Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Impressions: 3 New Features!

Objavljeno 11. avg. 2021
Z Fold 3 adds S-Pen support, 120Hz cover display and a hidden under-display selfie camera 👀

Z Flip 3 Impressions:

First-gen hidden selfie camera:

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  • This design seems to be better than the previous one

  • I order it and I can't wait to get it

  • Search for vaccines?? For fuckin' real??

  • T

  • 1700??? That’s a car

  • Have one great phone

  • Bro idk what it is but I get a certain feelings for certain devices and then years later they become the norm

  • Not worth it yet

  • I'm gonna stick to my A71. HAHAHAHA

  • Beautiful phone /tablet

  • I have friends that work at Samsung and they literally told me they have no idea what the actual real work application is for this phone lol It's cool but literally acts like a phone due to severely limited adoption by developers. The tech they're really excited for is the camera behind the display, the rest of the phone is w/e to them.

  • My fold is on the way

  • I love the flip ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ordered mine a week ago!

  • I have purchased this and I can't wait to get it and play with it!

  • Reason I don't follow this dude is because of his biased reviews towards samsung... The camera is not as good? Look other reviews that states pictures are better than the 12 Pro Max, and even the S21 in some.. Camera still amazing..nothing less there and you get a new level of phone.. Foldable... That not even your Apple phone can do, plus water resistant and much more tech into it, and yet you cry about it... Iphone 12 came in with a stupid price, no great zoom features and on night video,you get that annoying aura everytkme and yet you never complain.. Why? And the phone price is ridiculous... I know you favor apple bc it's what you like but be honest.. The Brit guy too is the same.. All praise on samsung sometimes but kill it on comments about price and for not being perfect... What a shame

  • They shouldn't call these things phones any more.

  • I already have a few folds...but I am working on those and don't need another.

  • Shot at 1:10 has a hair in it. Thats unlike mkbhd!!! Is everything ok?

  • I hope Apple will release a foldable iDevice soon. The combination between iOS and fold design would bring an exceptional experience. The price is gonna be $18K for sure though. 🥲

  • Traded in my note 10+ for this fold and I do love the phone pretty badass I do hate they didn't include the pen when they promoted the phone with it as if it would come but nope.. I did use the pen when I had to take notes randomly and did it alot I just don't feel like carrying a pen all the time and there's no good case yet... I'll just have to wait 💀

  • Planning to buy one. I work on my phone and need multi-tasking abilities! I've been a Note user since 2012.. and I am still so sad my journey with Notes is ending.

  • 1800 is ok. Its just too thick.

  • The real question is can I play osrs on the fold

  • Got one for my son on his 16th Birthday. 512gb and at a discount from Samsung for £1650. Including a fast charger, case and s pen. He loves it but I'm not a fan. It is impressive but for me it will be quite a few years until they make these type of phones really thin, light and durable.

  • I really like this and if I had $1,800 in pocket I could get it . Especially if I had a million dollars

  • Thank you for the video! I have already pre-ordered the Fold3 from my Service Provider as they were gifting a Galaxy Watch4 for free with preorders and Samsung is gifting AU$400ish worth of Accessories for preorders as well.

    • The accessories I will be getting are the S-Pen and Case for using for my studies without having to lug around a tablet or laptop.

  • At the price tag, you could buy a phone + 2 tablet for the same price.... a another gadget for tech rich guy.

  • Anyone who ever owned a Samsung Note will want this phone.

  • I love watching things that I will buy after ten years

  • Imagine sitting at a bar's table with two other friends. You guys are pitching ideas at each other. The sytlus is just not practical-its for kids. So maybe I meant bridging the gap to a computer and not tablet.

  • As we push boundaries progressing into 2022, I believe Voice to text, and speech to text, particularly and crucially in smartphones, is more important than ever. How is the new Galaxy Z's speech to text? I'm honestly sure that this tech will undoubtedly be the pivotal factor in the smartphone race of tomorrow as more and more users are introduced and become accustomed to it. Thanks

    • If I can add, this (Siri) is the single biggest factor that sways me towards Apple. Not just is ease of use, but primarily it's ACCURACY. Please pass to Samsung, kid.

  • Yes!

  • Dock fesutie is insane!

  • I'm thinking Microsoft Word.

  • Really cool dude

  • No I would not

  • I don't believe it's appropriate to recommend the Flip over the Fold. Both phones have opposite objectives.

  • I feel like this device is best for people who need to do a lot of things on the go

  • Had you started the video with the price I wouldn’t have watched it all. 😂

  • I did! Pick one up it's amazing In my personal opinion

  • I have really nice tech devices including the latest iPhone and all…however 50% of what I do with them consists of watching reviews of other tech gadgets. Who’s like me?😂 am I weird?

  • I'd rather spend 1800 on Bill's or my kids lol dope phone tho

  • Can't help to say i notice the seam.but hey...i guess it's not an lg...u know.. Long fone names..2 screens...newest inventions....why...we could have had the lg roll by now.what a pity.some reviewer's just had it in for them.

  • Always have been a note fan... Had a note 3,5,8 and now 10+. Z fold 3 still need to get used to the look and feel of the phone.

  • The silver color 💎💎

  • I just bought it and am excited to get it. Thank you for sharing this information. I'm a die hard note user and was disappointed to find out samsung will not release one this year.

