carrier support, few people are gonna know about this phone even if it happened to be perfect for them.

    • Apparently still sold out

  • It looks like you're literally mocking Sony with the word "enthusiast" 😂

  • I pre-ordered a frosted purple phone but they cancelled my order without warning. I called support and they said they couldn't help and that I'll just have to wait until it's back in stock to order it again. I ordered a different brand instead.

  • S10 have variable aperture too. I found out after u bought it, cuz they did not adversite it i think.

  • Wow.

  • Wow.

  • What's the intro song? (Only the channel is linked)

  • is this 5G?

  • neci

  • Shame Canada won’t support this phone for 5 g , I guess I’ll wait for pixel 6 pro .

  • ya i want this phone wait what's the price omg.

  • Yep, watching your video on my Xperia 1 iii

  • Do you have a brother or cousin name malcom? Serious tho could be twins great video tho

  • My question is as an owner of a Sony Walkman HI-RES Audio player is can you play Hi-Res music files from Bandcamp, HD Music or on a memory card?

    • Yup

    • Yes, the default music app supports HI-RES formats like DSD, FLAC, WAV and more

  • Enthusiast targeted: headphone jack + micro SD

  • So you quote it's a marvel yet say s21 is better??.....

  • Sony is best in technology but poor in marketing

  • I like sony but i hate this guy

  • Serious question. Has Sony done anything at last with the back home and recents buttons to allow to change sides? This has not been possible before hence my returning to the store and exchange for a new phone which does allow me to do it.

    • Nope, can't change it on the 1 III. However you most likely can install something that would allow you to customize it.

  • Thats a damn sexy phone

  • He used an iPhone Wallpaper on an Android Lol

  • What I like about Sony phones is that they are the ones that come up with technology that eventually appears on other Android rivals and to a lesser extent iphone as well as refusing to budge from stuff that is considered by both iPhone and other Android phones to be outdated. For example Sony phones were the first to be waterproof and dust resistant and charge wirelessley while over the years the likes of the iPhone and even Samsung have gradually followed suit. Most Sony phones still support headphone jacks and expandable storage while most Android phones don't have them anymore while the iPhone infamously never supported expandable storage and killed off the headphone jack since the iPhone 7. Plus the Xperia 1 series supports 4K screens while others including even the Samsung S series don't have that.

  • Mr enthusiast! We got it!

  • Oh my i would love a dedicated half press camera button. Why has that not become a standard?

  • I want this phone but it's expensive. I can buy it, I just don't know if I should spend that much. It has everything I want. It has everything no one else it offering.

  • This is sony 1 II or III?

    • 1 III. 3rd generation

  • Best regards, from proud Enthusiast of hifi, Stream series, SLcd and photos...

  • How about nokia N73?! For moving camera!

  • I'm considering moving from my OnePlus 7 Pro but your camera review makes me hesitant. How would you compare both? (I have a Sony a6000)

    • @Pixels - Thanks..!

    • The cameras are definitely better than the OnePlus 7 Pro, the color science is should be similar to the a6000. It's just that flagships nowadays use more computation to boost shadows and sharpen images as much as possible. That's not the case for the 1 III, it produces more true to life images which I guess marques doesn't like

  • I love XPERIA phones. Hands down better than Samsung and iPhones. I see myself upgrading my XPERIA XZ2 Premium to the XPERIA 5 iii (assuming it has better battery endurance than 1 iii) in a few months.

  • Marq to be honest this phone is the sexiest i have ever seen up to date. Ngl i like these kind of finishes.

  • 2:00 I literally installed an app that does this just so I could have it lol

  • 8:28 I don't know why, but you got me and I burst into a loud laugh here in the office! :D love your channel, cheers

  • Likes & dislikes says everything

  • please provide a link to that headphone holder

  • pilipino language WALANG PERANG PAMBILI NG CP 😂😂✌

  • Wow what a Dream

  • had a sony xperia z2 worst phone ive owned ,,,,never sony again

  • He used to diss similar phones from LG and today praising the same phone from Sony.

  • I think the review missed the mark on capability of the Sony Camera. You simply didn't learn the settings. Check out James Lavish, he explains the Xperia's photo capabilities in much better detail.

  • Me whose looking for a Note 9 replacement and don't care about social media so the screen optimization with their apps doesn't matter to me: "I see this as an absolute win!"

  • I don't get it. These phone makers that in 2021 still include a headphone jack for audiophile "enthusiasts" really should be looking at a 2.5 or 4.4mm balanced output. 3.5mm is just so passe .Their audio core target group would jump on it. And SONY especially given their DAP know-how .....

