M1 iMac Review: Ultra Thin Design Choice!

Objavljeno 18. maj. 2021
Apple's M1 iMac is crazy thin. It's a polarizing design, but a great computer!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.



  • I'm the target demographic for this, and I'm going to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro with it. xoxo

  • That intro was a good promo video for the iMac.

  • what's the beat you play in the begining

  • I am watching your vids on Nebula. Will you be doing a review of the current M1 Mini ? - looks good and can link up with old iMac - which I see as a bonus

  • Raging hard on when you peeled that of the screen

  • Silent Intro

  • I wont buy it. Thanks!

  • I agree with the premise that Apple compromised functionality at the altar of thinness. It makes no sense to me. In the 13 years I’d sold computers (I’m out of the game for good), not a single customer ever asked me for the thinnest desktop available, but Apple can’t seem to help themselves. And look at the functionality lost or externalized for that thinness, and the utterly unnecessary engineering problems they had to solve, as a result.

  • The real question has to be trusting this device for video editing, web developing, app developing & designing graphics on multiple platforms?

  • 24 inch might've been good 11 years ago but today 27 inch is considered reasonable




  • Good morning ! which iMac i could use with 6k blackmagic camera including Atem Mini Pro ISO, if you can help me with the details, thanks


  • Must be reviewed by MKHB before I purchase...

  • Touch ID Magic Keyboard is hot but a backlit full size Magic Keyboard would be the sexist. ❤️‍🔥⌨️❤️‍🔥

  • Apple intros hit different!!!

  • Mkbhd u peeved out on this unboxing 😆

  • that chin tho

  • Love your video! I’ve also just uploaded a video of the blue iMac!

  • Fbvc

  • who cares about black vessels

  • Now that you put it into perspective, the chin and the lack of ports in the baseline models are deal breakers.

  • The sound of the intro is amaze

  • For those who wondering why Apple still put Apple logo behind: I think because this kind of computer is perfectly to be placed on face-to-face desk like desk in your boss's room Really good for impression

  • the power cable goes through the hole at the back

  • I did not what to expect from your review. I had already purchased a $1400 iMac for a family member and am waiting to hear about the iMac Pro... But back to you. Your presentation, the thoroughness and details and delivery and editing and shots and audio and pacing and--you are really good at this. Thank you.-d

  • I wasn't expecting this to be that giant

  • i would much rather have this than a mini with a screen because i try to be a minimalist - and nothing is messier than a mini with 8 peripherals plugged in to it. also i have never owned an external display that is as good as what they put into an imac and the build quality of apple hardware is solid and it makes you feel better to use it instead of some cheap plastic external walmart display that looks out of place, has bad color and creaks when you adjust it. inspite of what youtube reviewers seem to think this thing is one of the most beautiful and well designed computers you can buy. also this thing would be very easy to put into your back seat when its time to move and it takes up almost no space and you dont have 8 extra gadgets and cables to store and keep up with.

  • I agree on the thin comment 100% once in place the thickness is pretty irrelevant. Wouldn’t have given more space for more ports, I love ports on a desktop.

  • Rather get a macbook and connect a monitor to it

  • I've just brought this new IMac for photo editing, and things like the white basal and the chin really don't bother me and at the end of the day, it's how it performs not how it looks.

  • Together with amazing reviews, i gotta say your videos are incredibly clean! That minimalistic presentation with informative content just makes you wanna watch your videos all day. Great fucking work!

  • Someone should make a screen protector with black bezels if it's not a thing yet

  • Lame that they couldn’t put in a memory card slot for all the photographers that use Macs.

  • Colourful would have been ok if at least they were all in one colour but the lack of ports of different sizes killed for me. In practical terms you have this unnecessarily thin model with all sorts of things attached to the back with adapters and what not so you can still use your older stuff. Will wait for the follow up model. Touch screen next?

  • You can buy a 8 core, 16 threads Ryzen 7 3700x desktop rather than wasting money on on iMac!!! The world has changed to AMD CPUs , what about you??

  • Something about the bigger Apple logo on the back ticks me off… looks unbalanced. Kinda ruined it for me 😕

  • if apple believed in making things a little fat for somethings better they would have never made MacBook air

  • I actually just got the blue one today and I love it. I was going in for the purple one but they didn’t have it, then I saw the yellow one in person and loved it too, but it they didn’t have it either, I ended up getting the blue one bc it’s my favorite color and it looked nice as well. I actually like the white vessels and the chin and the glossiness lol

  • I love the chin :) and the m1 is fire you can’t go wrong!!! Value value value if your a content creator the m1 macs are priceless and worth upgrading too! Final Cut Pro x users will be in awe of the speed in which you can edit even the toughest 4K footage!!!

  • Love love your review Marques

  • You know the Cinema Display from like 2007? Yeah, that's what this should've been except flat on the back and thinner ofc

  • idk they keep tryna make it thinner i really dgaf about how thin it is it should just be awesome...

  • restoring time machine backup at 2mb/s....

  • I have a late 2015 model with a 5k display and intel icore7 and wouldn't trade up for this one.. why? I love my ports on the back.

  • Does anyone know if the new iMacs can be used to screen mirror pc?

