Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Impressions: Design Refresh!

Objavljeno 11. avg. 2021
The Z Flip 3 gets redesigned, drops (technically) to $999, and adds 120Hz 🤓

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Impressions:

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  • 120hz on a flexible screen.... I love the future

  • Great review 👍🏼 nice

  • Is there a way to close the Z flip 3 while on a phone conversation without hanging up?

  • Looks good but for me it's just unnecessary

  • Finally something different. I’m so bored with the iPhone & regular Samsung phones.

  • this honestly what we need to see in apple..?😐 do you guys think apple is slackinnn?

  • I just got mine yesterday and so far I like it. Theres a few learning curves after using my rog 3 but they both have their own benefits.

  • There is an alien @3:20 took the box very fast.. and he has 3 fingers only!

  • Dam Tik Tok PLEASE KILL No Tae Moon

  • excuse my caps but....I WANT THIS FLIP 3 PHONE

  • Samsung winning me over with this. But I've just started a two year contract on an S21 and I keep my phone for three years at a time now. Maybe next time, and with better dust water protection.

  • I’d still get a phone case

  • Can't be real

  • I just got the flip 3 just 2 days ago. It's green and I'm still working with it.

  • I'm glad flip phones are back,I should get my old samsung out again :)

  • I love everything about this phone but the 3300mah battery is really disappointing. A small battery paired with a 120hz display isn't such a great idea.

  • honestly I was just about to buy one, now I am not so keen...

  • I traded my Galaxy Note 10+ for this phone. Can the Galaxy Z flip 3 5G use Samsung Notes?

    • I will answer my own question over here, yes it can, it even has Samsung Notes already installed.

  • Dude this phone is awesome!! I wonder if MetroPCS has it

  • Wow. It looks incredible. Samsung 👏👏👏

  • Korea, home of the parent company, not big on us Mo's, hires a Mo, to secure interest in US Mo's for their phones.

  • $999.00 to swipe TikTok videos all day? Nahhhh

  • Jesus god how we have come to 1,000 phones! Never did i ever break 100

  • After watching media's getting exposed by Arun's video, it really surprises that in fact you really are only allowed to show how it looks in the first week lol

  • Looks like shit.

  • U are giving NOTHING Back. U made a fortune from SLcd, from subscribers and mil viewers, and U are giving Dh1t back. Place a 10% of your profit in the hands of those who made U RICH. U 0 Back

  • z fold 3 have a attractive design what if no need to flip to answer the all it’s really perfect 🤩

  • I don't get the benefits of a flip phone like that. Doesn't really reduce the size, thickness over length and just seems like an extra step you need to take with unflipping it to fully use it.

  • Ow 999$? Xtremely cheap, thats like 4 weeks of my pay check, when can get a xiaomi for 500-400 and does more

  • Great helpful review

  • A flip phone with full display really makes sense! For men who dont carry “man bags” is small in pants pocket, and when out of pocket, is big enough for practical use and reading. I’m an iPhone user and am thinking to get an iPhone mini due to the “size in pocket” argument, but this from Samsung really makes sense.

  • This phone looks so good! 😍😍🥰 Definitely makes me want a flip phone now! 🤩

  • I'm never buying a Samsung product in my life after that Todrick Hall comercial.

  • Just don't go to the beach for a walk on the sand.

  • What about the screen it won't have problems with that too much folding?

  • Looks like a Google Pixel from the back.

  • I'm gonna wait a few more months just in case they really another one. Learned my lesson.

  • so convenient.

  • I don't want to carry around an elephant in my pocket. Samsung devices are NOT my cup of tea.

  • had me till you said 9, 99

  • I'm thinking about buying the Samsung galaxy z when I start working and get paid, I'm so excited! I personally think that android phones are the best; theyre always super cute and convenient. I love the flip of this phone 📲 creative! 😍👍

  • Do they have expandable storage? I've been living under a metaphorical rock lately and didn't know these fold/flip phones even existed until a couple of days ago when Samsung sent me a promo email. But I'm curious if the fold and/or flip can take an SD card.

    • @kolim jone I agree, if only they release it in pink then it would be perfect.

    • The flip is cute 😊

  • Give me the old flip phone

  • Looks like a game boy advance

  • Who else saw the hands at 3:20 😂

  • Just subscribed, like this guy........

  • so it was the next big thing in 2004 and here it's hits again

  • For the last year I have been wanting to go back to a flip phone but don't want to lose the advantages of a full touch screen.

  • Genuinely tempted by this one

  • I hope Flip 4 will have much better battery life and the cover screen is at least 2x bigger. Otherwise I will wait longer to get one.

  • Not why anyone would thumbs down this video. I understand if you dont like the phone, but dont dis the review. He did a good job explaining it.

  • I guess the real question is what does the fold function really do?

  • As soon as I heard the price I dipped out.

  • Typing this on my new Lavender Z Flip 3!

