iPad Pro M1 Review: The Ultimate Spec Bump!

Objavljeno 19. maj. 2021
The M1 iPad Pro is unreal fast... at all the same stuff. Bring on iOS15!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.



  • I just need it for roblox 💀

  • What about using CAD and 3D printing ?

  • I do have the feeling that People start getting bored of Ipad. What is really the functioning of an iPad. You don't get it to work like a PC or a laptop. You don't really get it work as a iPhone. It's just a mixture of everything but it's not fully competence in one specific aspect. Honestly what is an iPad and what is it for? Is it even worth it.? With the same amount of money on this iPad you can get yourself a phone that serves the most fundamental thing of life and a laptop or personal computer that can help you do your Daily works. I hope Apple can clear this out. Or iPad just gonna be another waste of electrical devices.

  • Is it goood for cod mobile or should I just get last years

  • "if the screens not on it almost is the same as the last one" SUS

  • I was here for this moment 14:41 . Fortunately found it

  • It would be great if Apple could bring Xcode to iPads

  • My wife just got the 11” iPad Pro with 256 GB for designing 3D printing. She loves it, especially the the speed!

  • I’m like you I have the second generation IPad and it works great but I’m looking to upgrade and this one actually might work thanks.

  • Would you recommend this for a student?

  • Uwwww , finally something for *true* machine learning

  • CODM is a great use for it

  • I’m getting the iPad Pro 11” M1 512gb space grey I’m currently using an iPad 5th Gen 2017 it’s starting to show its age now after 4 years 😂

  • i was literally sold until you said it doesn’t get final cut pro but like it looks cool i really want one but damn might just get a thinkpad or macbook

  • Absolutely Amazing.❤️

  • Comment from my monster iPad Pro 11” M1😀

  • 7:37 man I wish growing muscles was this easy

  • Whoever does mkbhd music intros you are doing an amazing job

  • Hello Sir, please tell me can I code in this ipad M1

  • I really need your opinion

  • The center is good for ipad video montage or MacBook

  • Just placed my order for the cellular 13 inch

  • Hi i am looking for a ipad for taking notes, would you reccommend the ipad air or ipad pro (given looking at tips etc the 64gb is too small for air) many thanks

  • I think they want the sales of all models to get a boost thats y left the change on 11 inch which is already selling good

  • Well this makes my Notability notes look prettier

  • Dude... Apple should have paid you a few mil easy for that intro!

  • Does this tablet get nerfed when bought in the uk like a lot of other products?

  • I really need an advise , I'm going to college next year and planning to buy a new ipad that would last me my whole career (3 years) but I don't want spend that much , Right now I'm thinking of getting just the iPad pro M1 11' 256gb wifi 5gand apple pencil for €1300 , or should I go for the iPad air 256gb and save those extra bucks and getting the magic keyboard , I really want it for notetaking and maybe playing on it , and I haven't considered the iPad air because I don't want to go back to 60hz and M1 is much faster than a14 . What should I do ?

  • Very well made point at the end. I agree that they are protecting two products by not innovating to their full potential. They most likely will get there, the iBook Pro. But not until one or the other products becomes obsolete so maybe another 5-7 years before Apple is forced to innovate to keep up with consumer demands.

  • This guy's videos are just next level videography man

  • Thank you so very much

  • What was that racing game he was playing does anyone know??

  • Ok

  • He needs a timeline

  • I'm planning to buy iPad Pro 1TB or maybe 2TB but hope Apple does not launch another iPad 😅

  • The old magic keyboard is going very cheap in John Lewis, is it worth getting for my M1 iPad? It’s roughly half the price of the new one…

  • Now I subscribed you ❤🙂

  • I love my iPad 5G

  • that intro was amazing.I liked the video because of its

  • Who cares if people are taking photos with their iPad. Seriously get over it. If you dish out over a grand and it has cable cameras and that’s what you want to take photos with… just do it. WHO CARES! Are you at risk of getting kicked out of the cool club? 😂

  • ipad pro m1 is good but m1 cant support fortnite

  • Knowing I could never own one of these… staying content by watching reviews 😆

  • Watching on the 2021 iPad Pro right now lol

  • Never thought I’d say this but, I am watching from the M1 iPad.

