Real Thoughts on Tech Leaks!

Objavljeno 13. sep. 2021
iPhone 14 was trending on Twitter last week.

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  • The guy called apple and told them he has the phone and they didn't believe him... So that is on Apple!

  • He was talking about max tech lollllll The videos based on fuckin leaks haha

  • I bet you could just send a picture of the iphone 12 to apple, tell them you’re a hacker and have a leak, and they would hive you money since they themselves cant see the difference

  • I always find it hilarious how much trust people put into some leaks. Looking at the event from Tuesday, many many people expected new MacBooks with new processors to be shown and are now disappointed or even angry that there were none.

  • But 'PEOPLE CARE' marq

  • Leaks are just super low value imo. If I'm putting time into watching something it had better be 100% true.

  • What should we do with this piece of information 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • For me leaks defenitly ruins launch date becouse I like to be suprised when new product is launched

  • I just hate when they hype the next phone early because then I dont want to buy the current one.

  • This definitely gonna trigger some people to respond to this video...🍿🍿🍿

  • The reason iPhone always have a leak before their new phones come out is because they always release a product thats exactly like the previous version. So people want to know if the next one is the one they should have released in the first place. Like the fact that this phone still has a notch when other carriers have had it for years now is laughable. Just now having 120hz and still not having the zoom on camera like samsung and others years later. Now when Apple finally has a phone without a notch people will act like it’s some new thing.

  • Really enjoy the leaks because you get to talk to people about tech and how we are so hyped for new stuff to come out

  • Totally agree with you. But I soooo miss "one more thing" like surprise from these events after I got so much "leaked" information!

  • He earn money from so many revenue and spend every bit of it on zoom in and out

  • That background noise is why.

  • I don’t care they leak stuff or not. I’ll decide if I want to buy the product or not based on the on hand reviews.

  • I hope your message will reach some of your tech colleagues like Rene Ritchie who just keept producing irrelevant leaks-videos. That's why I stopped following him.

  • Man youtubers weird ..spread leaks and then drop a video about leaks 😭

  • iPhone 14 sounds really cool but don’t wanna hold out another year before I upgrade. And the leaks are not reliable so

  • That was deep👌🏼

  • Every year they always say " wait for the next one" then when that next one comes they say wait again. If you like what's available now and are due for an upgrade just do it. Don't get stuck in this "wait for next year " loop

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  • Yes they do!

  • Marques = “The People’s Champ.” “The GOAT.” I love this channel.

  • Ipad mini

  • Ipad mini

  • Bro ipad mini

  • Haha, not following leaks nowadays is a “sweet level of innocents.”

  • It used to ruin the surprises. Now, there are no surprises. The phone is done. The final boss beaten and the phone, especially the iPhone has come to a halt. I mean, you see others try out the flip phones and bent screens because we just don’t know what to do with phones anymore. Better cameras is pretty much the only updates for the last several years. When it somes to the new presentations, the production values are insane. However, it has none of the soul the live events had.

  • This is why I won’t watch trailers for movies anymore. Way too much is revealed. These constant tech leaks have gotten so lame - obviously a new galaxy note is being developed and obviously the iPhone will probably look different after another cycle.

  • Leaks are always leaks u went in believing 30%-40% of it but nothing is actually confirmed so I generally don't care until Apple actually announced it.

  • Idk why we need to be worrying about spoiling the hype of the apple event. The same phone has been announced for literally the fifth year in a row with a slightly better camera each time. That's all. Don't get your hopes up for any of these events.

  • We can even go a step forward and talk about both tech and movie leaks. I hate both of them. It ruins the experience. I mean, do people really think that companies and studios are developing their products for themselves and the experience is for themselves? It's something they do for us, they want us to guess how things are going to turn out, they want that "wow" effect, and that's exactly what I want too. I don't want to go watch a launching event knowing what to expect, or go watch a spiderman movie knowing that a certain actor is confirmed cast (which might actually lead to disappointment later on). Glad to know that we're in the majority in this anti-leaks culture

  • I dont understand why you didnt mention the third type of leaks: Deliberate leaks that are meant to look like real leaks, thereby getting all the coverage and promotion for free. Those are very common too, like when a X company "accidentally" publishes something about their upcoming product, then deletes the page soon after. Or those "unofficial" twitter leakers who regularly spew accurate leaks for years without any repercussion. I am disappointed you failed to mention those.

  • Leakers are just suckers for attention. Like the boulevard press of the tech branch. Disgusting af imo.

  • 10:20 - That's exactly what happened with the Nintendo Switch recently... I mean, 4K support wasn't even a leak at all, but people still hating Nintendo for it.