  • The only adjective he knew is enthusiast

  • Had iPhones, Samsung's and switched to the Xperia 1 ii last August and I can say hands down the best phone I've ever used and super user friendly. It's the little things for me like the LED light on the front that flashes certain colours for different noticications when it's on silent. How fast it charges and lasts for ages and the speakers are so loud and everything else is just amazing from the camera to the speed of opening apps etc deffo be sticking with Sony they are a beast ❤️

  • i got lighthead from LOL when he said, xperia 1 iii (3) good luck explaining that to your friends... being a sony xperia fan since xz5 that comment is approved

  • Sony: makes the world's phone camera sensors Also Sony: Does not properly utilize their own home made sensors in their own phone as the tour de force they should be!! They have always been quite confounding in odd aspects of their business.

  • 👍

  • PS4 controller support is underappreciated. It'll be fantastic for travel.

  • As a phone enthusiast, all the enthusiast features on this enthusiast phone, especially the enthusiast screen and the enthusiast speakers is making me so enthusiastic.

  • "enthusiast" sarcasm

  • just got my hands on this phone, been loving it, the only thing I'm really annoyed about tho, and I know this feature was taken away from the last model that I didn't get, is the dedicated gallery app, because I hate google photos with a passion. besides that, it's been great. also, think they fixed the rotation, was sitting rotating the phone while you were talking about it.

    • @Pixels That only worked for the 1 II. It does not on the mark III.

    • Don't worry, you can still install the app using the APK

  • What a big problem to have, the rotation of a phone is too slow 🐌 oh dear.

  • I always had Sony Phones, had more than 7 since 2004 i bought a Sony Ericsson T226 and last one was a Z5 Premium in 2015... but Sony has always been more expensive than other brands. I've been using a Huawei P30 Pro last two years and i dont feel i should return to sony. I dont feel fully confident... Sony usually falls short when is about Android upgrades.. They prefer to launch another phone instead of keep upgrading 1 year old flagships. I'm even thinking about to go for Xiaomi ones....

  • boy... every single time there is new sony phone. it look so good, it hooks me up. i would buy this instantly.. but then there is the price reveal that totaly puts me off... i really think that sony shoots way too high with the price to the point it overshoots and misses basicly everyones interest... if they actually asked for 799€ or heck, i d pay even 899€ thats about how much they really should be asking.. but 1200€ ? thats a joke.

  • why he has millions subscribers?so boring

  • Underated poor soney

  • What do you make of the global shortage of the Sony Xperia 1 III, is it discontinued or will i be able to get one anytime soon?

  • sheesh, I come here (to your youtube channel) for the first time because I just saw advert for this phone and was curious about it and honestly am subbing and watching the phone reviews here from now on, you get right to the action and tell me what I want and need about the device, btw if you see this, could you recommend me a decent phone? by this I mean decent in price and you actually get your money, I dont really have a tight budget I would just collect for it. Edit: Maybe you could make a video such; Top 10/15 phones to get on the market 2021/2022

  • Is it worth to Switch to Xperia 1 iii from iPhone 11 pro?? Please let me know guys

    • Yes. The display is far superior on the 1 III

  • Problem with Sony is it's final update that slows down the phone like crazy and makes it worthless

  • Downvoted for wearing a mask and putting energy into that evil symbol of submission.

  • "You can already see some of the enthusiast features" Like dedicated buttons, SD port, headphone jack, etc. It's funny how the basic stuff suddenly is "for an enthusiast"

  • Sony's mobiles cameras are known to have such a complex "manual" software, the same as a full on camera would have (meant for professionals of course) but the thing is that you can get such good photos with the AI that's been implemented in the last few years (for example huawei, Samsung and apple). So basically this camera software is the "hand crafted traditional jar" when the Samsung and others are using the "machines" to create that same jar. I don't think this is good for sony, every single thing nowadays is being simplified by a complex program or software so instead of trying to get 80% of the quality you get 100% every single time no mistake cause you ain't doing it.

  • Now, if the charge and headphone jacks were on the side like the ROG, the battery was over 5000mAh like the xiaomi and the screen was a full panel with under-screen selfie camera. Then it would be pretty decent. Like it is now, it doesn't get a second glance.

  • It just sounds so convenient to have all the features. I like watching videos at night before bed and the great screen with front facing speakers were the best thing I enjoyed on the HTC One M8. I can't wait to have it on this phone. I use headphone jacks all the time at work.

