Pixel 6's Tensor Chip: Let's Talk!

Objavljeno 2. avg. 2021
A first look at Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, plus let's talk Tensor!

Android 12 Top 5 Features! slcd.info/drink/video/qn-Fus-gktHMnJo

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  • Finally some competition to put up with greedy Apple

  • Is there facial recognition this year or finger print etc?

  • I skipped pixel 4 and pixel 5. Still holding on to a Pixel 3XL. This info makes me confident to finally upgrade.

  • Currently have a ZTE Blade Spark that's terrible for streaming games from my Xbox One S because it can only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi. Looking for a good Android that can do 5 GHz WiFi and has a competent GPU/CPU.

  • One of the slickest starts to a video I've ever seen.

  • Imagine how huge Google Pixel could've been if they're available in more international markets.

  • I still have a iPhone 6. And don’t want to change because it works and new phone are ridiculous in price to watch SLcd.

  • 01:16 Nexus 6p ex-owners : having brick nightmares

  • Can't wait for your take on the 6 when it comes out. Hope Google is realistic pricing it , so many good budget phones out to choose from they need to keep price affordable.

  • All I want to see is how Tensor will handle Genshin Impact. That's all. Benchmarking is gonna be fun.

  • So overall pixel cost higher or lower????

  • My pixel 5 has always had a screen protector (tempered glass) and I had the Google case. Yet one drop resulted in my screen breaking. Definitely do not want curved screen edges unless they make better cases

  • I will be looking out for the 6 Pro in that Gold.

  • that phone looks Sus!

  • I am keen as for this we do so much ondemand recording when we dont have our mirrorless or gopro so having a good phone with good video filming quality is key for the special moments. perfect!

  • Honoring teh msreywss beoeblee

  • It saddens me that literally all the pixel phones I've seen are ugly

  • Great info. Great video. Can’t wait for the 6 Pro

  • So excited for this phone, I can hardly wait!

  • Been waiting for it to come out for a while, just a little more before i can upgrade from my pixel 2xl

  • Time traveler here, the whole Tensor experiment goes terribly and Google gives up on Tensor in 2022. Oh and congrats on your Golden Globe Marques.

  • Here only to comment that the phonecase companies will get good vibes designing this phone's case.

  • Definitely MKBHD already have this phone 🙂

  • I see what Google is doing. Just like Android; they are going to design a product that most phones are going to adopt. Tensor chip will eventually be in most Android phones within the next 7 years or so.

  • I'm still rockin' a pixel 2. Pai off and lovin' it for almost 4 years. Damn, if only I could eat just 5 day's a week, I'd grab a 6 for friggin' sure eh. But alas, it's my 2 I'll be stickin' with. lol

    • @cuddler mine is just as it was new. meh.

    • But the battery sukks ass now.

  • i've had my note9 since it came out in Canada and i absolutely love it!! ive yet to find something that blows me away and can beat it (besides paying like $2000 for the newer Notes) so do you think this could be the phone that can compare? also why no finger print scanner on the back? im 100% addicted to that, not a fan of the front finger scan but thats just me.

  • dont forget that google pixel 1 thru pixel 5 had the same camera

  • Wow loving this phone, I am thinking of getting it.

  • Terminator

  • These phones look stupid.

  • When is the release date and price ??

  • The camera bar that reminds me of... Me: Robocop? the nexus.

  • cant wait for the pixel 6, been holding onto pixel 2xl for dear life (the software support is already over), so hopefully this doesn't disappoint and i can finally upgrade, i love the pixel series

  • ចាំមើលPixel6ចង់ស្កកហើយ

  • hard to slip into front pocket.... crap.

  • Punch hole, -1.

  • What price are we talking?

  • You fanboys sucked on google's D so hard that it made me believe that pixel 5 was best phone out there, not buying this crap anymore.

    • @gurpreet singh 4 > 5

    • @James James 4 is shit as well, sometimes bigger is not better, 5 suppose to have better battery because of snapdragon 765g but battery is still shit. The lack of little features on pixel that make life easy is mind blowing, considering google owns this OS. I guess my love for google clouded my judgement but lesson learnt.

    • @gurpreet singh the pixel 4 is better then the 5. You should of known the 5 is a budget phone. It has a snapdragon 765 for gods sake

    • @James James ask fanboy, reddit and youtube is filled with them praising that this is the best phone out there and i thought google will have more control over their own os but guess not.

    • You are drunk if you believed the pixel 5 was good. That thing was a budget POS

  • Why have two huge phones? Make one small one big, this is a near deal breaker for me

  • How are companies going to make a case that is even a little sturdy with that camera bump

  • Thanks for the info! I refuse to use any other phone than the pixels. Can't wait for the 6 pro!

  • Can anyone recommend me a legit apk or a Playstore app that can replace the oneplus UI with Samsung One UI?

  • Hyped for this thing. I'll be awaiting your review and official impressions once there's a release!

  • Hi, what color is the most awesome look from what you have seen with these new Google phones?

  • Why can't everyone mix audio like MKHB. Don't have to reach for my volume knob every 6 seconds.


  • That intro beats tho.....

  • When will it be launched?

  • Excellent video, thanks 😊

  • watching from a 4a 5g

  • I miss the squeeze to trigger the google assistant

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  • when will be we collab for something awesome. Hy Marques Brownlee stays update for surprises..

  • Still holding on to my Pixel 3, but may start looking for a new phone next year. Is that camera strip raised above the rest of the back of the phone? Does the Google assistant still work if you squeeze the phone? Doesn't appear to have a fingerprint sensor, which is a shame. It's my preferred way to unlock. Also love the fabric cases, hope those still continue.