  • I guess I'll be the one to say it... that iphone 14 looks fire🔥 👀 😂

  • I'm betting the 14 will still have a notch

  • Biggest prosser burn ever lol.

  • iPhone 4 leak is the most og leak the world ever saw.

  • Dude, you needs some background music.

  • I’m one of the innocent ones hahaha btw I decided to buy a 13 pro after the presentation due the new video mode

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • John Prosser certainly got Apple Watch 7 wrong! Or looking at it another way Apple certainly surprised me with the design of the watch 7 when I was expecting a flat side design they gave us rounded. 😂

  • I’m wondering how can something that was lost suddenly become stolen property?

  • I don't like leaks as I don't like spoilers of an upcoming movie. I want to experience joy and surprise. For the same reason I would never leak information about new products I have the honor to test and try out. So for obvious reason I never take them with me, show them to others or talk about it. It's a trustful relationship between me and the brand. I even have a safe to keep all that stuff when I'm not in my office.

  • Companies should be completely transparent in their designs and processes at all moments. IMO it is the only way to leap forward in a unified world

  • U got Dat "6:54"

  • Launch events are just BS who trusts them? This is exactly why tech reviewers have a job isn't it

  • Video on the recent security concerts with all Apple devises

  • Jon Prosser was the reason for this video. He doesn’t get enough credit for his accuracy rate.

  • Mkbhd trana beef with leakers now 💀... Don't worry man we got ur back they must fall

  • Was the iphone 4 really stolen if an apple guy left it at a bar and apple refused to take it back from the good samaritan?

  • i don't read or watch about leak stuffs because i just don't have time for that.

  • small leaks are fine.. but when we know every single thing about the product months before release...kills the announcements.

  • I think that leaks are important to make purchase decisions. For example in my case: not to buy M1 MacBook air because next generation of MacBooks are going to came with more ports. Or not to buy an galaxy phone because next year we will have a galaxy note. And as I'm waiting for this devices I like to keep informed if the leaks are true, if the wait is worth and when it is going to end. Maybe because Marques have a hands on in every device he doesn't have the urge to keep up with this information.

  • Isn't this the same guy the makes a video on the iPhone design leak every year?


  • Finally someone talked about this subject. I always wondering, if companies do it on purpose, they're killing the surprise & passion feelings toward their product. One reason I heard that they're taking first impression..

  • You noticed in the Apple event they didn’t mentioned the IPhone 13 pro max features but the iPhone13 pro? They want you to get the pro max but not even mentioning the features on the iPhone Pro Max? I know there game already. I hope everybody seen it.

  • You noticed in the Apple event they didn’t mentioned the IPhone 13 pro max features but the iPhone13 pro? They want you to get the pro max but not even mentioning the features on the iPhone.

  • when it comes to leaks I really don't listen to them unless it coming from a real credible source because alot people I know rely on what I tell them in my circle of friends, family and business associates so I haft to have real credible information so I am very cautious about what I listen to. Besides I want here it from the source not someone else so every time Apple, Samsung, Google or other tech company puts out a new tech show showing off their latest products or software I listen to them first not someone else.

  • iPhone 4 was so beautiful.

  • I’m still lamenting that we didn’t get TouchID back on the iPhone 13 power button (but oddly, got it on iPad Mini’s power button). Of course, I knew months ago that because that in-/under-screen fingerprint reader wasn’t proving to be reliable enough, we wouldn’t get TouchID this go-around (ever?), but I am still and nonetheless lamenting it.

  • I'm ex-military and to be honest "leak culture" should be called "crooked culture." The social mores of society have idolized this cheating culture and this is more an indictment of the faulty character and morals of the leaker.

  • So this is a weird kind of litmus test to me: if the leaks make me less excited when the actual product is unveiled, I wasn't really into the product and shouldn't be spending money on it.

  • Nicely done MB

  • This also might be a very powerful tool for the R&D department of the company. If a company is open-minded, this can be used to their advantage to know what customers want before product launch.

  • i started avoiding leaks. it just made the announcements boring, i like not knowing. it is quite like avoiding movie spoilers, even its trailers and teasers

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  • It's was actually not stolen. Amazing what Apple could get law enforcement to do.

  • Yes leaks ruin launches, which is why I try to avoid them.

  • Probably comes from the same mentality as stores putting Christmas stuff out for sale in June lol.

  • I'm to the point that I'm burnt out on these so called "leaks" on ANYTHING. Just let it be revealed in due time when it is time. To be honest, all of these leaks take away the excitement and get people hyped up to be disappointed in the end. So I'm guilty of get caught up in the "hype". After watching Apple event yesterday. I've made up my mind to unsubscribe from all these so called channels that feed into all these "tech leaks". Entertainment is one thing but it can be an overkill. Thanks for this video. Right on!

