iOS 15 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!

Objavljeno 2. jul. 2021
The best iOS 15 Features, coming to an iPhone near you!
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iOS 15 wallpapers:

0:00 Intro
1:02 Redesigned apps
2:56 Facetime features
5:31 Live Text
7:07 Notifications
8:13 Focus Modes
10:15 Other Stuff + Conclusions

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  • the watermark is distracting from the content

  • You do some good reviews not as good as other people but it is a review

  • IOS 15 LOVE IT!

  • The feature you mentioned about being able to type the time in alarm clocks was introduced before iOS 15. I'm running iOS 14.7.1 on my phone, and I have that feature. I think it came with iOS 14, or shortly after.

  • I have literally never used face time 🤷🏼‍♂️ and don’t see that changing anytime soon?

  • Apple have to focus on calculator in android u can see previous calculation, Back button should be at downside instead in left upper corner so we can use one hand, Should improve battery backup When u go back videos app like jio tv continue to play in window in android apple should look into it When u get call there should be notification present screen should be there Add screen split Notification appearance is more convenient in android Add regional language like google indic keyboard Add screen wallpapers app which automatically changes like in android -Glance Add 3.5mm jack & charger u cant force ur opinion or give choice want it or not in version I purchased apple but not survived due to such small things. Android now becomes more smarter in small features than apple believe it or not

  • I started dying when he loaded FT on the android and it was super laggy XD. Classic android

  • Welcome back to another episode of "can't afford just seeing

  • When iOS 15 available in iPhone 12?

  • Focus mode is going to cause so many issues with relationships 😂

  • Aaple have to learn from comparators. Apple=new pack with old stuff

  • Best ios 15.

  • This is really a wonderful video.

  • That intro music feels like future porn music 😂😂

  • We already had the rain and other weather in the background of the weather lol

  • Focus mode is huge for anyone sitting in front of a computer all day, many people out there. My current focus mode is leaving my iphone in a different room for a few hours. No one can focus with constant social media and group chat notifications.

  • iOS 15: that translate feature is one of the game changer!

  • Number one reason I don't like iPhones is iOS. Just so late, soo boring, major yawn. The best phone would be Apple hardware with Google software. Pixel 6, can't wait... but why are they making it so big!! Not a single phone is a screaming buy right now. Still waiting to upgrade my Pixel 2... nothing is convincing me.

  • Why they release iOS14.8 today when iOS 15 is coming?

    • They released iOS 14.8 because of hackers and stuff like that

  • college notes just got easier with the Live text😂😂😂

  • @mkbhd when do u think apple gets this option to enable passcode even for power down of iphone? If you think! Find my device, or any tracking software’s are kinda useless without this. Since the person who finds my phone turns them off in place place.

  • App quality of iOS is just app quality is improving but majority of android apps sucks...and no tablets any more... basically people in the ecosystem have the best experience...the apple fitness, tv and all those services are very interesting

  • iPhone 13 sucks. Same as previous 11,,12

  • Who else got SAMSUNG FLIP AD?😂

  • Typing in an alarm clock is not new to ios 15

  • F* Apple !

  • You can type alarm? Dude seriously?

  • lol i am watching this using ios 15

  • Still feels limited. Love the hardware and the apps on the App Store. Not a fan of iOS, and I doubt iOS15 will change my mind.

  • The truculent snowplow topically wail because puma hopefully wink near a three sardine. fragile, frantic brian

  • Why do i need a feature to stop distractions?

  • Now this is what I’m talking about. Finally. Now we need split screen mode and I’ll be set.

  • All this and there's still no PIP for youtube and netflix and other apps. All this and there's still no sound assistant to control the volume of a different app and calls. All this and there is no them store. All this and there is no split screening . All this and there is no way to clesr all tabs or notifications and more.

  • This is dope!

  • Siri the worst assistant ever, she only can say “ I found avocado on the web” google assistant not only found it,she speaks with you about that information or part of it. That’s what I called assistant.

  • i dont even own an iphone and I still watched the whole video LOL

  • These phones are too expensive and gives nothing in return.

  • What hasn't he used for a while?!

  • What's up with the task switcher (long bar at the bottom)? It's identical to the Android one. Who copied who?

  • Marques, you know that it has been possible to type your alarm for a really long time right?

  • Man I wonder how long my 11 pro max will be good for. The square sides are The only reason I like the 12.

  • You could type time in alarm for ever. Not a new feature.

  • I’d like to see Apple purchase the “brass” app where you can customize icons with themes and see through color ways this point I don’t trust brass Bc/ it seems possible to give the 3rd party provider access to all of your apps info/ activity. So if Apple buys it or copy’s the idea and implements that into an update to make it secure that would be cool.

  • Is there any update on the phone app? I really miss the slide to call or to message on android. Also, I struggle with the dual sim on the iPhone, choosing the sim to use for calls and messages are way more complicated than android.

  • Naic fin

  • Step 1: get friends with iphones

  • I can’t wait for iOS 15!!!

