Google Pixel 5A: Spot the Difference!

Objavljeno 17. avg. 2021
Pixel 5A vs Pixel 4A 5G. A budget smartphone refresh for the history books.
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Phone provided by Google for review.



  • Apple : drops charger from next launch Google: I'm gonna end Tim's whole career,..... Guys.... Make this available in only US and Japan cuz their data is valuable

  • Should I wait for it to launch in india or rather find something else?

  • Just ordered a Pixel 5A through Google Fi for $9/month subscription. The phone costs $216 over 2 years... not bad!

  • Let's see if he will play "spot the difference" with iphone 13.

  • So yeah, after seeing the new iPhone lineup, sure, Google is a lazy company when it comes to their Pixel's design...... C'mon.....

  • Google became more Apple than Apple

  • After watching all your videos specifically about smartphone now i am able to understand much more about new smartphone lineup and price justifications for certain models , btw i am very big fan of pixel lineup from india and stuck bcz pixel 5a is not launched india and i m just curious about how can i get pixel 5a in india maybe you could guide me about this

  • I'm kinda mad I got the 4a 5g about 6 months ago. Idk how the 4a 5g is cheaper than the 5a. Doest make sense

  • Getting tired of my iPhone XR and I’d rather had this than an SE… and if I buy a new phone I’m paying in cash..

  • Stop acting like a headphone jack is a bonus it makes it less water-resistant haven't even used a headphone jack since I don't even know when and I'm not even rich I always buy mid-tier phones at most like more often than not whenever I need to get a new phone I need to get a new phone so I get a cheap one like $100 or so. They put in a slightly bigger haptic sensor or anyting anything whatsoever other than a headphone jack which is another hole that makes it less water resistant

  • I'm getting this phone

  • Google should release their "a" series along with their new phones, i.e. the 5a should come out with the Pixel 6, the 6a should be released simultaneously with the Pixel 7, etc .

  • I’m glad you got the phone. I ordered mine on the 9th supposed to get it today and they didn’t even give it to the shipper

  • The only thing I don't like about it is the 3.5mm connector is on the top

  • Do you think samsung galalxsy s20 fe is a good phone ???

  • No laser focus? Guess last year will be better! 3:49

  • Slow reaction to the shutter button.

  • Google started doing a 2yr phone subscription thing through Fi. I think part of the reason for the 5a was to let users know "hey look, there will be a new phone for you when it's time to upgrade"

  • I think I'll just keep my 4XL it's the only phone I've ever had that has had 0 slowdown after 3 to 4 years of use.

  • So if I caught him correctly at around 4:00 the 5A is $50 cheaper than the 4A 5G. I do know they're discontinuing the 4A 4g. Well they're not going to be making them anymore. I've wanted to try a Pixel for months now, I've always only had Samsung. But I'm being a little crazy about it. I've probably watched 200 videos, always talking to people.. most likely it will be the 5A I purchase. I just wish it was a tad smaller. That's one of the best things about Google phones as well, your pocket doesn't look like you're carrying around an encyclopedia. They make tablets and smart TV'S for a reason.

  • 14kk subs....says nothing about horrible PWM....noicee

  • Sir,Can u tell me does 5A support in India if i import from usa

  • Never closed a tech video this fast :(

  • To have a new phone with the same exact processor as the previous model is kind of a fail. And no ram upgrade. Didn't give me a reason to upgrade from my OnePlus 7T..still a better phone nearly 2 years later in everything but the camera. You can also score them for much cheaper than this.

  • looks like my 4a

  • I'm getting the Pixel 5a since it will be the last Pixel to offer unlimited photo storage.

  • Have had my new 5a for less than a week, and so far so very good. It seems plenty snappy in real use vs the chip spec, it feels extremely solid, screen performance is very nice but 90Hz would have been great... Maybe a bit pricey, but I love getting software updates the day they drop and the huge battery is nice too. Seems a sweet spot at the price/performance ratio. I imagine the new 6 series will be bonkers good.

  • This should have Snapdragon 780g atleast for 2021 competition.

  • Might as well get a iPhone se (2nd generation). Most power, lest cost

  • I love watching him 😍

  • Does it support a physical sim.

  • Maybe thinking of switching back to android lol what do you guys think?

    • It's pretty impressive... I think you will like it.