    • Active Edge (the squeeze) has been leaked to be present. Yes, the bump is raised

  • about 30 'but's in a 10 min long video, that's a but every 20 seconds.... :P

  • Can we just acknowledge how good this intro is !!! Best @MKBHD intro

    • I’ve rewatched the intro like a billion times lol 😆

  • Seems noice, I just ordered s21 ultra. What convinced me for that really is DEX mode. If Pixel 6 has a desktop motor or something. I might be switching. Berri No-ICE.

  • That camera bump is the ugliest thing I have seen on a phone. The 6p looked way sleeker

  • Daft punk fone lol

  • I'm sorry to sound like a cheapskate, but if it's fair priced or like how Sony sold the PS3 at a loss, I'll buy it.

  • I hate the fact that phone companies focus so much on the camera, just shows the technology isn't there.

    • What do you mean the technology isn't there? Phones are smarter and more powerful than some laptops and even space shuttles.

  • I really can't decide if I should wait on the bigger sensor or buy a mirrorless. Would love to see a low light test as soon as it comes out. Current Pixel 3a is too noisy in low light.

  • Pixel makes iPhone look and feel 10 years old.

  • Snapchat and Instagram photo and video still looks ass on Android....

  • Google phones work really well for a year then die. Every pixel phone I owned ends up turning to an unusable brick. I've had issues with auto focus had one replaced and eventually the replacement suffered the same fate. My brother has had many hardware issues broken speakers, microphone. I can't use Android auto while charging my battery at the same time. It always over heats.

    • I still have a nexus 6. My fav phone ever it is just too slow and incompatible now but it held up well. It is an emergency phone now

  • Next phone - Pixel 6 Pro, don’t think I’ll be hanging in for S22 Ultra

  • Thanks for this Marques! Looking forward to see what they bring to the table. Hopefully we get LED notification dots back. I got a 4a, and I'm a little disappointed they took such a small, yet important feature away.

  • Honestly am jumping ship when this pixel 6 comes out, need to see more but from what I am hearing I think I am going to like it.

  • The intro say it's not that great but he is kinda startled about it

  • What's the freaking point of making an video about Pixel. Pixel phones are only available in USA, by the time it reaches Europe and Asia. Pixel 7 will come out. Google should shut the fcuk off their HW division and just stick to making RAM eating softwares like chrome.

  • Been using Samsungs for the past 7 years, year over year, and this is the first time I get excited about another phone. Looking into onboarding a G Pixel this year, let's hope they would explode with something unique.

    • I've been using Samsung for post 10yrs. I moved to pixel 4a this year, and I like it more than Samsung. Pixel is android, same but different to Samsung. Pixel is more niche whereas Samsung is mass production and stock android is the same ok all their phone.

  • The camera design on Android phones these days are turning into something else 😂

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  • Hole punch cameras need to die forever.

  • We had pixel 4s for a time and liked them, but we decided to try some iPhones when we saw a good deal. I don't hate the iPhone, but I preferred my pixel. If the Pixel 6 is affordable, we'll most likely switch to those as we near Christmas time 🎄🎅

  • Will tensor be like apples chip? Meaning it has its own ecosystem when it comes to messaging and cloud sharing ? I love how apples ecosystem makes it so simple. So I was curious to know if googles tensor chip can become like apples ecosystem. If so I’ll switch

  • Unfair that Google showing the pixel 6 and pro to the journalist and not to the world come on Google, don’t waist our time and come with a handson video and a release date soon a possible

  • Soon as you said they are both huge phones I lost all interest.

  • Google integrating Android into proprietary services.

  • Bro, how do you get the hook up with all the Pixel devices? I want to be down!! (LOL)

  • the 6p camera bar was sleek. but TBH that one looks like absolute shit. kinda looks like a fat band-aid slapped on the back.

  • You made a ton of great points in this video, especially the speculation on Pixel's future.

  • The qualcomm chip on the Samsung Galaxy s21 works better than the exynos chip that's made by Samsung

  • Pixel is Best pixel is the father ✌🏻

  • 2:41 piktual

  • i remember when my phone used to say "nexus" on it. what a long way we've come!

  • Pixel user raise your hand ☝🏻

  • For me the camera bar looks fine but I don't like the idea of the right-angle catching on my pocket when i try to slide it in

  • Amog us phones

  • My pixel 3 is falling apart, but I am holding on to it for dear life so I can get the 6. Thank you for the video, it keeps me motivated to keep holding out...lol

  • Is that a Sneak Attack podcast shirt?!

  • Nice

  • Be ready to trade in Pixel 6 pro for $60 in 2023 with Google Store. Relevance? Check pixel 4xl trade in price now.

  • When it will lunch in India 🔥

  • Former P2XL owner, now using a 4XL. P6/ Pro looks promising, but given it is a first gen model/ SoC, I may hold out till the P7 series.. :D

  • This is the beginning of the end of the iPhone

  • My last android was a Nexus 6P and i left for apple because google let me down with every phone thereafter. Also let’s be honest most other androids are so frustratingly slow to get the latest software. Now for once I’m actually excited about this phone because it’s time for me to upgrade my iPhone 8 Plus. It should also be mentioned that I absolutely hate the “notch” on the newer iPhones, like come on apple! Get rid of that ugly notch.

  • too big, pass.. why is the size the only thing Android manufacturers are hesitant to copy from iPhones?

  • Amogus

  • looks stupid. pixel 5 owner here