OnePlus Watch Review: They Settled!

Objavljeno 26. apr. 2021
OnePlus Watch vs the smartwatch formula

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Watch provided by OnePlus for review.



  • I think the quote is "Comparison is the thief of joy"

  • They just made the watch aren’t you too harsh on them. These tech reviewers are ultra bias now a days. Don’t compare to apple’s watch it’s seasoned

  • so... when are we gonna have a solar powered smart watch? xD

  • Dont like the bezzels

  • This would be the best smartwatch on the market if they had gone with a Snapdragon 4100...

  • You should have first mentioned that is IS NOT a Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatch. It is not running Android, or any other actually smart OS. It is just a basic smart band modeled as a watch.

  • I don't like that you knocked it for counting fewer steps. The goal is counting steps accurately. I haven't found a step counter yet that doesn't add steps while you sleep or while you sit at a desk all day! So, just how accurate really is the Apple step counter? More isn't better if it's not accurate.

  • It may be the first accurate step counter! Every counter I've tested counts more steps than actually taken.

  • Don't buy this watch it's terrible for step counting every 500 steps it loses 100 .it's not accurate . One plus Def settled in making a bordge job .

  • 2 weeks ago I bought the Rollme s08, a big 1.69" smartwatch for around $150. My girlfriend has the Apple Watch Series 2 and this Oneplus Watch, the Oneplus is total crap in her opinion. Mine Rollme s08 (Android 7.1) better in every single with dual cameras, two operating systems.

  • Funny thing, I don’t want any premium thing in a smartwatch. So to me, this watch is perfect!

  • Nice review! Thanks for doing it! I wonder if the mismatch in step count might be related to arm use. Have you considered switching arms, so the Apple Watch and OnePlus watch are on the other arm for a day or two, to see if the Apple Watch count is still higher?

  • 4 months later: Breaking News! Samsung Watch 4 and Watch 4 classic wipes out all android watch competition and goes head to head with the Apple watch

  • this one gotta be my favorite marky mark keep[ recommending me more youtube pls

  • kinda funny he does a review of this crappy, underwhelming watch while never covering galaxy watch series from samsung.

  • The oneplus watch is much better than Huawei gt2 pro that i had before. Bright screen , excellent quality of calls, smooth software and much more! Of course i don't have to mention the battery life!

  • What are you talking about? 159 is half of what a Galaxy watch 3 is.

  • How do you know the OnePlus isn't giving the more accurate step counts?

    • @Felix Staab Sure but that's not the metric used in this review. Would have been nice if he was more scientific and actually counted steps instead of just assuming Apple watch is perfectly accurate and using it as the control.

    • by counting steps

  • OnePlus became the thing it swore to destroy

  • Bruh!! Will you review Samsung Galaxy watch 4?

  • bruh.. the xiaomi mi watch color is basicly the same it feels like. More support from the mobile app, custom watchfaces and half the price.. with the same battery life.

  • please do a comparison between Apple Watch series 3 vs onerous watch

  • Mi watch is probably bettter cause it is cheaper and better performance wise

  • They should have called it the Nord Watch

  • This watch + the new wear OS would be a very solid buy

  • Well I’ll say even the galaxy watch 1 is better than this disaster and it’s almost the same price

  • Actually it got only 1 GB of RAM (not 4GB as mentioned in 9:16 The ROM storage is 4 GB).. Thanks for the good review!

  • This guy if is not apple then they settled 😂

  • How is it now? did any updates make it better?

  • Oppo watch forever ... And the fact he dint mention it 😂😂

  • guess I'm waiting for the galaxy watch 4 classic.

  • My honour 5 band is better than this

  • I settled for the Huawei GT 2 smart watch. Not the best performer, but best in my opinion design and made smart watch. Stunning looking wear if anything!

  • Will there be a pixel watch?

  • My galaxy watch 3 was 550$ And it's better than a apple watch..

  • thats perfect for me

  • OnePlus just became another company in phone space.. have OP8Pro was really glad i got it but as time went on i wish i didnt bunch of bugs that are not fixed even after 1 year later screen issuse overheating issues list goes on and on.

  • Sounds like this is a case where it's their first one in this line, they are going to add more to it for the next one

  • Caption😂🙏

  • Waste watch Apple Watch always the best in all.