  • I just ordered mine. My previous 4 phones have all been Sony. And then I came up on a good deal for a Samsung S20 and this crap drives me up the wall. Sure it has all the standard things and get the priority support from apps. But there's so many quality of life things that no one really thinks to review that just suck. The swype prediction on all my Sony's have been perfect. Samsung has made me look like an idiot countless amounts of time. I actually never understood how people suffered from auto correct so badly. The adaptive charging on Sony makes my battery life last for years... not a year. 2 years into having a Sony I was still having battery life last me all day. My wife's Samsung would die in under 8 hours all while being used less than I used mine. And lastly, my samsung won't even start connected to Wi-Fi for more than 10 minutes when under high bandwidth (SLcd, music, etc) without me needing to refresh the connection (disabling Wi-Fi and re-enabling it) or else it just infinitely buffers. Sorry for the rant, but these are things that Sony has always been amazing with and I've never seen the credit given. They truly have attention to detail and make everything absolutely solid. Not just mass produce and rely on marketing.

    • If you have time, when your phone comes and you use it some day, can you answer a few questions for me? First, is it true that charging takes 4 hours, and you can't use it for three hours in a row with one charge. The latter, whether during charging, uses the heat of the chip to go up to 50 degrees Celsius / 122°F and the working speed of the cell phone drops. Thanks. I need a 5G cell phone, with LED notification, expandable memory, and I love Sony, but this is No buy to me if true.

  • At 1:54 its Brisbane's Elizabeth Street exit from M3! For what it's worth. :P

  • Too much Enthusiasm in this video

  • Enthusiast phone? Maybe Sony should put a A9 camera attached to this phone to be a professional phone? :D

  • 2 focal lengths from 1 sensor........... A job for Jerryrigeverything! :)

  • I'm watching this video through the sony display..! I'm very happy 😂😂🙊👌✌️

  • Dude does aesthetics like nobody else but showcases the various zoom levels on a trashcan. A good looking trash can though!

  • WHY AREN'T THERE reasonably priced NO NOTCH PHONES(or no holepunch) WITH SD CARD + HEADPHONE JACK??? Still rocking the Galaxy s8!!!

  • Marques, If not this phone, what phone would you recommend that has a built-in DAC, headphone port and expandable storage? I was a dedicated LG boy for many years, solely for audio and dedicated 3.5mm output.

  • what about the RED phone? my buddy bought two

  • Man, what happened. If feel like wanting reviewers to be more critical only produce backlash against us enthusiasts. You are jaded and have forgotten how to actually look at a phones objectively. Atleast, throw the shade both ways. Samsung have a hole-punch. Yeah, some of us are still not convinced that "you forget it's there". We don't. Have the opo 7 pro, and to this day it's the most beautiful front of any phone, in my opinion. SD card expansion. Gives us the option to buy less memory in the phone to keep costs down, or just a nice thing to have in the future if the need arises. You know, not all of us gets a new phone every couple weeks. Headphone jack. Yeah. Good sound, great if wireless dies, more options for the end user, again. Built in dac even. Objectively a good thing. And just because you started to regurgitate the same spiel Samsung tells us that removing these features to "save space" for other things have been disproven again and again. Especially considering the pricepoint of flagships these days. You see where I'm going? You use these same weapons against anyone who dares to tread slightly out of line like Sony. If you judge all phones on what most people want, you are bending the truth to fit an agenda. You aren't selling the phones, or are you? Or are you doing this for the views, compromising your unbiased opinion? Both? I value opinion, but reviews are meant to present the phone for what it does and how well it does it, not how well it would sit in the average users pockets. Or is that what you are doing? Let me know so I can unsubscribe. This built in judgement is what is killing brands like LG and have made the other ones creep down to the safer mid-range phones. We can decide if it is too niche or not. You aren't really reviewing phones. You are seeing if it fits in to the "most users" box, and the more it does that, the better you think it is. I think your "pillars" of a good smartphone checks those boxes. But to let every phone manufacturer get away with removing feature after feature because you are too lazy to bring up the points "most users" don't care about and feeling like a broken record, is because if disinterest or laziness. But that's maybe what it means to be a yt reviewer these days. I just wish you atleast hired a nerd like Linus have done, to take a look at niche products that you obviously have lost interest for. I have had these thought for years. I thought, maybe he has a point. Maybe things are moving forward and thats that. But no, it is giving up on unbiased opinion and it lets the manufacturers go ham. No chargers in the box gets swept under the rug with a shrug. Give it a year and you won't mention it. You do provide gradients, but the way you do it is dripping with with pre-concived notions and a view from someone who has lost touch. It is only for most users and the price-hike with the combination of less features needs to be criticized. You are the face of these phones for a lot of people. That's all. I love your channel but I wish for a better landscape for the ones who don't cater to the average user, and that's what you represented years ago.

  • I used to have Xperia Z3 and Z5, a nice option in the camera was that you could connect two or more phones and use one phone to operate another, great option for filming from several perspectives