Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition!

Objavljeno 20. avg. 2021
Samsung Z Fold 3 is the second best folding phone on earth for a reason.
That shirt!

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.



  • This would be pretty sweet for a nds or 3ds emulator, playing it opened up bout half way horizontal.

  • Fold 6 will be awesome

  • Fold = corporate/business phone Flip= casual/ regular user/ everyday

  • So here we go again Samsung not optimizing system! Solution iPhone!

  • If this phone was cheaper , would have bought it instantly...Apple with its $2 trillion valuation isn't innovating killer product will kill the iphone

  • Beo i love your videos but there's something erie about your hands that scares me.

  • That was hell of a intro. So much thought for every single detail. Hats off.

  • It looks convenient for long rides

  • Which wallpaper / theme is on the phone? Anyone?

  • Why even have a selfie camera on the inside? Like you can just use the one on the outer screen.

  • If the Note is really dead I may never buy another Samsung phone.

  • Im buying mine next month ;)

  • Can you get a case to solve the dust issue 😔 🤔.

  • When he open and fold it again, it looks like small makeup box lol

  • Shit Pen...

  • They should make the phone wider on both screens

  • Yes sir this young guy is eating B

  • Just ordered mine.

  • I got it and I love it 😻

  • Hey man, just wanted to say I appreciate your attention to detail in the production of your videos. The level of resolution, the music and all the transitions incredibly on point. Best out there aby far. I agree with everything you said. I recently left apple and my iphone 12 for the flip 3. Absolutely love the flip 3, I never realized how much being able to have your phone at 90 degrees etc can enhance regular daily habits. Love the content keep it up man, I've followed you for years. I worked for a large cellular company and all of us reps used your videos to learn on the phones far better than any sponsored "training" from the manufactures.

  • Just got my fold yesterday and I broke it. I was taking my phone and it got damaged by a damn toy railway, Of course it was my mistake , But fold display is very fragile.

  • As someone who had the iPhone 7 since the day it comes out and is use to some things like charging multiple times a day, I see this as a straight upgrade. (well anything might be a straight upgrade lol)

  • i really like this phone, but im not caughing up 1800 bucks for a phone that scratches on finger nails....

  • I came here actually from Studio Video

  • TBH I cant tell if he is just saying I like it but !!!!!!!

  • Do you think this is better than the Huawei x2

  • I just enjoyed the "Studio" channel with the boys. The talented staff, super Equipped Studio, the Car Trip was fun! Bill Columbus

  • Why doesn't anyone talk about how insanely heavy this phone is??? It weighs almost 300 grams .

  • Can we write on the front screen?

  • duh. phone size is irrelevant jackass. .....yah....i think size 36 pants are good for everyone....size 38 is too big. so silly.

  • Word of warning about these new fold phones. If you enter the boot loader, Samsung will disable the cameras because "Safety"

  • Hey from next time when you are reviewing a smartphone, try to link the wallpaper which you are using in the phone which you are reviewing

  • Great video! It leaves me thinking the z fold 3 is more for consumers and less for producers.

  • The moment they make a fold with an S Pen that can slide in the phone like a Note, the Note series is automatically dead. Even if they try to continue it, not enough people would buy it. Even if they make it thinker, heavier and even if it still has its quirks and downsides, Note users would still buy it over the Note lol

  • Thank you very much for a genuine review 👍👍

  • I am a stonemason and deal with dust all day long. I got a z fold 3 and am so paranoid about the dust getting into the hinges

  • I think flip will take market but not fold. Fold is too large and critical in design.

  • Ok so I'll just get the next one. Good review

  • Man that selfie camera is terrible .

  • ill jujst carry a laptop computer in my pocket,,, the note series is way better

  • thats a ugly phone

  • Can’t wait for the Escobar version

  • If Samsung released a note model this year, sales of the fold 3 would surely been affected.

  • Great review really detailed 👍

  • It gets better hopefully the next one will be better and has a place to put the note pen

  • Are you able to multi task on any other phone the way you can multi task on this phone. Because from what ive seen you can have up to three apps running all at the same time If someone could drop a reply that would be awesome because im seriously thinking of purchasing this monster

  • I'm hooked to the intro because of the Behind the scenes from the Studio channel ❤️🙌

  • "boring normal phone" 💔

  • if samsung kills the note series permanantly in favour of folding phones ill lose it

  • 3:48 is that a Samsung Z Fold 3 in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me? ;)

  • Hey I build gates for a career. I'm a welder. I cut and glue. It's what I do. This phone is so not acceptable when it comes looks. It's off. No boss would accept me giving them something that supposed to be square that doesn't look square. Yuck.


  • Before you start to praise this guy, remember this is the same guy who said "No one would buy a Samsung Note series because its too big".

  • I just bought zfold 1 its great should i upgrade to zfold 3 ?

  • ratio

  • a billion times more useful than the flip 3.

  • Thanks Marq! I'm def getting this today

  • Where can I get your backgrounds?

