Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!

Objavljeno 27. maj. 2021
Exclusive hands-on with the electric F150 Lightning pickup truck that Ford just unveiled! This or Cybertruck?

Cybertruck First Impressions:

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  • Will you do a review/first impression on rivian R1T?

  • me as a lowered truck type of guy, i kinda wanna see a single cab short bed one i highly doubt it but why not🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Frunkgating

  • I would consider this EV as my next truck.

  • Electric cars never going to replace normal car’s!

  • How much can this tow? Could you lift it like you would a normal truck?

  • Cyber Truck Hummer EV Ford "I bought it for the 'frunk' part" Lightning. These are the reasons I will need enough money to start my personal fleet of trucks.

  • Im not a truck person or anything but DAMN son!

  • Incredible

  • Pretty cool stuff Ford has going on here. I'm pretty excited about it! On the Bi-directional battery- "power your house for several days" is not realistic. I have a Powerwall (13.3kW) This will run our house for about 24 hours, sans air-conditioning. In order for the Powerwall to stay functioning, we need sun - which we just put to the test for 10 days in New Orleans after the most recent hurricane. We were able to also charge our car (albite very slowly). I think a very important key to mass adoption of electric vehicles is the auto manufactures need to put as much effort into developing the charging network as Tesla has. We've already seen we can not count on our legislators to build the necessary infrastructure for us b/c they are too busy shoveling money into the pockets of large money donors. I'm very excited for the electrified future. I DO hope that this truck is less of an engineering and logistic nightmare than the Mach E. - my god what a shit show... Great review - even if it was ford sponsored. ;)

  • 7:17 just call it…✨frunking

  • I don't like the cyber truck. It feels impractical and gimmicky and doesn't really look like the rest of the tesla line. This for and the Rivian are both very exciting to me. Feels like something you can make the most of! It works for so many reasons and gives you soo much bang for your buck! Heavily considering the F150 lighting.

  • How long is the charging time?

  • Telsa truck was underwhelming. I really like the F150 lightening though.

  • This is cool AF!! 😎

  • 5.5' bed or as people that use trucks call them "useless" lol

  • I would prefer the Cybertruck, but that is just because we are already a Tesla car family. But the design meant that the wife could not approve the purchase of that vehicle, so I guess I am going to be an F-150 guy soon! I am a contractor by trade and the uses of a truck are so advantageous, and being an EV I could not ask for more.

  • $4.00 a gallon = failure

  • Great vid .. The Ford looks awesome, great stuff and ideas implemented and awesome power and looks … the Cybertruck is just a different animal .. with a more durable body and a bit more power… not a deal breaker. I can’t wait to expierence any or all of them. .. no more obnoxious noise and big egos.

  • 7:00 keep ur beer 🍺 cold

  • Only if I could afford one.

  • From this, it really looks like ford went all out on this vehicle, which they needed. If the first generation electric f-150 was a flop, it would take forever to sway public opinions on electric trucks.

  • You'll be lucky if you can drive half the mileage on any EVs during winter/summer months with the AC/Heat going. Add towing or heavy loads on an electric truck............forget it!!!!!!

  • that "grill" looks stupid

  • I don't think Ford is taking this seriously. They gave you and not a Truck review channel the truck.

  • your shirt is really wrinkled

  • I already wanted an F-150 I'm 1000% sure I want one!!!

  • So impressive. All electric truck is breakthrough in electric vehicles and being the F-150 is huge. Awesome features, range and looks. I think F150 lightning will make big impact in the overall electric market and is relatively affordable. Thanks for the additional look into this new truck.

  • F-150 lightning all the way. I might get one as a tow rig for a race car trailer.

  • Well done video mate . A quick tip/Public service announcement if I may: If you’re a grown man (past 20 years) and you’re still saying “fire”, “dope”, or “clutch” to describe something cool, might not want to do that anymore.. it’s time to let that go.. (especially if you’re doing an amazing job at describing vehicles.. “clutch” is just going to confuse old people…)

  • Nice. But how much does it cost to have the batteries changed, once they're worn out?

  • The only people I see in love with this new ev f150 is all tech people who clearly won't ever get a chance to use the truck (FOR TRUCK PURPOSES) or people being (PAID TO PROMOTE) smh🤦‍♂️

  • I might be wrong, but I get this feeling that mkbhd is not a truck person.

  • This screams electric to me. Compared to the new XL and XLT etc., it really stands out. It doesn't stand out like a Nissan Leaf does though

  • Five and a half foot bed ain't a truck bud

  • Anyone who would rather have a cyber truck is an idiot. It's ugly as hell and way less practical. Oh...and will be way more expensive.

  • Both are going to be great, that is if tesla actually launches the cyber truck. I personally would go with f150.

  • Just put in my 100.00 reservation. Will be trading in my Pacifica plugin Hybrid.

  • Ok so you cannot drive more that 10 straight hours on any electric car since people like to take road trips across America how do they solve that sin there is a gas station about every 25 miles on any mayor intestate road

  • I want one as long as there is a 4x4 model

  • My main concern not just for trucks, but all ev's, is infrastructure and the correct amount of infrastructure. People won't invest in it if the nearest charging station is 100 miles away. That being said, home charging may provide an assist with that issue, but it also may not be financially viable depending on individual circumstance. I guess we shall see, nothing is instantaneously and all the kinks will need ironed out before widespread acceptance.

  • I've never owned a Ford F-150 and I am excited to see how Ford does this. A V2 of this electric truck might be an option for me.

  • Awesome presentation, thanks for sharing.

  • F150 all day! Dekades of experience in making work vehicles that work versus no experience at all? It's a no brainer...

