Driving 1000 Miles in 3 Cars: Gas vs Electric!

Objavljeno 9. sep. 2021
We drove a Tesla, a Mustang Mach-E and a gas car 1000 miles in a loop to see which was fastest. This was our road trip results!
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Mach-E provided by Ford for the video.



  • Hybrid is the future,a perfect mix of both worlds

  • Gas Car 👍

  • I live in Ithaca lmao

  • I probably forgot one thing a 20,000 dollar civic or a corrolla can do this in 11hrs and u don’t have to pay 40 thousand dollars or more to achieve this range or time

  • I predicted Tesla right

  • Hybrid best of both worlds

  • “It’s 4 hours behind” “it’s about 5 hours behind” *Written on the screen: *5 and a half hours behind* 😳

  • Personally I think the better test wouldve been using a the same car type. Like just using sedans instead having an suv, electric suv crossover, and an electric sedan.

  • Whoa whoa whoa, where'd you get that t-shirt!?

  • Waste of time and money.

  • You're gonna pass by the Office!

  • Obviously the problem is the charger in the United States is not trustworthy

  • Recently did a road trip from Oregon to Montana/Wyoming (national parks). Miles and miles without a gas station, probably more miles without a charger Some miles without cell coverage. Previous road trip was to southern Utah (similar). We don't do a ton of around-town driving either so wouldn't save much day-to-day. I'd like to get an EV but I think it would be impractical and expensive.

  • Gas car. Or rather, hybrid. Tesla repair policy is a mess and since I live in a city I cannot have a garage, so full electric is pretty much a no go. (Europe, Italy.)

  • Some times charging is free at hotels, would of been cheaper, and went longer without stopping results would of been much closer

  • overall cannonball run record: 25 hours 39 minutes in a 2016 audi s6 electric cannonball run record: 44hours 26minutes in a porsche taycan

  • Good presentation. My next car will probably be my current one - Hyundai Ionic Hybrid Sun-Roofed Hatchback that I got a steal of a price on at ~ $25K. Rated at 58 MPG Combined, I consistently get 53 or over MPG and sometimes hit the 58 or 59 MPG point. The car will run in EV Mode at 65 MPH on a flat road for several minutes on a fully charged battery before it kicks into Gas/Hybrid Mode. No worries about a charging station being available because the car has its own 'charging station' drawing power from the gas engine and regenerative braking. Around town at 25 - 35 MPH stop and go, I can get to the grocery store/shopping areas almost exclusively in the nice to have no engine noise EV Mode that the car's computer controls. Would not consider an all EV at this time when I get a good 55 MPG and 600+ Miles of range with a battery warranty at 100,000 Miles. IMHO an awesome vehicle combining the best of the Gasoline and EV worlds.

  • Please start giving some opportunities to creatives of color. You're the only Black person on your team? What gives? Not judging but I'm curious if you have given that any thought.

  • Expecting delivery of my 2021 Model 3 LR next week! My excitement grows by the hour!

  • They lost time in Scranton because Michael held them up to sell paper.

  • Hybrid cars are where it's at

  • Wow, the sound track in the beginning of this video was so gooood 👍🏼

  • Fossil fuel, Tesla and FixOrRepairDaily But EV should been charged overnight

  • Already bought Electric. Don't see my wifes car going to Electric for a while yet though. The round trip range of the tesla/infrastructure just isn't there yet. We do a lot of day trips, 150 km out and back. my SR+ just can't do that reliably. In fair weather yes... but yeah.

  • so basically electric cars cost as much to charge for a two day 1000miles trip as the average apartments entire month of electricity lol

  • 17:35 Audi Q5: $84.79 for the 1,000 mile road-trip. I am VERY surprised about that. Assuming you were able to fill at $3/gallon on average, you would have used 28.3 gallons and achieved a 35.3mpg on average. With a $4/gallon, you would have a whopping 47mpg - from a gasoline Q5. Something is not right here. Unless you were able to find a $2/gal 😂 gasoline, which would have translated in a 23.53 mpg. Did you use a premium or 87 octane one, btw?

  • When Lucid comes out selling their Lucid Air cars. Can you do a road trip with it ? let us know how that goes?

  • I would have a heart attack if I was in that Mustang. I have a fear of running out of gas in the middle of no where, so imagine driving with a 5% battery just to hope the charging station works.

  • I've read that EVs charge more rapidly in the middle of their charging capacity. I wonder if there is an optimal strategy on how empty to let them get and how full to charge them. Should the cars stop more often so that they are being charged in the middle range? And can the software be programmed to follow that strategy?

  • I really want a Tesla but the lack of ability to order parts or repair yourself makes me lean towards gas vehicles. The Ford electric just isn’t anywhere near good enough.

  • We need to create an EV charging standard in the US. The current mess we have with Tesla’s locked off network vs the patchwork of other solutions left for everyone else is inefficient and ultimately creates less incentive for consumers to enter the EV market as a whole. Once the charging network for all EVs becomes stable, I think we’ll see a lot more people getting interested.

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  • Including a plug in hybrid as well just to get the whole range of vehicle type could have been neat!

