Forgot About Beats by Dre?

Objavljeno 17. jun. 2021
Beats Studio Buds are their most interesting headphones yet...
The Truth about Beats by Dre:
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Headphones Provided by Beats for review.



  • Now a days everybody wanna talk like the got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips just a bunch of gibberish the motherfuc$ers act like they forgot about dre

  • Samsung devices can fix the mid part wit da dolby atmos

  • I honestly want to know which is better beats, or AirPods? But I believe in my opinion beats for that price of 149, it’s decent

  • Beats Studio Buds 쓰레기 중에 쓰레기다 그냥 에어팟 사라

  • Link the the helmet wearing the beats in the background

  • "just a bunch of bibberish when they moved they lips, they mf's forgot about dre"- Eminem

  • Dont buy beats earbuds, just stay with pro ones

  • They should make both USB C and the normal iPhone port for charging so it’s not annoying to have to buy a USB C block just to charge some products like Beats Flex.

  • I can't get over how good the beats pro are. I'm an electrician, I wear stilts and a 25lb toolbelt 50hrs/week, I don't even want to try any other buds until these break. They're that good. If you can sacrifice a miniscule amount of audio quality for better ergonomics just forget about airpods.

  • Never thought I’d see something like this from Beats.

  • Thanks for the review. Was interested, but It may not be the best fit with my lifestyle. Hope they impove the pack in the near future.

  • These are sold in India, but the app is NOT available in India. Apple want to target android users, but don't bother to support them. I did the usual run around between Apple support and store, just to be told I should return them to store or change country to US! BTW they charge 203 dollars for these in India, while in US it is 149 USd. Go figure. And of course, if youre in any country other than US, DON'T BUY BEATS.

  • If I buy them that would be only for Noise Cancellations.

  • I think when Marcus says price sensitive he saying that android users are poor

  • The direful answer muhly puncture because orchestra kelly grease notwithstanding a colorful ship. dark, shut donald

  • The first thing I thought was the fact they used put weights in the headphones to trick people into thinking they were more premium than they were...

  • Unfortunately beats are still a stain of muddiness in the audio industry for me. Both literally in terms of sound and metaphorically in terms of the industry. Dre is great but beats is ass. Update: got to the 6:00 mark and damn I'm confused. They probably don't sound as good as I want but it's new for beats. Still won't buy them but yk.

  • I bought these and the sound quality is horrible ...

  • So I'd beats still by dre ?

  • Watched this review before going to buy them and im sold i just switched back to android due to loss of my airpod pros and so im happy i can swtich between both phones with these

  • Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move they lips just a bunch of gibberish brothers wanna talk like they forgot about Beats by Dre.

  • You sound amazing in my Studio 1s @mkbhd 🤣 I dont know what you mean but... If i was a producer im still sticking with these 2008 headphones brand new out the box 😍

  • Faze JEV!!!!😁

  • I just wanna no do they sound like the studios??

  • 666 interesting occult slogan!!!

  • 5:40 if you just wanna get to the actual review

  • your just a hater the earbuds are very nice quality and has a crispy sound with it

  • I have AirPods Pro and ur lying about not noticing if you have them on transparency mode is useless no matter what cause when ur talking to someone they think ur not listening and ur way too judgmental Not only that I have had AirPods Pro lose connection and drop signal in either ear a lot and they have been out a long time and apple still hasn’t fixed this

  • i like how you give introduction on the timeline and development of Apple and Beats

  • Do they wireless charge on the Galaxy S20/S21? (Powershare)

  • Marques that picture is definitely not Matt Kemp😂

  • I remember watching ur first beats video before u were that famous

  • Tesla want to give us ass cancer, and apple wants to give us brain cancer, aint nothing changed, keep slurping off tech

  • For some reason this didn’t seem like an impartial review like you usually give and I LOVE most of your reviews. Just didn’t seem like a fair review because you don’t seem to like The “beats” brand, now which of course is the Apple brand.

  • i've tried this but my $40 jlab jbuds air anc sounds alot better than this..just a marketing stuff

  • Pretty cool 😎

  • I pause the video at 5:57 just to say “ MKBHD make this simple earbuds review so damn interesting! God tier level shit right here “ aight, imma resume the vid.

  • That obsidian mind destiny helmet in the background is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Its like watching a roaster fight.

  • First thing first am a beats fan boy myself for meny years now and still love beats headphones to this day. However the airpods to me is like garbage crap and i hate apple earbuds. To me apple are crap making headphones. However i love beats headphones more.

  • So basically beats got silentced by Apple otherwise they knew they would beat Apple

  • i just got them in the mail today and i like them as much as my studio 3s :) works well with spotifys equalizer

  • where did he get that mask?

  • How do the Studio 3 sound with Apple Music? I need a good noise canceling over the ear headphone that is compatible with Apple Music to maximize listening enjoyment. I also want to protect my hearing while mowing with my riding mower. Currently, I’m using Audio Technica M50x and they have to be cranked all the way up. Which is no better for my ears than the mower with unprotected ears! I can’t afford AirPod Max and I don’t think those pads will hold up to an hour and a half of dripping sweat! I cannot use ear buds due to cartilage damage to my right ear. Even with cushy soft tips, after a half hour; my ear hurts! So, over the ear headphones it is!