  • The nice thing about googles phones is how simple and clean looking it is, because modern phones have become bulky again.

  • Good video

  • If they add SD card support, a headphone jack, wireless charging, do not remove the charger from the box, top it with great battery life they will save soo much money on useless marketing and sell way more phones, but no dumb google is copying stupid Apple like every other dumb lemming company.... Time for someone to take over and makes phones great again. I want a Note 4 with 6GB Ram and the latest SD SoC... I am willing to pay like it was the Note 22 Ultra plus pro ultimate super special.

  • I just wish they made a smaller Pixel

    • Marques can even make a functional refresh with little to no change between versions seem interesting.

  • Brother I am from Bangladesh, I watch almost all your videos.

  • Headphone Jack!? Sign me up

  • I'm a crazy and wild guy. I wanted a moderately priced Phone that could take a decent photo. I got a moderately priced phone that takes great photos.

  • I have a Moto G fast atm. This seems like the perfect mid tier upgrade for me from what I've seen. Anything cheaper is not enough of an upgrade yet anything higher in specs is too expensive of an upgrade for an upgrade I don't need.

  • Is the 5A 5G?

  • will it launch in India?

  • @mkbhd Can you donate this to me?

  • is it impossible to get one in canada?

  • Is that Usain Bolt?

  • One big advantage of pixel 4a5g is having unlimited high quality Google photos storage. 5a is the pixel without this feature

  • I actually think the 5A is a good idea simply because the 4A was already a good phone and they improved on it while lowering the price a bit and not downgrading anything. It may not be a game-changer, but no mid-range phone is. Metal > Plastic GG6 (more crack resistant) > GG3 (more scratch resistant, but less crack-resistant). I'd rather have a more crack-resistant screen and put a tempered screen protector to prevent scratches. Significantly larger battery. Processor is still good for mid-range. We're kinda getting diminishing returns with a lot of the new hardware that's coming out. It's good that they're still improving, but was anybody really complaining about the 765G to begin with? I feel like Android's weakness is still software optimization. Also for the Pixel 6 I'm really curious to see how it does because while Tensor may help with overall optimization, it also may just be hype. Also that camera bump is HUGE. If you're getting a case for it that thing is going to be THICK. It can have the best smartphone camera on the market, but if nobody wants that in their pocket it won't sell.

  • Marques can even make a functional refresh with little to no change between versions seem interesting.

  • Waiting 👈 India

  • How can I get this in canada

  • i basically thought about this channel: i thought it was mrwhosetheboss first i was watching this channel and was amazing

  • Please guys tell me how to buy google pixle 5a !!! I’ve tried to buy it online 3 times they keep canceling my order & i cant reach the customer service its so complicated, is the phone even available in google store in US ??if yes which states

  • I had bad luck with pixel 3 and 4a. 3 the camera just completely stopped working one day and 4a the whole phone just stopped working. But I might have to give this one a try

  • 16 august? That my birthday bruh

  • Heidari KB HD hey my name is bead and I think the Google should also launch pixel 6in pixel 680 with the new tensor chips instead of Qualcomm chips is a great chip company with that being said I think these new tensor chips are going to be the rivals to Apple's chips and one ways it's definitely going to be something completely different that we never experienced before let me know down in the comments

  • Currently watching on a 4a

  • The big difference its not having unlimited high-res google photos backup 🤮

    • spot it as a difference, because It means a lot

  • The design on the Pixel 4a and 5a looks great. The price is amazing. I'm excited to see the review on the Pixel 6.

  • Does anyone here knows what kind of speakers he uses/has on 6:05?

  • Good move by Google. They prereleased the 6, then brought the attention back to the pixel 6. If they released the 5a, then prereleased the 6, then all the attention would have shifted gears to only the 6. Smart move.

  • After a 2XL and a 3XL, the 5A is exactly what I want/need. :)

  • Does this phone have a FM radio built in?