  • Im so excited i just bought it todah

  • But we want note back

  • But we want note back

  • @samsung dropped the ball here. Gave me my pen and took away the camera.the front camera is such trash 🗑. Battery life 😔😔😔

  • Disappointed as hell. The 2 crease was not an issue. The 3 is 👎🏾. The front Camera SUCKS

  • Gonna wait till Gen 5. I'm gonna upgrade my note 10+ to the s21 ultra .. Use that till Fold 5 drops.

  • I'm still asking why the selfie camera on the inside? facetime? cause making selfies on the side display is so much better anyway

  • I just can't believe a phone that can fold is actually back in demand again

    • Well, it IS quite a step up from the ericsson T28 or Motorola razr lol

  • ✔️👍

  • I love Android. But I live in Europe and have a prepaid data plan in Europe prepaid plans are 28 days long so they can charge you 13 times a year. I am sick and tired of resetting my Android data every 28 days. I will post this in every android phone revue I see until Google puts a 28 day plan in the OS please like and share if you are in the same boat as me

  • Did you realize he didn't use mkbhd logo intro for this video.

  • I've had the fold for about 3 weeks. I do industrial construction, you'd figure it would just fall apart in my pocket. Nope, all you have to do is be conscious and not lean on that pocket. My carharts have zippers, so no worry about metal dust. It's actually bad to the bone, I take a picture of the room schematics in the morning, then whenever we need a reminder I pull the blueprint up on the big screen. My foreman bought one on Friday after he saw it.

  • Marques could have shown more the great applications and less the shortcomings

  • Watching this on my fold 3 is a different experience 🙃

  • It's a sandwich.

  • A brand-new elephant.

  • MB nails it, his gripes are exactly why I returned my fold3 and went back to my Note20U

  • Can you do a review on the nova y60

  • 4:41 that sudden movement give me a mini heart attack

  • Thanks for the review. I still love my note 20 ultra

  • 10:19

  • How the hell does a screen fold without cracking

  • Link to wallpaper please!

  • Watched this on my new Fold3 and you are spot on with this review! 👍

  • Очень круто;)

  • Something tells me these foldable phones will ultimately go the way of 3D TVs. Nothing but an expensive gimmick. I wish they would put half as much work into making phones indestructible and extending battery life as they have giving us all a product very few people actually asked for.

  • Nice

  • I can't get with that wrinkle in the middle

  • Hayyyyyy sexy chocolate 🍫 I see you sugar pie. You look so good baby. 😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰

  • NEVER kill the note sereis, Samsung...

  • 👍🔥

  • Here is how Samsung is impressing me - NOT! In South Africa we have to pay more than most (all I think) other countries in the world for Samsung products? Not only that but we quite often get certain features turned off - example the Galaxy watch 4. We are going to play 15 - 100% more than other countries and we are having two key features turned off! This equates to considerably less value! The Galaxy watch 4 is more than DOUBLE the price here in SA compared to the US and we get fewer features!!!! The Z Fold 3 is R10 000 cheaper in India, R7000 less in England, a MASSIVE R13000 cheaper in the US and even Zimbabwe is R5000 cheaper! The cliché answers of Exchange rate (currency), COVID 19 and Import duties do not account for such massive differences in pricing. Did you look at the price differences above? It would be cheaper for me to fly to the US and buy one there. That is OUTRAGEOUS! Samsung themselves said that they were going to decrease the Fold's price by 20% (which they did in the rest of the world)! The Z Fold 2 was R40000 - The Z Fold 3's R38000 is not 20% less! The answer I get fro Samsung "In my opinion the price is not that bad " in reference to the Z fold 3, a R38000 phone - just to put that in perspective - that is about triple the monthly salary of the average South African!

  • the fold looks plastic and looks like its for children

  • When you hate a phone, but you still gotta review it because they send you a bag of 💰 with it.

  • Completely bonkers. You could get a 12.9 inch ipad pro and a brand new iphone for that money and they would both work better than that thing.

  • Great review. Thanks.

  • I got my Game Boy SP. I know ALL about folding electronics.

  • Who else came back after watching the making of the intro of this video on the Studio channel?

  • I'm impressed with this phone 📱 but I'm still confused how the phone get into your hand without flashback 🤔 Is it a magic? 😁😁😀

  • I am an ordinary average guy, I work on a farm in Amity Oregon, I got 3 weeks to try it out. So far I have to say it's been awesome and a bit frustrating. I use the S pen every day and miss the ease of the Note, just pull it out and start writing. This Fold phone it's not as simple. I believe I'm keeping the Fold for the big screen. That's the best thing about it. Thanks for your spot on review as always, great video! Thank you

  • Welp, TMobile got me. I hate my current OnePlus 8t (avid 1+ user since day one) and I got $1k off the fold (or the flip for free) for trade in. Most pleased with the 8t I've been since I got it haha. Now to wait for it to ship....