  • what is that yellow retro looking camera on the table in the back?

  • I returned them after 3 days. I have the Samsung S21+ the left bud would connect but the right one would only connect in the case. Soon as I took it out the case it would stop playing and the beat app would say they couldn't find my headphones. I ended up going with Samsung galaxy buds instead

  • I dropped my AirPods Pro in snow once and the noise canceling isn’t as good as it used to be

  • Definitely didn’t forget about them as watching this using my studio 3s lol

    • Who hurt you?

    • Wow congrats you overpayed for headphones and are bragging about it

  • I forgor 💀

  • Wal-Mart's Onn brand has only impressed me since I had been wasting money on Beats, LG, and other NAME and Off Brands. Their products you can count on delivering decent bass and other ranges, along with durability, and great pricing! In January - July 2021, Walmart cleared their Onn Electronics shelves and did massive Upgrades to their product line. This Onn Groove that you just reviewed Now has touch commands and USB-C charging with 20 Hrs life and more. Wal-Mart has now expanded their product line in all headphone, earbud, and etc... They now have a Semi-High End, Mid, and Low End range to all of their product lines. Prices Range from $9 - $50

  • How can anyone forget about Beats by Dré when Volkswagen literally made a huge deal ft with them on their Polo 270 in 2018 and post 2020/2021 with their Tourag Cross

  • Tips are way too big

  • Forget about Dr. Dre

  • Sony sounds 1000 times greater, ANC ways better too. Very disappointed

  • 2:41 🔥

  • Forgot about dre 😄

  • Dr Dre sold beats almost 4 years owns them..they are being discontinued like Baby Phat…

  • I’m just here staring at the warlock helmet

  • Forgot about dre? Still beats by dre

  • Your videos are too long. I will prefer 5min max. Ask others too if. Anyway I love your facts

  • The android thing is because many they will wake up and relise pretty much everything was first on Android * maby

  • That title is great

  • Hey Marcus.

  • I like the title of the video

  • A ps5 and destiny helmet. This man is after my own heart

  • But they have a equalizer lol and if your good no headphones have weakness unless their very cheap

  • I’d get the beats flex for 70 their not bad sound quality and they look nice , plus the cord around ur neck helps from falling or losing them

  • Cool title name.

  • MKB: Just the one that comes in the box with the iPhone Me: Looking at my "just the one that comes in the box with the iPhone", Hey! you... yes You! He is finally talking about you.. Yay!!

  • I literally got a pair 2 weeks ago and accidentally put them in the washing machine, THEY STILL WORK after being submerged for about 20-30m in water, at first they weren’t so I just left them for an hour or two and they still work as good as new, I was so vexed but now I’m so surprised, would recommend them to a friend

  • 12:20 LMAOOO I still love you Dre!

  • Beats are fire 🔥

  • I planned to get them, but lack of H1 functionality was a deal killer. Bought Beats Flex instead.

  • Beats are so corny

  • Maybe they have improved, I haven't owned a pair for a few years. My experience was a premium price, look and packaging, but subpar build and sound quality. You can do MUCH better for the same price.

  • Hey Marques, what face mask are you wearing? Ive noticed you got several neat designs. Any particular brand? Or its just a face mask?

  • I've been working on these at work the past month . I don't like the shape. Kinda annoying to put in and take out of the case

  • 10:40 BASSline satisfied

  • Beats have better base than airpods

  • Consciously I shifted to Beats Studio Beats Buds instead of Airpods Pro. Airpods always better.

  • Lets just say, we chose to forget for how shit they are.

  • Y'all see that at 2:46 😂

  • No, I'm a new freshman and realise everyone in high school is wearing them. Airpods too of course.

  • Thats crazy bcus after Apple bought beats the sound was not my favorite. Apple took all the bass out... I grew up with Woofers in the trunk so I preferred the old beats sound.

  • That's not Matt Kemp

  • I swear your videos help me decide if I should get stuff like headphones and all that

  • I like how you put yourself in the beats add without mentioning it at all

  • Would be amazing to see a review of Huawei freebuds pro!

  • Any news on a new beats pill?

  • Cant forget about trash


  • Markass Brownie

  • Worst headphones ever. Galaxy buds pro or 2 for life.

  • sony wf-1000xm4 earbuds review?

  • sony wf-1000xm4 earbuds review?

  • I actually left my beats outside in the pouring rain like a idiot the other day for about 2 hours and they're working perfectly fine still gave me alot more respect for them

    • @Glory Hold I still haven't had a problem out of them after that happened

    • Pretty sure they are waterproof and just not fully rated for it being budget headphones like one plus does they waterproof the phones but don’t get the ip rating because it raises the price

  • They are decent but if u want sound quality it’s the Bose wireless earbuds. YES THEYRE BIGGER but the quality makes you not give a damn worth every penny

  • Yo i got this product today for gym etc they perfect👍

  • Who is watching this with beats

  • Please anyone tell me and I connected beats to my iPhone 11pro max after again I opened the lid but no pop up but connected is it normal ?