  • I got the high end model with the highest possible specs and it's an absolute joy to use. I disagree with and don't understand the comments about the design, as a designer myself I find it to be a major upgrade from the previous iMacs, i love the white bezels much more than the previous black ones which used to be an eye sore, the white ones really make the screen stand out and I am in awe of how light and thin it is, the previous models were so bulky and heavy. Overall it's just a massive upgrade especially the high end model and would definitely recommend it.

  • I have the same one

  • I don’t really see it as a device fixed to one area of the house. It’s easy to move around to wherever you choose to work. Just a big iPad without a battery 🤣

  • Well, Windows background music on a Mac, what were they thinking?

  • they should have at least incorporated a nice illuminating Apple Logo in the chin area - as an homage to the older Apple Powerbooks and Macbooks which had the illuminating apple in the back.....

  • I love how honest your review seems. Thank you 😊

  • You would care how thin it is if you don't face the wall when you sit behind your desk.

  • Having used a Touchbar Mac for the last 4 years, I'm used to only having Type-C now and have all the dongles already, so safe to say the USB-C only is not a concern

  • We’re u get that desk at bro

  • Hi mark ass brownly

  • How I know this machine isn't for me: the only thing said about the hardware or software is that 'it's good' while 99% of the review is spent on how it looks in your room.

  • Yeah, it really needs that Apple logo on the chin. Maybe that's where the blue sticker was supposed to go. It just looks naked and pointless without it lol.

  • One reason I love these reviews, is that he doesn't spend 10 minutes just unboxing the product.

  • I think the chin is meant to be a nod to the imac designs of the past. It wasn't necessary, it's just an Apple trait. if they just had a thicker bezel, it would look like any regular PC.

  • 1:15 Try not to laugh 😂

  • Keeping my old Mac 27" lots of usb ports and 1gb ssd disk. 😂

  • Next choise from Apple 27" 64 gb internal and 1 usb port

  • It's stunning. Simple and beautiful form. LOVE the white bezel. And the chin let's you know it's an Apple. Without it, it's just a monitor sitting on your table. And with a black bezel it would look cheap and horrible.

  • Now a days your reviews are not so great , disappointed 😔😔

  • 开售当天给我老婆买了一台紫色,颜色是真的好看... 只是强烈建议有需要的朋友不要买 8G 内存的配置,非常后悔... 关键是还不可以自己换内存条。

  • Don’t like the design, looks kinda girly to me.

  • Mkbhd is hero

  • How about pro xdr display 2021

  • The imac was realesed in 1999 as a home desktop computer it had a decent amount of storage and had many generations just like this one

  • I agree so much with this video.. like i reeeeaaaally the chin looks terrible (to me imac have always looked bad because of that..) and also i would have loved a black version. If those two conditions were met I would have bought one (I have many Apple products but never had an iMac 1 because of work which is a windows pc and 2 because of actually the chin). I HOPE THE OTHER ONES WILL HAVE NO CHIN AND BE BLACK LIKE A MATTE BLACK

  • Is just a very dumb design 🤦‍♂️ I’m surprised they didn’t sold that ugly power brick separately so they can make more money 😂

  • im not gonna lie the chin in the computer is ugly.. wished it was all on flushed screen or at least the same color as the back of the laptop instead of it being 2-toned

  • As always, honest and awesome. Thanks

  • Unboxing video skills..... jeez, it could have been a pack of toilet paper rolls. Awesome

  • its sucks!

  • Apple is pushing USB-C alot

  • they need to make the Stand a holder like a carrier briefcase

  • I really like the orange iMac.

  • "Does it come in black?" ~Bruce Wayne

  • +Marques Brownlee I agree with you 100% about the chin and also your other points. Great video as always.

  • The Bizarre Characteristics Of M1 iMac

  • that chin would be fine if it was a giant bad ass speaker

  • I think one of the advantage being have a chin on the Desktop computer, Which I could carry the computer holding on the chin, instead holding on the LED display. In order to prevent to damage the LED display. That’s a desktop with much more mobility than any others.

  • What’s it’s gaming capabilities? I’m not talking about apple App Store

  • Why was the beginning incredibly sexy…

  • I like the brutal honesty of your reviews. One would think that by interviewing executives you would be biased in your reviews or intimidated, but no.

  • I ultimate way to use in a kitchen!

  • Can it run CRYSIS..!

  • I was in 5th grade when we finally got the colorful MACS at our school and they were the latest thing ever. Before that, we were taking a typing class and also drawing with a pencil on the old mac. I feel so old. We were told, we were one of the lucky schools to be able to get those. Now I bought a nostalgic blue mac & love it.

  • The chin is for PostIt notes.

  • Definitely don’t like the chin! I’ll wait it out

  • Great video. I guess I disagree with you about the chin. I like it. Since Apple is emphasizing color, I do think it helps to make it look stylish. Also, if your monitor isn’t directly in front of a wall, as yours is, the thinness likewise helps with the overall aesthetics.

  • Question, I've ben using a late 2014 iMac, 27 inch, 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 GB ram & SSD drive. I tend to open a lot of programs: Keytote, GarageBand, WORD, Excel & Safari. Not to mention MAIL (which seems to have a lot of its own issues). All at the same time. My computer slows down, I get the spinning ball. How will an M1 machine deal with so many open programs? THANKS!

  • The chin is the one thing I hate.

  • Design seems rushed and it sucks...looks like alot plastic and a toy. Very plain looking...get dirty scratched white. Expecting less bezels..big chin gone...a big disappointed design. The rectro colors chpices are cool though.