  • Styluses or stylii? 😅

  • Would love to switch to this after owning several iphones for the last six years. I have the 12 pro max, and honestly...the only thing that changed, at least personally that I noticed, is the camera, and the size, and the design (which happens generally with most phones). But performance's not that good of a multitasking device, which I would like. I like the simplicity of the iphone. But I've become a multitasker over the years and I want this phone for sure. I actually like the inside selfie camera. Like you mentioned, it has various uses. Kinda seems like a tiny laptop.

  • OR LIKE THE DOCK FROM THE FIRST SAMSUNG NOTE. HOW CAN YOU FORGET THAT! (then again that was my first note and I loved it)

  • If I cannot put a reliable case on it, I cannot purchase

  • I thought my iphone 12 pro max was already expensive. $1800 is just too way too much. No thank you.

  • Top class video! Ugly phone.

  • Top class video! Ugly phone.

  • i think i bought mines because it gives me the Excitement that apple has been lacking for 10years , i cant tell you how many times i felt depressed having that outdated crap

  • Only brought the fold 3 because I got £600 off

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • I'm getting this phone tomorrow

  • Beautiful Smartphone

  • Thanks for the review. This is a really great phone. Honestly, I would prefer if the phone was a bit wider while it's folded.

  • That’s ugly.

  • Getting this phone for $300 as a tmobile rep is the only reason i just ordered one. already have a note 20 ult and s21 ult i use on the daily... gonna let my note rest for a sec, i suppose~

  • It's definitely a step in the right direction, but I'd hold off until they can prevent any dirt & etc from entering the hinge area. If I got one now and decided to daily it, I can guarantee you that I'd have issues with dirt buildup after a year or two of use.

  • I can't wait for the under display selfie cameras to improve, such a cool idea.

  • I don't know may be I am the only one who notice lack of enthusiasm when he reviews Samsung phone 😉😀

  • i would get it at said price if it came with the pen

  • Damn I want this phone with Galaxy watch 4

  • $1800 ... Ummm Nope

  • I can't wait for the under display selfie cameras to improve, such a cool idea.

    • shoots out of its slot on impact). But I waited for a long time, trying to decide between the S21 Ultra and the impending Fold 3. I think I made the right choice in regards to

  • I just got my Z Fold 3 direct from Samsung. They have a great deal with trade-in to make it more affordable. I do luv the phone so far!!

  • No integrated SPen is dead to me

  • Why do you only have the link to atnt? I came here to give you credit for buying from samsung.

  • I can't wait for the under display selfie cameras to improve, such a cool idea.

    • I pre-ordered it 2 wks ago. 1st time I see a review. Thanks.

  • I was looking forward to the 3rd version, hoping it was finally where I wanted it to be to justify the purchase. I think I need to watch the next review.

  • Can I get the zfold3 scratch guard on my zfold2?

  • how is it that a top reviewer like yourself has almost never mentioned how much usable storage these devices really have out the box. i have watched a bunch of videos and i cannot find one that talks about this. like it really isn't that hard to just throw that information out there if you are going to give your impressions on a device. if you are going to inform users inform them of everything not just what's said on paper.

  • wayyy too expensive

  • I would rather keep my phone and buy another xiaomi tablet 5 as a tablet. Then you can actually use that tablet with a full size pen and keyboard as a non half-ass productivity tool and use that 1500 dollar left over to buy... I dunno, a second hand car?

  • So, it sounds like time to get the fold 2 used, for a better price...

  • I really just want a Note, I work in a factory, Plastic screens wouldn't last

  • Basically just a tablet.

  • I actually switched from a Note 10 Plus to the S21 Ultra (mainly because I am INSANELY clumsy with my phone and it's nice not to have to search for my S Pen each time it shoots out of its slot on impact). But I waited for a long time, trying to decide between the S21 Ultra and the impending Fold 3. I think I made the right choice in regards to everyday usability and sturdiness, but I do wish I led the kind of life where I could either 1. Not care if my phone breaks, even if it's expensive And 2. Not need to easily transport my phone very often, because normal phones nowadays are too big and the Fold 3 looks like an even bigger monster for women's jeans (with barely any usable pockets)

  • Hugeeeeeeee difference from the fail of the original release to influencers

  • could cop 2 latest iPhones for $1800

  • I would never pay $1800. I did end up paying about $500

  • I pre-ordered it 2 wks ago. 1st time I see a review. Thanks.

  • When Samsung sell additional products like cases and pens, it's like, wtf are they doing. When Apple do this for 3 times the price ... that's just fine.

  • I want that wallpaper

  • Hey Guys! Please guide me. I am a Iphone user since forever and i wanted to Buy Z Fold 3. Should i switch to android ?

  • Hey Guys! Please guide me. I am a Iphone user since forever and i wanted to Buy Z Fold 3. Should i switch to android ?

  • It's insane that my full gaming PC setup (monitors keyboard and everything else) was cheaper than this one phone.

    • one year. After all the price including a folder, the pen and a 25 W adapter is €1309 - which is acceptable.

  • Marquez can say anything about the fild 3 and I'll still say he's the reason I bought the galaxy fold 2

  • Black model Is for 512GB im going to get it because it will have good resale Value

  • IMO, they need to make a 'tablet' version with no outside screen.

  • I love seeing how these phones get steadily better with every new iteration. Still a bit too finicky and expensive for a buy, but I can see a clear path to improvement to pick up a Fold...eventually.

  • Ow very nice

  • Making calls ,do you have to have the phone open as that is some big shit holding that

  • that S pen situation is messy

  • N😱😱😱😱 buying the Surface Duo

  • Is it worth it?