  • A big problem with EVs is that they force you to stop, you don't voluntarily stop. EXAMPLE: On a thousand-mile road trip, let's say I like the food of a place that is mid-way i.e 500miles but my car can only do 450miles, and then I'll have to stop at a place where I don't want to.

  • I thought this was going to be a travel vlog 😒


  • Tesla has always used the maximum questionable numbers in their advertising

  • Ain't not party like a Scranton party!

  • keep in mind the public chargers almost always cost more then charging at home, the gas will cost the same no matter the circumstance..

  • Great video! As for me, my next car will be a Mustang GT 5.0. To H*** with the EV. I'm just old fashioned I suppose....a muscle car child of the '60s....🙄

  • Gas ... electric is getting closer... maybe 5-10 yrs will change my mind

  • Elon musk and his team played there cards right

  • gas for sure

  • try this through rural Texas and you will be more accurate

  • This was such a great video, anecdotal sure, but very very useful. Real life experience that can be extrapolated to an average consumer.

  • I absolutely love this video. Great little experiment! While I am not 100% convinced that an electric vehicle is for my family and I, it definitely puts one into the viable category!

  • One thing to consider is that as EVs become more popular and more affordable, the need to add more charging pods at any given charging station will be crucial. The average gas pump takes less than five minutes to fill up, so waiting in line for the next available pump is usually not a big deal. Imagine arriving at your nearest charging station and waiting in line for the next available charging pod, when it takes around 20-30-mins per vehicle to charge. A road trip nightmare 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • My next car purchase: Plugin Hybrid, and that's informed by this video. That way I have the best of both worlds.

  • you couldn't pop the bars off the Q5?

  • I'm hoping my next car will be hydrogen

  • The current federal administration professing support for EV infrastructure could do a LOT simply by establishing unified EV charging standard requirements similar to how Europe has supported their EV community. It might be corny to say "write your congressman" but public demand for political action while there is an administration that professes such support would seem the best way to advance EV adoption.

  • Want a BEV truck but the only option atm is a Ford or Tesla if all else a hybrid suv to hold me over.

  • I love my hybrid Ford Fusion. Well over 500 mile range and lower cost for fuel. Currently leasing it, but I’m never giving it back.

  • Great job on the animation! Seeing a video like this in a few years will be really informative. Looking forward to it.

  • Excellent video and I just subscribed. Keep up the good work and please repeat the test in a year to see if there are any changes.

  • I thought gas price would add up a lot more but it was only around $20 more without constantly worring about charging the car for an hour. Except for environmental concern gas cars doesn't seems a bad idea to a road trip with.

  • Electric cars have pretty much arrived, but the infrastructure still has catching up to do. I'm getting a 2022 truck at the end of the year, and probably keeping it for 10 years or so. But for sure my next vehicle will be electric.

  • So this is just tesla super chargers ADVERTISING, Corporate ZOMBIE channel , nothing to 👀 here and youtube ALGORITHMS WILL hunt YOU.

  • In my country there is NO PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE for electric cars, and I don't see any will to change this for the next years. So: my next car will be a gas car.

  • Thanks

  • When EVs hit 550+ miles range With price around 25k USD mass adoption will come

  • My Mercedes S350 Diesel would have done that trip on one tank of diesel 🔥

  • 84 Dollars for Gas in a 17hour Roadtrip wtf in europe u would pay like 200€ or even more

  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

  • It might be an electric car, because the Pakistan government is planning to make all cars electric till deadline 2030 just like UK and they're planting superchargers everywhere there is already one near my office at a shell station, but it'll be fun to try out.

  • Scranton WHAT!?? The ELECTRIC CITY

  • While this is a great video and experiment, there is one important mistake in this compared to reality, and that's the fact that you did not charge over night. If you do a over night stop then a EV driver would naturally look for a place they can charge over night; and a Tesla Driver would definitely look for a official Tesla destination charger available, as a preference, at the place they will stay over night. Also, same as with ICE cars, once the needle hits 0 charge, you still have quite some miles left. The EPA range Tesla quotes is the total depletion; and that is something I don’t like of them doing without telling.

  • I remember when james may and jeremy clarkson tested EVs. Charging them really is an inconvinence. Did you also do brass rubbing while charging?

  • should have had a hybrid

  • First of all great video! I calculated the fuel cost of the audi where I live, in switzerland, and it would have been 328 swiss francs (354$)...

  • wait a minute if everyone switch to EV then how much time I have to wait at charging station to get clear to charge my car? if a single car take atleast 15 min to charge and 10 cars in row then it will take ages to charge my car.

  • This is ingenious.

  • My predictions were Tesla 1h after gas car, and ford 5h after gas car. I would say that my guess was relatively accurate

  • Great video as usual, I just hope that you would add a Hybrid car, and how the mix of the two tech will perform.

  • Ok, as someone who's done road trips in EV's, I really loved how you visualized the trip. There are however two notes I have to make: 1) Charging when you rest/sleep is one of the basics of traveling in an EV. Plenty of hotels/b&b's have chargers. 2) Your cost calculation not including initial fuel is also a pretty big no-no. Charging at home (or again, maybe at a hotel) is usually a lot cheaper than fast charging. Other than that, great content.