  • Good video but iron your shirt bruhhhh! Lol

  • So you left the Callahan

  • Bro why is your green shirt so wrinkled was a cow chewing it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 great review

  • F 150

  • Proud owner of one of these

  • F150

  • I'm not a Ford fan. Never have been. But this electric line up has me drooling. Have you driven a Mach-e? MY god i can't wait to get these. I'm waiting for the 2.0 i don't buy the first version of anything so i hope the next improvement is soon. Thanks for the review!

  • Like Tesla but I think the cyber truck looks like a model s had a kid with a DeLorean For that reason alone f150 lightning lol

  • Frunkin! Can’t wait to do some Frunkin! (Front gate tailgating party)😎

  • This is great for me, I have a raptor and it’s just not practical for use everyday. The lighting would be perfect

  • This would be my ultimate all purpose car. This and a booster board is literally all the wheels I'd need in my life.

  • I'm 100% set on the Cybertruck, but I'm really happy with what Ford is doing with the F150 Lightning--seems like they finally get it.

  • 459 miles maybe because drive very slow. the lower speed you drive the farther you can drive. the faster you drive less range you get. my bolt can touch 300 miles if drive 45 mph

  • Ford is the same company with the death wobble that has been happening for a decade and they refuse to fix it. I'll definitely pass on the electric version of the same POS truck that has been defective for years. Ps- Marq is awesome

  • 300 miles with a 1000lbs payload uhhh ok well my gas truck can carry 1600 to 1900 500. You also make no mention of towing specs add 8000 lbs towing on there and guess what your gonna lose alot of battery time…. This ford yo to yuppie truck for the suburbanites that just want to be the cool kid and really never use it for what it is….. Like a jeep its a pavement princess. Lets also add in using it to power say your home lmfao if its powering your home then its not charging itself wont last very long. No power means car that has no value or use

  • I would rather have a cyber truck with the Ford interior trim because it’s cool 😎 and I can sleep 🛌 in the back with the cover down

  • I am just looking for something that will haul my heavy ebike and allow me to sleep comfortably in the back you know like camping 🏕 just in case I need to run 🏃‍♂️ from zombies 🧟‍♀️

  • I will wait until the gremlins have been forced out and the range gets to 400 miles and under $35 thousand dollars 💸 this is because it’s not made in America 🇺🇸 so why is it overpriced.

  • I will ask my donkey if it’s a good truck 🛻

  • Frunking

  • front trunk tailgating is called "Frunking"

  • the company i work for is building the AGVs that will carry, transfer, and marry the batteries to the new E- F-150. its an exciting time. this is a very important vehicle

  • I love that extra trunk but I still love to have extended length bed . Besides that I'm sold. Ford Gove me a Ford just like this but extend that bed length

  • ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • The computer screensaver kicking on(10:07) got me to look as well, lol. If you're not excited about electric vehicles, enjoy the stone age!!!!

  • This guy finally moved on to a real sport from ultimate frisbee ?! Lol

  • I hate American cars. n Ford had to Put the Flag on the car to Remind people of their Racism😂😩But go awf Marquis

  • Ayyyyy party in the rear AND party in the front!

  • I'm biased because I have a f150 and I would definitely buy the lighting

  • Your videos are awesome Marques ...

  • This is an INCREDIBLE video! The descriptions and explanations of even the most mundane items is informative and very easy to comprehend, even for individuals who know very little about EV technology and passenger vehicles in general. Great video.... Thank you

  • cancel your account with the power company, start charging your truck at the job site and run the house off the truck, this is going to be hillbilly heaven

  • Cybertruck looks awful, at least this looks practical.

  • Awesome video man I do want to say there was something you said I know for sure to be incorrect. The Ford F-150 has not been the best selling automobile in the U.S. for the last 40 years. I actually don’t think it has been since like 2001. Corollas and civics (and other Japanese sedans) have pretty much dominated the market since then. I definitely agree that the Ford is the biggest thing to come out for the year and it’s probably going to take the market back in the next few years.

  • We need the Ranger next Ford.

  • i gotta see daddy doug's review

  • I believe the sticker is there because of the power feature is available on the gasoline engines aswell

  • I’m already behind this I’ve been sold already

  • Please Rivian take some notes!!! I don't want to buy the F150 over the R1S

  • Ford Lightning all day! I drive a 2017 F350. Some of my best gas milage I've had was just over 20mpg. Giving me a little over 600 miles to my tank of diesel. I would love if you could talk about the charging aspect and what that looks like monetarily vs gas/diesel. Obviously the towing isn't matched to my truck, but all depends on what our jobs are.

  • That hood gone be for drugs sadly lmao

  • Like the lightning. As a side note what’s with old style DeWalt drill in the background? Just piqued my interest as I’m cordless tool person. Usually Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt (20 volt ), some Ryobi specialty tools.

  • How many bodies does the the frunk fit? Asking for a friend.

  • where's your cybertruck, Tesla? please do some work. Your competitors have EV trucks and 4x4 utilities too. Walk the walk

  • I want the XLT I'm gonna charge it at work for 8 hrs

  • Ford, please, loose the fan blade/flower looking wheels..

  • Sold

  • This could be the first American pickup truck that sell really well in Scandinavia. Pricing is good and 400l frunk makes is practical for most people, + independent suspension and descent handling.

  • I’m sold! Now just waiting for them to be built!

  • This is next level pick up

  • Take that lightning all day!!!!! Cyber truck was a joke in my opinion. Ford did it right

  • This truck person is very excited! To answer question, I don't want my truck to look like I built it in Minecraft, so, F-150 lightening for me please

  • What about Rivian R1T?

  • The folding gear shifter and workspace was a great idea. Still don’t like that knob on the flat panel though. Nice overview!

  • Excellent Information , Ford will always be a Great Brand. Thanx !

  • I love trucks but it's pretty competitive as Dodge and GMC are nice