  • You are leaving in yesterday if you haven't got this already.

  • The flip is cute 😊

  • Just got the one in phantom black!

  • 3:20 I thought there's ghost or wtv take the things on the table 😭😭 it be fast af

  • Once they make flip smart phones thinner, it will be perfection.

  • As an exclusive Apple user… I wanna buy one of these…

  • The Lamborghini urus of the Mobile world. This is the type of mobile once people see you with one they will automatically want one too.

  • I would love to get clocks of different time zones. I can't find a decent one for my phone and I can't be bothered doing math everytime I message friends in 3 timezones. Seems so convenient.

  • Galaxy Z range really is the new status symbol makes iPhone users look poor I see homeless who own iPhones

  • 삼성!

  • I really want one but I don't want to switch back to Samsung now that I'm with oneplus 😢

  • Anyone have an issue with their ZFlip3 overheating and the back panel lifting up/expanding after 24 hours of use?

  • Hi! can you answer a call without opening it?

  • Beautiful design it is 👍

  • So it's mean no screen guard and cover for this phone 😂

  • I'd like to know the life of the screen. Being that your folding and unfolding it. How long till it wears out and you either A. Need to get a new phone or B. You need to replace the screen everytime.

  • The phone prices are getting ridiculous.

  • The apathetic noise particularly order because bull hisologically hum mid a sturdy place. slow, fluttering october

  • After a week of usage it has sidelined my 11 pro Max. Narrow screen has gotten used to me I think the winner over 11 pro Max is the display. It's much brighter and beautiful to look at. Every time I use my 11 pro Max I try to flip in. It's been that addictive. The only downside is the battery. But it has lasted 2 days with minimum usage. Over heavy usage you will notice it lasting less. What is really fun about this phone is making video blogs. When you half it it has smaller display. You will feel like you have a proper camcorder and front camera also records 60fps ultra HD. That is something else.

  • i wanna see a filp phone which folds more than 7 times

  • Thanks for another solid review. I just preordered this phone and going back to android. It’s been 5 plus years since I’ve been this excited for a new phone. Thanks again

  • this design from google pixel 2 panda version

  • You always recommend all the new phones you bought and paid for nobody. This is thickest phone on the market when folded that NO ONE is going to want to sit on. HAHAHA

  • Does it have double windows

  • hi, I used apple product for so long and now I want to buy this Samsung phone, and I have Apple Watch and MacBook, so can I connect this Samsung with them or what ?

  • My body has been waiting for this.

  • $999 for a for a phone... Hell no. $300 is what a phone should be worth. They are way over priced and people are paying that and getting ripped off by theses companies.

  • I want that phone HAAHAH I'm joking😅 the truth is I want to buy that phone bec. That's my dream and favorite phone (lavender) but I don't have money to buy 😭😞😓

  • Ugh I still won't buy a flip phone it's so stupid and I can't get over the hinge

  • I get my flip 3 5g 256G wednesday. Pretty excited. I'm an ex Note user i loved my Note 3. I have a crappy galaxy A20 32G 😒 So this will be definently be better. Tmobile gave me a $700 trade in credit towards the flip for my old crap phone I paid 300ish for so I'm beyond satishfied with Tmobile. I wanted the fold but I couldn't justify buying it being a union painter. For me the flip is more practical.

  • I'd switch from the 21 ultra in a heartbeat, IF it had the camera of the 21. Or even something semi comparable.

  • Its water proof but not dust proof so just wash the dust out duhh

  • Oh finally! We are going back to the older and much cooler styles of phone rather than all looking the same. I really hope sidekick comes back 🥺💕

    • I really hope the sidekick comes back as well. The nostalgia...

  • Also you get free Galaxy Bud2’s if you trade in anything or it might be without trading anything but that’s really cool

  • Is the memory permanent or an sd card I can change out?

  • Why do we get exynos in EU? When SnapDragon is way better?

  • I am thinking to get the Z flip 3. I think the price is still abit high. I am just worried about the screen durability. Do you think it is strong enough for daily use?

  • You lost me at 999

  • Wow you has so many phone

  • Does anyone else's phone die extremely quickly after they hit 10% mark? Like It means one more minute of use before it hits 1 then dies every single time

  • I want one but i also am too used to apple, and prefer its OS (for some reason). I would love apple to make one but that will never happen, but that would get me to buy it, I have too much currently that relys on apple OS both with work and personal. still love it and I want it also because it looks like a gameboy

  • The Penthouse is really convincing me to invest in one of these

  • I want the flip just so it can give me that compact carry size, also while giving me the bigger screen in use. I have a note 10+ and this thing is massive. Only worrying thing about the flip is the dust rating. I work and live on a farm.

  • This phone is so good! This is also probably going to be one of the important steps into folding phones.

  • Sd slot?

  • 10 years ago it was not possible. Now it is possible. The foldable iPhone is not yet available. In a year, IFAN will be happy.