Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

Objavljeno 26. avg. 2021
Samsung made a folding phone I can actually recommend to real humans!
Crucial SSDs:
That shirt!
Flip 3 skins:

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.



  • Ya' know. Im a cheap son of a so and so. But, this is the only phone I've seen I'm willing to entertain the idea of paying that price for. I like the flip vs the fold vs the slab phone 120hz screen. AMOLED. Wireless charging. Slightly bigger battery would be nice (listen to audio pod casts most all day.) Expandable memory would be nice unless that portable SSD can be used. Ah more research. More reviews. Oh, how bout we see if it survives Zach's durability test "scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. After all glass is glass." Wait, he reviewed this phone... headed for jerryrig everything. Later folks. -UPDATE- Zach reviewed the Fold 3. Doh. Guesd im still waiting then

  • I've had this phone for two weeks now. And to be honest it is a great phone. The issues this review is mentioning really is not a big deal. The battery has been lasting for me from 7 am until close to 8 pm which is enough for me. The charge is pretty fast you can adapt to a higher watt charger. Coming from my pocket it is not a difficult thing to figure out how to open. Do not remove the screen cover there is reason for this! It is made specially for this phone after market screen covers do not work on these. Overall I love this phone and look forward to the next model.

  • Why would anyone want a folding phone in the first place, that's the real question. The crease in the middle of the screen bugs me off tremendously :D

  • Te reporté, negrito. Reportadazo

  • My heart skipped a beat when Marques dropped the hard drive like that. 11:28

  • I mean, how the hell does this form factor makes sense. Instead of making compact phones, we make a hell long uncomfortable one and make it compact by folding the shit.

  • On point

  • What's that wall paper you have on the flip 3? Really like it and like to use on my Z Flip 3

  • Marques dude your on point with your reviews calling a spade a spade saying FINE is perfectly ok to say this was a great REAL review !!

  • Props to Samsung for innovating new stuff but for me it just waste of money.

  • Add also zflip 3and zfold 😉

  • 4:18 "Sir, this is a fucking Wendy's"

  • *hears about all the people whining about battery lifw* Me: have you people NEVER heard of Power Save mode?!

  • 9:38 where did you get that case?

  • Cool

  • Kinda seems like an iPhone in a way (besides the fold lmao)

  • Where is the review on your page of the Motorola razr 5g?

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  • Those screens are going to have a short half life.

  • I’m thinking of getting this instead of IPhone 13, but I’m worried that my interface will be in wack. Lol. I have everything Apple. From iPad to IMac.

  • Is that speed writing,reading difference on these SSD felt,experienced?!!

  • Wallpaper?

  • The volume rocker is on the top right on my galaxy s21 too and I hate it. I really liked the one on my oneplus 5t where it was on the left and my power was on the right so you couldn't mess it up

  • Mkbhd- Panda pixel 2 xl one of the best design ever. Every Pixel user Loved that.

  • You can call with it? then it is ok for me

  • Meh. You build a better version!

  • When foldable phones become the norm and tech companies gonna make unfordable phone again as a vintage

  • Keeping watching, And keep doing great thing! The day will come soon when you can get things you dreamed off. ❤️

  • If apple hops on board I’ll definitely get one, but until then we wait

  • No creases please. I hope they fix it eventually. 👍

  • Which app do you use for your wallpapers? They're always so cool.

  • been using iphone for the past 5 years and this is most likely the next phone I am going for

  • I really don't think the z flip is worth the trade off its not worth having a fragile screen with a crease just for the sake of having a smaller size in your pocket. The z fold however is worth the tradeoff because that big screen is amazing and if you're out and about you can use the outer display

  • I just ordered one of these and I can't remember if I got the 128gb or the 256gb model... uh oh

  • People around me who only bought iphones are all thinking about switching to this. The only factor making them hesitant is that they are too deep into Apple ecosystem

  • wallpaper please

  • Where can I get that wallpaper

  • The only reason why I’m scared to get one is when you flip it too much to the point where it creases.

  • I guess this is the biggest difference between Apple and Samsung or Apple and any other company. Apple won't launch anything that isn't 100% ready both technically and aesthetically. I love Samsung and I would love to see and enjoy Samsung launching a normal non-flip phone with good features but why launch something like this where the screen looks plasticy with a visible crease right in the middle? I guess this is what sets Apple apart. If you are not ready with something don't launch it, give minor updates and done, it's not possible for companies to innovate every year.

    • @truth seeker But I can also guarantee you 10 years later this tech won't even survive, phones will always remain a single piece, no folds, no attachments

    • @truth seeker yes sure not everyone is same, this is for the people who like upcoming tech

    • if you want to wait 10 years till its perfected good for you. some people like us, want to buy it now and enjoy the folding as it progresses. sometimes perfection isn't always right.

  • Dude! Galaxy watch 4 classic! I'm waiting for your review to buy it!

  • MKBHD can't make a review or a samsung review without a "but"......