  • i dont get why everyone makes such a big deal out of shareplay, do people dont know what discord is ? discord has has this feature for years and it worka on ios, android and pc

  • You can move search bar to top or bottom …

  • As if my wifey didn’t already get mad when she sees I read the message but didn’t reply, I wonder how she’ll feel when she sees I’ve silenced her notifications 🤔 pretty excited to find out. Might be dead by the time you read this, who ever you are

  • Nice

  • When are the uppdate com to Europa

  • Why review something if android is so much better? Lol

  • Gift me one 12 pro max🥺🥺😔😔

  • ☝️Thank you for your great help☝️

  • ☝️Thank you for your great help☝️

  • ☝️Thank you for your great help☝️

  • ☝️Thank you for your great help☝️

  • Imagine if apple finally add's expandable storage.Which will happen in a different reality.

  • “I identify as “ Said gen

  • Typing in to the alarm clock is not new

  • There’s no way Safari search bar being at the bottom is not going to draw a monumental backlash. Such things should be optional depending on which the user prefers for whatever reason.

  • My 12 pro max just 3 months old and the battery health 🔋 is goes down to 98% is it that normal ? Waiting for someone reply please 👏🏻

    • @Jeff Imbert thank you 😊

    • Lastly, I want to say this. Before I had my iPhone SE, my previous phone was an iPhone 6, which I had for 6 years. After maybe 4 years, my battery life was at 30% maximum capacity and it died in like 15mins after being fully charged. So if you ever hold to that phone for years, and this happens, just set up an appointment at the Apple Store, and they’ll replace that battery with a brand new one, and it’ll perform as if you just bought the phone. So no worries. Sorry for the long response. Hope this helps 🙏🏼

    • Yes, that’s normal. That’s actually pretty impressive that your battery only dropped 2% in just 3 months. I had my iPhone SE (2nd Generation) since December 2020, and I’m at 90% battery health (maximum capacity) as of today. Depending how often you use your phone, leave your phone charging after it’s been fully charged, and even draining your battery until your phone dies can REDUCE/DRAIN your battery life. Remember nothing last forever, but to keep your battery healthy as much as possible, remember to never allow your phone to die, keep it above 50% battery during the day if possible, and just monitor certain apps that’s active even when your phone is on sleep.

  • Marques, why do you have your camera lens covered with a box 😊😊

  • Cool down man! You have invented nothing! You are just reviewing our software like some other millions of SLcdrs do The way you behave and talk sounds and looks like he’s trying to be an oversmart.

  • Wait, how did you get that clip of Apple showing the FaceTime thing?,

  • I hate the Safari bar at the bottom. I hope they can move it in settings.

  • If we can add Android users to FaceTime, can we change the names of group changes with people who are Android users?!

  • marques realizing how bad the camera on android facetime cracks me up lol

  • I run iOS 15 beta on my iphone 12 pro max it's really not that cracked up

  • I'm impressed to say the least! Thanks

  • Apple fan over here but none of these are amazing additions...the different mode setting is pretty cool but seems like it'll take some time to setup and create different modes and decide which apps to come through with notifications etc. Hopefully next year's software update will be better and when will we get an overhaul??

  • When is iOS 15 coming out

  • everyone with struggle phones crying rn

    • @iRezi I'm still on iphone 5 :)

    • @Murkin Muffley iphones that are too old to support this or phones that aren't even iphones LMAO

    • okay checkmark chatever you say

    • Lol androids?

    • WTF are Struggle phones?

  • Thank you apple another more features im not going to use at all.

  • My guy listens to Doja Cat...nice

  • Excellent presentation skills. Very pleasant to listen to

  • For me, I started disliking iOS cauz it's getting more and more complicated. The reason why I liked iOS in the first place is because it was simple as f*ck and you didn't need any familiarity to navigate in iOS, but now it feels like you need a whole course to start using iOS.

  • Heck man I really love ur videos

  • You can press on number for the alarm been there for ages

  • this will help a lot of people shift their brains to focus mode, especially creators of all kinds, soon it will be your accountability partner, love this

  • Will this be available on the 11??

  • where is split screen?

  • That focus mode addition is a game changer, also links with FaceTime, bye Zoom

  • Wolfram Alpha, I see you're a man of culture

  • live text is the best feature ever

  • damn can they update carplay?

  • Did the lens flare fix?

  • Any way too make font larger in third-party apps

  • Am i the only one who needs more than 1 timer when cooking? :/

  • Funny all the criticism of Apple Maps. It did have some issues at first but I deliver and always use Apple Maps. Much more accurate in terms of the actual house as opposed to Google Maps which seems more based on a grid reference. Just an opinion

  • I always consider iPhone when I change my phone and the focus mode looks good; nothing else to make me choose iPhone over pixel 6 this time though.....maybe next year.

  • omg!! im so excited for focus mode

  • 5:00 Next goal:Google Meet on iOS.

  • Quite funny to see that almost everything Apple’s doing is “catching up” to Google’s standards…

    • Yh

    • Yes we all know it already.

  • Android notifications being better... my iPhone 11 Pro just got bricked, getting new one on warranty. In the mean time I'm stuck with a Galaxy S8. The notification screen is what's most annoying. People are different!

  • Lol i was baffled when i tried to check my phone for the changes and not find it. Realized im using my samsung s21 and not my iphone 😂 im so dumb 🤦‍♂️

  • Omg I can’t believe he put the special achievement sound for FaceTime on android 😂😂