  • what is that fan in the backround

  • You are big youtuber don't get jealous

  • Excellent video!! Love your content! Keep up the great work!

  • Leaks is basically movie trailers simple ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • iPhone 4 BEST iPhone

  • I have the iPhone XR which is going to my son. Should I get the 13? Or wait for deals on the 12?

  • 14 leaks? I’d call a plumber.

  • Leak videos are cringe and its a bunch of people getting all hyped up over hopes and dreams. It's like watch the View for tech people.

  • After seeing what the 14 might look like, that it seems a plausible logical evolution, and since the design of the iPhone 4 was by far my favorite, I certainly won't even think about buying the boring 13.

  • Honestly I stopped watching leak videos and it doesn’t change my disappointment with the actual event. Like honestly with the exception of the iPad Mini, Apple could not have done that event the other day and just sent an email with the newest changes. Tech products are rarely changed so much that it’s like I have to go get the newest thing right now. These days tech products are incremental change rather than something totally new.

  • I kinda want to see that movie. This summer... They stole what they found that they stole from what others stole from them that they stole from others before they could release theirs.

  • I agree that leaks have great entertainment value and I don’t think they ruin the fun for me personally. But I have to say that leakers should never have this mentality that somehow they’re doing a “community service” to anyone. If their sources get compromised or Apple’s legal team is coming after their asses, well too bad. Don’t cry about it like you’re somehow the victim. What leakers do in a nutshell is profiting from disclosing information about a company’s assets in development, most often obtained illegally. Sure we don’t have to all take the moral high ground and pretend that we’re not curious about what’s coming up next, but let’s be clear that leaks in general don’t create much value other than entertainment and the morality behind them are questionable at best.

  • I followed leaks somewhat closely for this event and I felt like the time I spent watching leak videos was a waste of time since most of the leaks were wrong or very minor. Definitely won't be wasting time on watching leaks again.

  • So a leak today is essentially the teaser or trailer for a movie. Makes sense Show too much in a trailer, the end product ain't as exciting. Those who missed all the trailers and teasers, then to be blown away when they watch the movie

  • I’d like misleading leaks for a tech product from any company and when they reveal their new product, they show something completely different to the leaks but obviously something way better than the expected.

  • Okay, hold on. So a phone is stolen property. Police then break down his door, while he's not home, and seize... Seemingly *everything*? Cameras, computers, harddrives? What the fuck? What do those things have to do with anything? What was the justification for those items?

  • It's like watching a new movie when you already know what happens, I'd rather see the events without any advance knowledge.

  • I’ll put this on the channel because this one has been around a while. Let’s set aside all the “leak stories” (legends, fables, culture, etc.), and ask: to what extent do leaks and rumors comprise part of a manufacturer’s quite deliberate advertising strategy? :

  • I agree with you. I like reading sites like 9to5 throughout the year, but when an announcement is imminent, I stop for at least the few weeks leading up to it. I love surprises. Personally, I dislike the conversations about leaks. I have friends at work that got hyped up about some leaked design of a new Apple Watch. I definitely think about the possibilities myself, but the surprise can definitely be ruined. Watching events with people like that around, I start to hear comments like, "I was right, they did a new iPad mini" or "Yeah, I read about that new design a month ago. I knew it was only time." It kind of feels like a competition in some ways. People who read leaks early feel like they have the upper hand somehow. In reality, an announcement could literally be anything. Google could announce nothing. Apple could announce, nothing. The idea of not knowing and preserving that surprise, as someone who works in the tech world and is constantly around it, is still important to me. I don't get mad when I scroll passed an article and see something, but I dislike when leaks become full blown topics of conversation. It's all speculation. I guess I just like to focus on the now. Anyway, thanks for the video MKB. I don't see videos like this often. It's refreshing to share some of the same perspectives. Cheers!

  • Remember when the first iPod Nano got leaked? And within a week, gadget factories were churning out knockoffs?

  • A headphone jack on an iphone...

  • Yes it does

  • i feel like "stolen property" should have a lot of quotes

  • I avoid "tech leaks" like trailers for movies I already know I want to see. It can only SUBTRACT from the actual curated experience

  • I am always surprised that it is legal for the police in the US to break into houses and steal (confiscate) evidence. Would be illegal whee I live.

  • Idk why everyone gets so excited for these shows. Like, I'm excited for the new pixel 6 for sure, but I'm not gonna tune into a giant advertisement "event" to see what the company wants to show off to me. I'll wait until it's out to actually see it for myself.