  • Want a redesign for that tee-shirt as the new fold

  • I might get it but since I have a IPhone 12 it might be something new to me to have a Samsung after 4 years

  • Is there a cover protection for it?

  • Beautiful piece of tech

  • Flip phones were the past, we’re moving backwards.

  • What about a phone case?😂

  • Anyone else notice the, "SIR, THIS IS A FUCKING WENDY'S"

  • Apple gone do it next watch!

  • Useless piece of tech. Pager + smartphone + flip phone. Literally no one wants this

  • *Laughs in broke a55

  • Hey from next time when you are reviewing a smartphone, try to link the wallpaper which you are using in the phone which you are reviewing

  • why not make the screen resize itself? (ik it would be costly but would fix the crease issue)

  • As a man who carries both his wallet and phone in the same pocket... the thickness of this flip wont jive with me. i likes them thin

  • 3:17 okay that was a very smooth marketing Marques

  • Where can I get that wallpaper? It's beautiful!!

  • No matter how much you downplay Samsung, we are all going to die knowing it was an overall better phone than all. Some phones are good for clout, some are good for extreme gimmick features...but Samsung is just amazing. Hats off.

  • No one shonna talk about the bunch of Nintendo joy cons on the table

  • I have a lot of friends who have always been iPhone users. Each has told me they wouldn't get an android due to the learning curve. They would love an iPhone foldable because things would be the same as they're used to. Some people do not enjoy change.

  • Is anyone gonna talk about this 4:19

  • 9:31 me literally sitting like that😂🙌🏻

  • Iphone 13 be like : We now has diagonal cameras isn't it creative...and a new processor...and and much more...With $1000 increased price🔥🔥

  • I want this phone to be my main phone I really love the design but that battery is just too small😭 I really hope the next version has a bigger battery. Something similar to the s20 or s21 ultras

  • Can we answer the call if it’s fold

  • I Wana get this because it reminds me of my favorite system. The gba sp

  • Why no watch 4 review?

  • Where can I find that exact wallpaper

  • watching this on my z flip 3. it's super fucking cool.

  • Could just be the new Nintendo DSi 😅 first glance I was getting those throwback vibes

  • I don't get the whole foldable phenomenon. It seems like a gimmick just because the companies are out of ideas and how to make their flagship phone stand out. I mean 1000 bucks for a 1080p display?! That's crazy

  • Well I like the idea, but ill wait till its perfect!

  • Just got this today. It's very nice 🔥👍

  • Is there a way to add a phone case to this kind if phone?

  • Who else thinks this looks like an Android iPhone 11

  • I see Marques with the breds on!

  • where did you get it the wallpaper xD?

  • Please review Sony WF-1000XM4

  • can it wirelessly charge open AND closed?

  • If I hadn't just got sucked into the Apple ecosystem with my iPhone 12 (I used to always have samsung phones) I'd definitely be buying this phone. This looks fantastic and I love how practical it is.

  • Love for Sri Lanka ❤️

  • Marquees should review the watch 4

  • Snooty bois gunna love these

  • I want this

  • Can anyone share that wallpaper please?

  • Seems like once it's folded it will be too thick to put in your pocket.

  • I feel like what would make this phone totally awesome would be if the folded mini screen was instead an ENTIRE screen for the square, which would make using your phone much easier when on the go, almost similar to the effect that the Apple Watch has where you basically have a tiny little portable device. but with this, you don't have to go through the trouble of opening your device all the time when on the go and can just open it for a bigger screen display when you need to!!

  • I have a flip 3 but i could not find this wallpaper, please let me know if anybody has a idea that where can we download it.

  • this tech is more useless than curved screens. i just don't see the point of this phone other than "because we can" it's not actually functional beyond your typical smartphone. the fact that it can fold is nothing but a gimmick lol


    • @Jon Lee Hawker 4:18 read the texts.

    • @CRS_UU 😰

    • After watching about 3 times I have concluded I must have been stoned or something I have no idea what I was talking about hahahah

    • @CRS_UU hahhahahaha

    • @Jon Lee Hawker hmmm now I have to remember wtf I was talking about haha

  • Background image of the phone pls 🙌🏻

  • The ONLY issue stopping me from buying this phone would be the battery life!!

  • They are no good lasts 6 months then you get line through it

  • I was thinking the thing on the side was for the EMMC flash memory for the two 128 GB vs 256 GB versions. It leaves me hope of buying expanded storage later on, and iFixIt swapping myself.

  • Does samsung os still have ads? Ive read for the past year or so theyve had ads in the notification bar, messages, photos, weather, etc. Never see any tech reviewer talk about it as a con so im assuming its gone but idk.

  • crap phone we tried it at samsung shop

    • @Jon Lee Hawker idiot of course we did the normal fold is the best

    • No you didnt lol

  • is you african

  • This phones build is amazing in person

  • Would liquid glass work on these phone's?