  • I'm hoping that can be tech reviewer like you

  • I'm now having a battery issue with my pixel 4 XL. My battery is only staying charged about 3 hours now. It drops rapidly idk how to fix it. I'm debating getting the 5a bc I like the design. The price is great. I think I'm done spending $1000 plus on a cell phone. I'm holding off only bc the pixel 6 pro. I wish I knew the price of it. If it's around $799 I'll get the 6 pro pixel. If it's over that then I'm pretty sure I'll go with the 5a. Out of all the people on here what do y'all think the pixel 6 and 6 pro will run? I appreciate it nice review as always. I do some gaming on my phone but not as much as I used too. Idk how the 5a handles gaming either. My 4XL does great to me just dies to quick now. I work 12 hour days so I need a phone that last that long. I'm tired of charging my 4XL twice a day. So I will welcome the all day battery life. I seen some saying with moderate use they was getting 1 1/2 to 2 days on a single 5a charge. 👍👌

  • Watching on my Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3

    • Its havent release in india....i need dis phone....but 35 k is enoughfor me

  • So they spent the money on new moulding for the case, but didn't bother to update the design at all...

  • Xpensive cheap phone

  • Big regrets on this purchase. Low quality hardware that constantly overheats and has gitchy inputs. Don't get me started on Google support. Just the worst.

  • Hey Marques! Good videos! Thanks! But Express VPN is not safe.

  • As a techtuber, you are absolutely allowed to speculate on Google’s future moves, even if you’re not betting Marques! ;))

  • I am considering buying this phone, however I heard that it was having some issues while recording videos has it been fixed?

  • I would like to purchase printed keyboard t shirt. Please share link

  • IP rating is everything here

  • Does lack of laser focus in 5A affect the quality of the pics some how?

    • Probably just slower autofocus. Shouldn’t make much difference with or without for everyday use

  • Jesus! Erm, I chose my ISP because of cashback amount plus reviews. I have 22 different ISPs in my area. How the hell does the USA actually put up with crap like this?

  • I daily drive a 4a 5g and I love it, if I wasn't stuck on a 2 year plan I'd get the 6 when it comes out but oh well Ill live with it

  • With this efficient tracker device google is gonna target with highly personalized ad. Another revolutionary product to track user activities

  • This is obviously an improvement over the the 4a5g, with an easier name and it's a cheaper, but couldn't they given it an at least slightly better chip?

  • Its havent release in india....i need dis phone....but 35 k is enoughfor me

  • the 5a doesn't have the unlimited free google photos storage that makes the 4a and 4a 5g even more enticing

  • Smallest refresh change you've ever seen in your life??? How about iphone 7 vs iphone 8? Iphone 7 plus vs iphone 8 plus? Or iphone 10 vs xsmax? Ummm.... Safe to say, it has happened before.

  • The Pixel 4a was my perfect phone, if it had water resistance. The Pixel 5a has water resistance, and doesn't cost me leventy billion dollars. I ordered it immediately, already have received it and migrated. Couldn't be happier. My phone is a utility, not a toy. Even as a tech person, I no longer care about the "latest and greatest" specs. I care about stability, reliability, a good name, and good support.

    • this phone is literally perfect w the extra battery and price point. going to hop into google/pixel because of this

    • mostly. Overall, it's a decent upgrade in the Google lineup, not affecting the upcoming model IMO.

  • Is this a pixel 5a review? Because this guy is talking almost only about the pixel 6.

  • I am considering buying this phone, however I heard that it was having some issues while recording videos has it been fixed?

    • I think better to wait for the pixel 6 comming in October. Im thinking about getting that phone.

  • something is wrong with the pricing on ebay it goes for 699$ and above

  • Hello Marques can you compare the Google Pixel 5A 5G with One plus nord CE 5G and can you list the best competitor models for Pixel 5A.

  • Does it have 5g connectivity?

  • None of these reviewers delt with a hot pixel 5a?

  • pixel 6a hype!!!! lol

  • As I Understand: You should throw both of them in water, the one that survives is 5A

  • Don't Buy This Phone!, Over Heating Problem!!!, When recording 4K Video, it suddenly STOPPED!!! pixel phone is a nightmares

  • Would this be a nice upgrade over my Samsung A32 5G? Don't really like this phone and need an upgrade.. lol.

  • The camera is the 1st thing he always mentions.

  • Don't buy this phone nothing but problems and google will give you a hard time if you want to return it

  • Would OP 9R be a better deal than this?

  • google phones no good.

  • So are we holding till the 6?

  • Why nobody talks about the Dual-Sim ?? Are they paid to avoid it ??? Humm 🤔 Maybe!

  • 5a still has Gorilla Glass 3 from what I saw but excellent review

  • Can 5A shoot under water