  • I’d love to say electric but I think I’m too rural to make it work. I’ve owned 4 different F-150s and that’s what makes me very tempted to go the lightning route but I just don’t know if I want to deal with struggling to find a charger when I need one.

  • Interesting review. A couple of points. First, how did the Audi compare to its EPA rated mileage? Let's face it, no-one expects a car to get the EPA mileage, its really just a way to compare two cars under certain specific controlled conditions. Second, it would have been interesting to compare the charging/gas costs for each car. Third, an ICE car clearly has the advantage on "big" road trips such as the one in the video, since filling up with gas is clearly faster than charging a battery. But what about the rest of the year when you are just doing your daily commute? I have a Tesla with a home charger, and every morning I wake up and it has a full tank of "gas" (ok, electrons). So for about 48 out of 52 weeks each year I never wait to charge AT ALL. So my daily commute "charge" time is zero. For a gas car like the Audi, you would expect to fill that at least once a week, and at (say) 5 mins for each fill-up, that comes to about 4 hours standing around at the pump per year vs ZERO for the Tesla.

  • As a European this video is really puzzling. Why is public charging so bad in the US?

  • Next car will be gas. Why? Electric are to expensive at this point. Dream about Tesla S but I think not in this life ;)

  • All gas ( petrol or diesel ) cars/bikes can be filled up in all gas stations But here Teslas have to charged in their own charger and the other ev has to charged in Electrify America charger ( I know there are adapters available ) Why can't all EV have same charging port/standard ? this problem is same as, "all laptop, mobiles, tws must have usb c in 2021"

  • I must say. I absolutely love your phone reviews but your EV videos of late have surpassed every other thing you do on youtube. Fantastic work. Have followed you since 2014. Its the only channel which I have never unsubscribed from even once.

  • Next vehicle will be gas. I’m not ready to trust a EV on a 1000km road trip in Canada when it’s -40°

  • Marques should test BMW i4. It can be interesting 😁

  • Half way through the video so don't know if I'll be answered; would've loved to see the price of this trip. As in, how much did the charging/gas cost, and how much the mileage would've affected the car cost?

  • internal combustion engines for life, EVs are just a different kind of dirty which only appear clean due to forced politics. Gas/diesel cars aren't the real source of pollution, it's just the politics that are trying so hard to make them look like it only to hide the real sources since they're so profitable. Just one large useless cruise ship pollutes more than all the cars in the world combined, but you won't see them disappearing. Why? Because profits are insane on that nonsense so corporations are tying so hard to put the blame elsewhere eg. internal combustion engines which have become cleaner than ever, no EVs nor any of that hybrid nonsense needed anytime soon. And we could go a step further with using all that electricity to produce synthetic fuels which would be a real step in the right directions for a cleaner planet. It literally takes the CO2 out of the atmosphere to create synthetic fuels and once they're burned, less CO2 is released. It's not magic, it's just basic chemistry, some of the burned fuel ends up as soot which is trapped by the particulate filters and turned into harmless ash which ends up sinking into the Earth over time. Do it on a large scale and the industry would end up soaking way more carbon out of the atmosphere than we're releasing so the CO2 levels would start dropping. Why aren't we doing it again? Because oil giants won't let it happen and will rather play the long-term put the blame on the normal folk for driving ICE cars even when it's a fake blame. Remember, just because EVs don't have tail pipes, it doesn't mean they're clean. Toxic wastes from mining lithium for all those batteries and then once those batteries are done for is far worse than what we could have with internal combustion engines in the future.

  • I just bought gas car, the new Opel Corsa. Please do this test 3 years from now, it will be interesting

  • Love your videos. Just curious, why didn't you charge at the hotel? That would have brought the e-cars closer to the fossil swallower. ;)

  • Use the EA app to determine if chargers are down…….

  • I LOVE especially the map graphic, excellent! 3:41

  • Is that PUNPUN on his t-shirt

  • You have to try if you don't follow the rule for speeding up. Then the hours will be different.

  • A lot of people commented some version of this here already. But two things about a trip like this: - You always charge the car overnight (something that the ICE vehicle cannot). In my experience in Europe the hotels will over this for free or very low cost (like 5€). - You take your breaks (bathroom and food) in a place where you can recharge your car. I don't know where the chargers are in the US. But in Europe they are very convenient along the road and there's always a good restaurant where you can charge while taking a break.

  • What’s the price difference for road trip? No one ever talks about price.

  • Leaving the roof rack rails on the audi has made it less economical due to drag. Bit unfair.

  • Secondly, if you would have used a better routeplanner (ABRP) that would have made more sense in charging; charge at 20% to 80% and have a few more stops

  • If you would treat it like a normal road trip, the electric cars would have charged overnight at the hotel.

  • WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND WHY? Strangely enough I'm torn between a MINI Coupe S and the Tesla Model 3.

  • Great video ; surprisingly good Editing even by your standards

  • But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.