  • Doesn't seem to do that much more than my Huawei Watch GT 😏


  • Oneplus ,exellent brand 👌🚦😎

  • Hi can you do a review of the Huawei Band 6? Thx.

  • I want it but I don’t have an androif

  • I love the OnePlus n10 and I really would like a corresponding watch. I'm disappointed. Makes me want to go back to iPhone.

  • Does it run wear OS?

  • Congratulations for the 14M 🎊🎈❤️

  • This app is the same as on Huawei GT2 watch

  • Garmin has a nice line up of smart watches for sports. Far better for sports than an Apple watch.

  • Hey Marq, what size of I watch you are wearing ?

  • One plus nord 2 review plz

  • I love how he disses them without dissing them

  • Please make a video about the smart watches and what is the best options are currently

  • has that salvation-bearing update come along yet?

  • If this watch was $60 to $70 I think it’d be a good buy

  • Can you please review Amazfit watches? I mean Amazfit GTR 2/ T Rex Pro for a start

  • they settled long ago

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  • ironically though, i love how it has such few features! ive always wanted more than a simple tracker, but an a apple watch or similar was just too much smartwatch for me. what you get for the price sounds amazing to me. the only thing is i wish it was offered in smaller sizes

    • Galaxy active 2 is the same price and has the same software as the 3 and 4.

  • Just save up more money and buy the galaxy watch active 2 people!

  • It looks exactly like the galaxy watch active 2 lmao

  • AMAZFIT GT2 is the best smart watch I have seen

  • in tech since 91, you just stop me from wasting my money. Thanks.. any hope with the tech industry? Seen the last generation who gave us facebook to destroy democracy ( helping people to die..virus..-)--your hero Elon musk made money to using NASA's work, now want to spend in the sky---because he is a thinker( according to himself) time to update but nowhere to go. any advice?

  • is there any good android smart watch that is worth buying like the apple watch at the moment of time???

  • This Man is so underrated!!!

  • I was planning to buy it but now hell nooooooo

  • Gear S3 is still the king of smartwatches for Android. The thing is damn near indestructable.

  • I feel you could buy the active watch 2 get more features with almost the same price

  • Another half baked review. Can you make or receive calls? How this guy has so many subs with such opinionated inaccurate reviews is whack.

  • 4GB of memory and 1GB of RAM

  • it's just amazfit gtr 2 pro version🤣

  • I’ve a query….will this one plus watch work perfectly with iphones?

  • i have a oneplus 7t should i buy this one or galaxy watch 3

  • working with iphone?

  • stick wrists is what i call them

  • 08:26 It was not “rushed”. It was “rebranded” ! A rebranded Oppo Watch RX !

  • Yes indeed! Please make an android smartwatch round-up. Would it be too long if you covered both fitness trackers as well as full on smart watches?

  • I still fail to see why a smart watch is even useful aside from maybe fitness or GPS. Music maybe for switching between songs or skipping forward/back.

  • I feel Samsung makes better watches no thought about that

  • Which Phone he is showing here?

  • The smartwatch that settled to... not be so smart.

  • Non-smart watches have better battery life: change my mind.

  • Can’t measure patient heart rate manually with the screen shutting of midway😑 especially if my other hand is occupied

  • Great Review

  • I would love a video about why there isn’t there an Apple Watch of Android!

  • this watch is garbage

  • ys do it

  • I don't agree. I think the samsung watches are far superior to the apple watch. I LOVE my Active 2

  • Why no galaxy watch review? 🤦

  • Please make the video on Apple watch!

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  • smartwatch should have good battery life and storage and apps and smaller screen and cheap.

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  • Anyways these days Oneplus is taking oppo phones and rebranding them with oxygen os. They should have taken oppo watch and just made it in circular form with google wear os. It would have been such a great watch

  • What's the best smartwatch for Android users?

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  • A true smart watch has a built-in solar panel/battery... Remember I said it first!!

  • They have been settling pretty hard recently

  • If one has to choose between Huawei GT2 and Amazfit GTR2 which one should be chosen? Also please suggest best smartwatch to buy under INR 15k !

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  • This is exactly what i want. I have a fossil smartwatch hybrid hr and i only want to a watch that does notifications and music change and a long battery life. Only thing is I have an iphone...

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  • 😁

  • OnePlus has been settling since the OnePlus 7. That's why Carl Peo left.