  • I have been using the iPad m1 pro since June 2021 it is the best

  • am i the only guy who noticed casey niestats tshirt....more power to you mark.

  • Yeah but the software strangles the processing bandwidth

  • 3 Months later and I’m still clicking on this video just to admire that intro.

  • 7:39 - Uncle Marques

  • The best intro ever by a content provider on SLcd ! I had to play the intro about 3 times 😍😍😍

  • 50g heavier 0.5mm thicker Says he noticed straight away.. after reading specs

  • Now, The real question is "Is the calculator app included in the new iPad?"

  • I have the iPad pro 12.9 2020 and as a tattoo artist it's my main device for all my work load in drawing, signing client disclosure forms and everything else so I would like to see this m1 iPad performance in apps like procreate and affinity designer

  • genshan is like a piece of cake for this ipad

  • Torille

  • Your intros are as good as apple's ads at this point

  • Now I can open 10,000 tabs instead of 5000

  • Good review and your last observations at the last few minutes of video, for me was spot on. Apple knows that if they gave the iPad Pro software that it should have….would crush its other devices!!! Which is a shame, all they need to do….is pair down those other devices based on sales and then up the production of the iPad Pro with upgraded software for Final Cut Pro and others….and in the long run….everything would balance out…just my thoughts. Makes no sense to me, casturate one product….in fear of another….its stupid. anyways…thanks for the review….

  • Is that a Trashcan Mac Pro on your right?

  • My New Ipad for Genshin Impact

  • What car game is he playing?

  • The like open concordantly replace because porch actually tire out a giddy memory. ripe, vast deborah

  • bro, That Intro,s Insane, Like How Do U Even Edit That

  • But it bends.

  • That Intro, loved men!

  • Can we get a link with the wallpapers cause DAMN

  • I wish i had an iPad but my mom and dad would let me :(

  • aww face timing your dog

  • Great information. Thank you!

  • Nice review!

  • Can u game with it?

  • UwU

  • Say UwU if your watching this on the M1

  • Thank you so much. Great review!

  • I just watched the BTS of the z fold 3 montage and I'm just back here to appreciate this one cos this is a stupendous amount of work. Thank you team Marques, y'all amazing 🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥

  • I am literally watching it on a 11 inch m1 iPad Pro now Lol!

  • If you want a tablet with the performance of a laptop then get a surface pro

  • Is this 11 or 12.9?

  • the distortion correction makes me burst out laughing every time and i don’t know why……..

  • "What is an ipad anyway?" A large iphone of course lol

  • Tbh my favourite peace of merchandise is the galaxy z flip one

  • 7:38 *Marques Chadlee*

  • What the point of the iPad if every app is limited to 6gb of ram? What is the point if the power of the m1 is not nearly used to its full power by most apps?

  • Watching this so I realize how poor i am

  • I´m keeping my old 2018 iPad Pro 12,9" 4G some more years. It's still a power house. It's interesting that they keep updating the iPad Pro so much every version. Nice review as always.

  • Wait for the tab s8 Ultra

  • Yoooo I got an idea ok so the iPads keep bending right make the back bow out and go onto a monitor so it has the soecs of a pc but is a ipad or idk

  • I'm waiting for macbook pro 😘😘

  • MKBHD: Imma keep my hopes up for improved multitasking at the WWDC WWDC: check out these bitchin’ new emojis yaaahhhhh!!!!

  • Insane intro shots. They are godly.

  • I’m literally just gonna use it to watch Netflix and read textbooks

    • @Paul yes

    • Did you get the pro??

  • Hi, do you think iPad pro 12.9 with 128GB is work for video editing? or should I get 1TB that comes with 16Gb RAM for video editing?

  • Very expressive

  • Its great to see youtube supporting 2160p HDR videos on M1 ipad pro.

  • Anyone know what game he played at 4:38 ?

  • I use the pro to Dj edit videos it’s a beast

  • Bruh i got ipad air 4 just 2 weeks before this ipaf came out

  • why is the intro better than apples own trailer lol

  • Would apple make a M1 iphone

  • Very cool